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How to Quote - highdesertranger - 09-02-2019

When Quoting,  please trim your quotes to the minimum needed that you want to respond to.  there is hardly ever a reason to quote a whole post.
A moderator may trim your quote if it is longer than necessary.

When Quoting,  please don't include the pictures.

When you quote,  the quote is in a box.  PLEASE MOVE YOUR CURSOR OUTSIDE THE BOX TO REPLY.  this is emphasized because so many people miss this all important step.  if you type your reply in the quote box it makes it difficult to tell the quote from the reply.

PLEASE include your quote and your reply in the same post,  don't make another post for your reply.  a post that is only a quote is basically a double post and can be deleted as such.

last but not least instead of quoting you can always "Copy and Paste" just the relevant information I find this much easier.