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SpaceX Starlink next year southern USA - Groovy2 - 09-13-2019

SpaceX Starlink internet could be operational late next year -
if all goes well we could have High speed southern USA -

from what I have read the receiver will be pizza box size -
this could be game changer for travelers 

 spacex link

RE: SpaceX Starlink next year southern USA - highdesertranger - 09-13-2019

have they remove the mobile uplink restriction? highdesertranger

RE: SpaceX Starlink next year southern USA - swlands - 09-16-2019

I am new to this. Has anyone used satellite internet?

RE: SpaceX Starlink next year southern USA - Fivealive - 09-20-2019

For clarification, the satellite internet that is being launched by Spacex and Blue Origin is vastly improved from what is currently available. They are going to use low orbit satellites (between 300-800 miles above sea level). Current satellite providers such as Hughsnet are using geostationary satellites that are 22,000 miles above earth. There is a huge difference between these two offerings and you really can not compare the two. The low earth orbit satellites will perform much better, tests have shown average latency to be around 32ms compared to 600ms for the geostationary services. The performance and speed difference will be night/day.

RE: SpaceX Starlink next year southern USA - Fivealive - 09-20-2019

Also, don't be like my dad as he was buying up 5G stocks until I informed him of what is going to happen with low orbit satellite services. Think twice before making similar investments, low orbit satellite internet is going to seriously disrupt this sector.

RE: SpaceX Starlink next year southern USA - Groovy2 - 02-11-2020

SpaceX Starlink and OneWeb Satellite internet if all goes well is likely to be available
by the end of this summer - 
Prices have not been firmly announced but rumors has Starlink being in the $60 to $90
range for pretty high speed internet -
Starlink will first be available in the USA and Canada -
As time goes on coverage will expand Quickly and speeds will increase -
Starlink has already launched 240 satellites and is adding 120 sats a month -
and will have Many thousand sats orbiting Quickly

A antenna is needed and Starlink has said it will be aprox $500 -
internet will work even in a moving vehicle and Any location - 
in the Sticks and cities - Nice

Oneweb has launched 60 satellites so far and is and has plans to launch
120 sats a month for the next 18 months ish -

So VanLife is about to get MUCH Better as far as internet is concerned -

Starlink is launching 60 more sats this Saturday the 15 and they will be visible 
for about 2 ish weeks while they are in Low orbit but are not visible once 
sats get to their operational height of 550KM -

YOU can get Viewing time info for your location by going to and entering your location and clicking on- Starlink ALL -

Look for listings that show Brightness of 2 to 5 magnatude -
sats that have a Brightness of 6 and above are NOT visible  by eye-

Sighting time are at sun rise and sun set ISH -

Make sure to Look for these sats Soon because Starlink is adding a antireflective
coating to their  New sats soon and that makes the MUCH harder to see -

Last Friday I was finally able to see the satellite train go over Austin and it was Awesome-
I saw 19 sats fly over in about 3 minutes - Very Cool -

all of my previous viewing opportunities were blocked by clouds - Ouch

This is a special time in space launches - and you dont want to miss it -


RE: SpaceX Starlink next year southern USA - nature lover - 02-11-2020

cool beans - I am going full time May 1st and the one thing I thought I would miss is my high speed internet now this sounds exciting. I will be driving a $3000 dollar van with $6000 in solar, appliances, and internet. ??????

RE: SpaceX Starlink next year southern USA - Riverman - 02-11-2020

Good one Nature Lover..... I sure can relate to that.