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Dealing with potty issues... - badmotorscooter - 09-14-2019

Please ladies and gentlemen, let's refrain from smart ass or sarcastic remarks (a little humor is fine).

I've never pooped in a bucket before, but I don't think it would be as difficult as rocket science.

What happens if and when you have a serious episode of diarrhea?  Let's assume you were fortunate enough to make it to the bucket.  Now you have a bag (doubled up hopefully) with a lot of toxic liquid, what ever to do?

My idea would be to dump saw dust or kitty litter in to absorb most of the liquid.  Would this be effective?  Or is there a better solution?

How does one deal with such a crappy situation?

RE: Dealing with potty issues... - Qxxx - 09-14-2019

"refrain from smart ass or sarcastic remarks". Been there, done that. Angel

Not had the problem so far with my bucket endeavors, but I would put more kitty in until it dried things out fairly well. Spare no expense on extra kitty litter. It'll still be gross. C'est la vie.

BTW, if you do a forum search on the term "kitty litter", you'll find a lot of threads where pooping in a bucket has been discussed ... in vivid, living, and multi-colored detail.

Dealing with potty issues... - Cammalu - 09-14-2019

(09-14-2019, 01:06 PM)badmotorscooter Wrote:  Please ladies and gentlemen, let's refrain from smart ass or sarcastic remarks (a little humor is fine).

I can’t... I’ll just have to be kicked off the forum...

RE: Dealing with potty issues... - travelaround - 09-14-2019

Cross that river when you come to it. Somehow you will survive, most likely. Until then, don't worry about all the "what ifs." That's my best advice. One day at a time.

RE: Dealing with potty issues... - WanderingRose - 09-14-2019

Always carry an anti-diarrheal in your first aid kit.

RE: Dealing with potty issues... - Qxxx - 09-14-2019

(09-14-2019, 03:09 PM)Cammalu Wrote:  I can’t...  I’ll just have to be kicked off the forum...
If you can't poke fun at poop, there's just about nothing left that you can poke fun at. Anything else will get the PC Police standing up and pointing a finger at you.

RE: Dealing with potty issues... - maki2 - 09-14-2019

You take along some Imodium. I can't imagine going on a trip without it much less not having it in my medicine cabinet. Stops the runs very effectively.  Now and again I will eat something that does not agree with me so it is not just for times when you have the flu.

But you are correct in that you add some desicating material to absorb the mess. But you will want to change out the bag as soon as you feel up to the chore.  Good idea to keep a few of the puppy or old folks pee pads on hand to protect your bed, or if you have to drive to a doctor, the car seat. Accidents do happen when people get ill.

RE: Dealing with potty issues... - Dingfelder - 09-15-2019

I put the kitty litter in first. Putting it in after isn't nearly as effective. Liquid runs down, not up. Even with an absorptive like kitty litter. I also try not to have it all sit in one lump.

Further, I try to rig everything up beforehand. It's rare that I get diarrhea without some sort of warning discomforts. And when it strikes (like Thunderball) I want to be ready to have to do naught but tear my pants down and send myself flying into position.

I've never found anything to keep the smell away for long, kitty litter or coir or peat or whatever. I do push all the air out, wind the bag's neck tightly, and knot it as close to the goods and as tight as possible, then double bag it and repeat. Still, the stank comes through. I put it in an ammo box outside my trailer until I can dump it, because inside it becomes horrific in short order.

RE: Dealing with potty issues... - badmotorscooter - 09-15-2019

Well, it's kind of embarrassing, but here goes.

I have undiagnosed sibo (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). I know this because after a ruptured appendix 25 years ago, I don't have an ileocecal valve anymore. My last doctor was pretty much o!d fashioned and out of date and didn't want to do anything for me, no surprise.

The ileocecal valve is a sphincter that stops backflow from the ascending colon to down into your small intestine. It also holds material in the small intestine before releasing it. You don't need 8 years of medical training to figure out no valve will cause things to not work right. The large intestine has a tremendous amount of bacteria compared to the small intestine. So when things move backwards it will cause issues.

From what I researched my symptoms are quite mild, it could be really miserable. As I got older things started going a little south, but I didn't realize something was wrong. My saving grace is I stay very physically active and drink a gallon of water everyday. But sometimes my bowel movements are really loose or liquid. Luckily it doesn't cause uncontrollable diarrhea.

There, now you know why I specifically want to know how to handle the waste product.

RE: Dealing with potty issues... - Qxxx - 09-15-2019

I've never used one, but I wonder whether a regular porta potti might work best here. One advantage is you can put in certain chemicals to help the process in the tank.