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RE: It's a Three Letter Word - travelaround - 09-30-2019

Technically: "crash pad" - a place to spend the night at no cost, often a room with wall-to-wall mattresses and people, in the Haight.

I remember seeing "Steal This Book" in a bookstore on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, but I wasn't tempted. I've never read it.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - Qxxx - 09-30-2019

Travelaround, as I recall a common destination for ex-Bay Area Flower Children after 1968 was various communes and encampments in the wilds of northern California. Is that by any chance how you ended up in a place known as "Happy Camp"? Possibly the daughter of expat Flower Children parents?  Cool

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - travelaround - 09-30-2019

There were communes in that area, notoriously, the Black Bear Ranch about 50 miles downriver from Happy Camp. But I was not there.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and was well-acquainted with hippie life in the 1960's, in Berkeley and San Francisco. I didn't move to Happy Camp until 2000.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - Qxxx - 09-30-2019

Aw shucks, I was hoping for something truly legendary. Ya grew up in Ground Zero for the hippie movement. It's on my bucket list to one day drive down the Klamath River from Yreka to the coast, in my van-pad, :-). I see Black Bear Ranch is still in operation.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - travelaround - 09-30-2019

I lived in the Haight for a while, at 1649 Page. The corner of Haight and Ashbury is on the other side of that block. Also lived in a flat in Upper Ashbury, but I've forgotten the house number. Also lived in other SF locations: Richmond District, Mission District, and Portrero Hill... also Noe Valley, for a couple of months. I moved to Redding in 1974.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - Qxxx - 09-30-2019

Good golly miss molly, 1649 Page looks like total gentrification today.,-122.4480277,3a,76.2y,162.48h,101.78t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sJmmv-_jEbmDwl2YQVATpYg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - maki2 - 09-30-2019

The word "pad" was used for a a bundle of straw to sleep on way back in the 1550s in the area that is now Germany.

It has been around in use, (in different languages with the same meaning of course) ever since then to mean a temporary place to sleep.

So the word was hanging around in use with that same meaning already attached to it for the beatnicks and hippies to popularize. But they most certainly did not invent it out of nothing or even significantly modify it, it still meant going to a place where they had a bed set up to sleep for the night. A lot of times it was not even their own house, just someplace they could throw down a pad to sleep on for a while. It had been in use for at least 400 years previously not just in this country but in all of Europe as well. Of course campers still use sleeping pads for their temporary places to crash.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - travelaround - 09-30-2019

Back in the day, 1649 Page was painted Dark Brown with GOLD columns and other trim details. It was quite impressive.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - travelaround - 09-30-2019

1649 Page is the shorter building with a pointed roof. It has 2 flats and an apartment downstairs accessed by a door off the driveway. I lived in the lower flat in a big yellow and white room at the back that was at one time the flat's dining room.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - Stargazer - 09-30-2019

Holy Cow! I'm speechless!