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What's For Supper - owl - 09-11-2019

I remember like it was yesterday, my mother asking me what I would like for supper as it was my birthday. I said ice cream. She laughed, I got beans and corn bread. Tonight I had ice cream for supper, and it's not even my birthday.

RE: What's For Supper - RoamerRV428 - 09-12-2019

nice when we are adults we can do as we please without any control or dependence from others Smile
too funny!! eat all the darn ice cream ya want, whenever ya want LOL

RE: What's For Supper - maki2 - 09-12-2019

Made a flour tortilla and made some taco meat to put on it. Nothing fancy but I was in the mood for it.

RE: What's For Supper - owl - 09-12-2019

Taco Thursday !