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East coast van life rally info - RoamerRV428 - 09-22-2019

Saw this online
East coast
Maybe if some research a bit further they can find some good van life rally info out there.  just posting for anyone who might think this is useful....of course it is over today LOL but I just saw it so.....might be good for future info. to someone.
Click on pic to read larger.

RE: East coast van life rally info - SheketEchad - 09-22-2019

Thanks! I was going to go until I saw the costs :/ People were complaining about the Build cost out West, but this thing was more expensive AND for only two nights. I wanted to meet some folks, but not for that price. At least though, it is getting some traction in this neck of the woods. Maybe I only want to meet cheap people, hahaha!

RE: East coast van life rally info - RoamerRV428 - 09-23-2019

Yes it would be nice to get some traction in the East side of this country LOL
I hear that.

RE: East coast van life rally info - SheketEchad - 09-23-2019

We're out here!!

Several members are further Northeast. I'm hoping some are snowbirding this coast, and I can maybe connect when they head south on 95. It just appears less organized on this coast and there are far less places to assemble for free than there is out West from my initial scouting around online. At least we had one event recently, although I was trying to secure the van and couldn't go this time. I also have to work, so it has to be close enough for me to get there over the weekend and then enough cell signal for me to work if it's going to be a week's activity or so, unless I take time off from work. I'd be the party pooper person, going to bed early and werkin' all day, lol.

I have a trip out to TN in October, then a hop to visit one of my long time friends up in KY, and then I'll be heading down to Florida in November probably the 2nd week or so, to mosey down and enjoy Thanksgiving with my family.

RE: East coast van life rally info - RoamerRV428 - 09-23-2019

very true cause one of the huge draws is 'free' camping, or very cheap with a BLM LTVA.
That is so not the case for many, just yet Smile
AND a lot of people do have to the bucks to want to spend on camp sites that cost a bit but can offer a great cost savings and privacy vs. the tourist trap cg at $120 a night! But we sure can find the free rest stops, free truck stops etc along the way....we sure adopt that attitude on the road.

limited trip van dwellers or rv'ers are sure out there and doing as much as we can 'on the cheap' and making IT ALL about freedom on the road as much as life will allow at certain journey schedules in our lives. I sure understand that and TN to KY and to heck of a fun time on the road Smile