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Air mattress for back seat of car - Jimmyflorida - 08-31-2019

FBSPORT Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed Cushion Camping Universal SUV Extended Air Couch with Two Air Pillows (Gray)

This is air mattress for backseat of car
I thought someone might find this useful

RE: Air mattress for back seat of car - MrNoodly - 08-31-2019

The part that's not on the seat will compress/collapse a lot easier. You'd probably end up sliding that way and get wedged between the mattress and the front seats.

RE: Air mattress for back seat of car - ckelly78z - 09-01-2019

Check if you can remove the backing of your rear seat, so you can utilize the truck area while inside your car.

RE: Air mattress for back seat of car - DannyB1954 - 09-01-2019

Thanks for thinking of others, but It looks like a regular air mattress sitting on a cooler where the floor is. The problem I have always had with an air mattress is if it gets cold at night, the air inside will shrink and the bed will become uncomfortable.
I have not tried it but a couple of bean bag chairs or couch may fit there and be self leveling. If the seat bottom had any incline to it or high spots the beads inside of the chair could be pushed around to make it even. They are pretty light and they could be stacked during the day or taken out and used outside as chairs.

RE: Air mattress for back seat of car - highdesertranger - 09-02-2019

x2 Danny. that is why I don't use them. the wild temp swings of the desert means you are hitting bottom way before the sun comes up. highdesertranger

RE: Air mattress for back seat of car - eDJ_ - 09-03-2019

I've often wondered about taking a full size car with a decent size trunk (boot if you're in the UK) and removing the whole back seat.  Then building a plywood platform to level with the trunk.  If there are sheet metal  braces, cut them out.  Then
place a twin size foam mattress in there so that there is a comfortable bed.  
if the driver is single, bucket seats in the front would be best so the passenger seat could be removed to make more room.
A tonnueau cover could then be made so only the drivers seat would be open and exposed.  There would still be adequate
storage room for a single nomad.

Some 2x4's & some scrap plywood could fabricate the back floor and then some scrap carpet could cover it. But it could be a low bucks entry to the nomadic life.  Just find some big older full size car and I'd bet it could be converted like this for less than $100 bucks.  If more space were needed later a used roof top cargo container might take care of that need.

[Image: getImage?]

RE: Air mattress for back seat of car - bullfrog - 09-03-2019

I believe years ago we had a member that did just that with an old full size ford.

Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress - Graceful585 - 09-08-2019

I just bought this one for the back of my's 25 x 77 and it's foam and air together...I've spent the last two nights on the floor of my bedroom sleeping on it. It is pretty comfortable and you can add air once it's self inflates to your own comfort. I look forward to using it to camp in the back of my SUV this weekend...I still need to make a platform the width of the mattress but thought I'd share. Smile

Mondo King Self-Inflating Foarm Camping Mattress

RE: Air mattress for back seat of car - eDJ_ - 09-18-2019

I just added a page to my Van Conversion site below.  Titled,  "Bug-Out Car".  

What intrigues me with this is the fact that there are plenty of serviceable larger cars laying around for cheap.  Vans are like trucks and their price/value holds up.   A car only depreciates no matter how many miles on it.  A large front drive car or station wagon could get someone of limited means on the road.  It would be a rig to travel an sleep in and that's about all.

That air/foam mattress sounds interesting.

I see it more like a mobile sleeping room.  Most of the matters of one's life and living would occur outside of the rig.  The owner may need to travel with the seasons to be in a comfort zone.

RE: Air mattress for back seat of car - 1shemp - 09-18-2019

Used Mini vans are pretty cheap and have a lot of room inside.Much cheaper than a regular van and better gas mileage.