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Living Out of Car and Showering - Eobelinig - 08-30-2019

At the end of the month I am making a four day business trip. I will be living out of my car, which I have done before. However, I will be in meetings with other people this time so I need to be presentable every day. There is a YMCA that I can shower at, but it takes too long. 

Quick, clean, and discreet is the name of the game. What are my options?

RE: Living Out of Car and Showering - WanderingRose - 08-30-2019

Take the time to shower properly at the Y, if you are on a business trip and will be in meetings all day.

You will feel better, look better, and present yourself better.

RE: Living Out of Car and Showering - RoamerRV428 - 08-30-2019

agree with Rose
take the time on this short trip to put in a good shower Smile

but you can easily buy some wipes that are for 'no shower' times. Wipe down and smell good. Nice cologne/perfume (use little and sparingly, a lot of people can't stand to be near 'over fragranced' me LOL)

for a short trip you aren't going to try to use an outdoor shower set up etc. So either wipes in all the right places or buy the no rinse wipe down body wash stuff out there on the market, but put in that time for a good hot shower would be ideal I think.

RE: Living Out of Car and Showering - bullfrog - 08-30-2019

Get a free trial membership at a nearby gym where you can park 24 hours.

RE: Living Out of Car and Showering - RoamerRV428 - 08-30-2019

good one bullfrog!! thumbs up!

Living Out of Car and Showering - rvwandering - 08-30-2019

Welcome to the CRVL forums Eobelinig! Truckstop showers are another option.

To help you learn the ins and outs of these forums, this "Tips, Tricks and Rules" post lists some helpful information to get you started.

Most of our rules boil down to two simple over-riding principles: 1) What you post should provide good information (like your introductory post), and 2) Any response to someone else's post should make them feel glad they are part of this forum community.

We look forward to hearing more from you.

RE: Living Out of Car and Showering - maki2 - 08-30-2019

Community centers with public swimming pools have showers.

You can sometimes buy just a shower at an RV park without staying.

At small, locally owned motels you can bargain with under the counter cash for a shower if you bring your own towel and soap. You have to remember to leave a tip for the maid as well.

A state park with a day use fee will sometimes get you access to the restrooms with showers in them.

Some public beaches have showers.

Marinas often have showers. You will need to pay a fee for that at most of them but not all of them will let you shower there if you are not paying for moorage.

RE: Living Out of Car and Showering - DannyB1954 - 08-30-2019

Walgreens and possibly others sell a no rinse body wash. I think it is made for the bed ridden, but does work well. About a quart of water is needed.You mix a small amount with the water then scrub down with a wash towel. Walmart has a version here

I use a pump up garden sprayer like this one I set it in the sun during the day and shower before the sun goes down. I use about a gallon. I painted mine black with paint made for plastic, (any Walmart has it in spray cans). I also put a clear bag over it. The sun will heat the water, but the air will try to cool it . The plastic bag over the sprayer acts like a green house.

RE: Living Out of Car and Showering - Matlock - 08-31-2019

I've been in meetings where folks have had little time to freshen up after traveling.... and everyone within 10 feet noticed who the "ripe one" was.

Either do or not it's your choice and FWIW a perfumed anything reeks of cover-up.

If it were me I'd just take a shower and fresh clothes or option 2, skip shower, blow-off the meeting and go fishing.

Living Out of Car and Showering - Cammalu - 08-31-2019

For those that might be heading to Quartzsite this winter there is a place for free showers. It’s called the Isiah Project. I don’t know any more about it but it’s just down the block from the Senior Center.