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Need Solar, but money's tight? Application Simplified - Suanne - 09-13-2019

Need Solar, but money's tight? Complete this simple application ... and submit it to [email protected]

Apply by Oct 15 …  Awarded by Oct 22 ... Pick-up Nov 4-7.

We received feedback that HOWA's old application for Solar Power System Components was too much work. (We were using the same application as for those who needed a vehicle.)

So, we changed things up and made applying for solar much simpler with just a one-page application.

We hope to hear from all of you who need, but find it difficult to afford, all or just one component to make your solar power system work in your car, van or RV.

RE: Need Solar, but money's tight? Application Simplified - Kaylee - 09-15-2019

Suanne, been meaning to suggest something solar related...

Those who are truly financially challenged are more likely to start in their existing vehicle, which is typically a car, so roof mounted panels are less practical (understatement).
Has HOWA considered buying some folding solar panels and lithium portable power packs as "loaners" for those folks to start out with?

That's how I started (stationwagon) and a portable combo was the only thing that was practical.
I knew it wouldn't meet my needs long-term, but it was enough to do a summer & fall Proof of Concept. Smile

I still have those, as backups, but would be interested in donating them, to help out others who need to try the lifestyle.
There's likely others who have such equipment kicking around, and would be happy to share. Smile

RE: Need Solar, but money's tight? Application Simplified - Suanne - 09-16-2019

What a good suggestion Kaylee!

Since the panels we are awarding were donated to us, I hadn't thought about what to do next yet.

I really like your idea. Folding solar panels have so many more applications.

As with so much of what we want to do, storage becomes an issue. We are nomads; so, it's not like we can rent a storage until to have loaner gear with us where ever we or those that we wish to assist will be at any given time.

In fact, we got the 40 solar panels we are awarding last spring as the same time as the desert was heating up. So, we put them in storage, needing to wait until the weather cools off again in Quartzite. I wish we had access to them earlier as we could have distributed some to folks in need.

We have a 6'x10' cargo trailer that travels with us. We use it for meetings during bad weather and for some limited storage. Perhaps we can keep one or two folding panels in it without loosing too much room.

All in all, a great idea.