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RE: It's a Three Letter Word - Qxxx - 09-30-2019

Gazer, you notice how she says she's "free in her wildness". Now we're beginning to understand why. And she currently lives in the wild lands of northern Idaho. Although from the looks of the map, the area from Spokane to Coeur d'Alene is becoming a small non-wild megalopolis.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - travelaround - 09-30-2019

Definitely not too wild here at Walmart tonight. Just cold.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - bullfrog - 09-30-2019

I got a lot of grief from the "Office of Security Information" while holding a top secret clearance in 1969 just because I had gotten mail from the area. LOL!!!

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - Qxxx - 10-01-2019

The "area" meaning California or Haight-Ashbury? When I was run out of Aspen in my hippie van, it didn't help that I had California plates.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - highdesertranger - 10-01-2019

yeah lots of animosity pointed at Californians.  last year in Arizona I saw a billboard that said welcome to Arizona leave your politics in California.  also at a certain facility in Nevada there was this sign,


read the last hand written line.

I am so glad I don't have California plates anymore I would always catch grief for having them.  I have noticed a world of difference with Arizona plates.


RE: It's a Three Letter Word - bullfrog - 10-01-2019

My last time there many years ago I wished I had California plates. A California patrolman spotted my Kentucky plates while I was stuck in traffic on the interstate and walked past about ten cars behind me to give me a ticket for tailgating while I was stopped! LOL!!! Haven't been back since. Haight-Ashbury is where my mail came from that even though the OSI agents couldn't open my mail they detained me until I opened it in their presence. It was a little green box with a hundred little pieces of folded paper that said "I love you." I was happy to give the agents several to share with their friends! LOL!!!

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - jacqueg - 10-01-2019

(09-30-2019, 03:13 PM)wanderin.pat Wrote:  As I remember .... 

"Pad" was more of a beatnik saying that crossed the periods to linger around as a term for some of the later-60's counter-culture.  

But then, I could be mis-remembering.  

That's how I remember it too.

Also, I remember us calling a vehicle dwelling a bus. Sometimes it was an actual bus, sometimes a VW microbus, sometimes an old van. Each was a Magic Bus.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - Qxxx - 10-01-2019

Bull, did the OSI question whether you had been "compromised"? Make love, not war. Bad sign. I don't imagine the little pieces of paper looked like they had been dipped in liquid. Window Pane. In the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Brad Pitt smokes a cigarette that had been dipped in lsd. Laughs when the devil comes in the front door.

Jacq, no doubt influenced by the 1968 song by the Who.

HDR, I'm surprised it didn't say "Californians will be shot on site". (correct spelling).

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - maki2 - 10-11-2019

Well I did get an FBI record back in 1969 for being involved in a student protest. Even had my dorm room searched. I have no idea what they thought they were going to find in it. But you really can't do anything like going to a meeting with a bunch of wanna be radicals and not get a record when you were a student in college in Texas in 1968/1969. I certainly was not a leader, just a hanger around on the outskirts for a few meetings. Of course I had to sneak away one weekend and go to a real live "love-in" in Austin. Then after that year I left and moved to Alaska. The protesting there was different, the big rally was against the nuclear testing. But I did join the democratic party and became an alternative to the state Democratic convention. The group I was with attempted to overtake the convention. Chaos rained which was very amusing at the time but of course all the back room dealing sorted out stuff and the leader of the splinter group got some compensatory position in the party.

I am much tamer now, a member of some crazy group who advocate going out in vans, sleeping in cars, using old RVs cargo trailers and such to live in the desert in the winter and roam around the country during the summer in caravans. Trying to stay for free on government property and stealth camp in cities now and again. Talking a lot about how to poop in buckets and manage without actually taking a shower for a week or so. What can I say about that other than what was old is new again.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - Qxxx - 10-11-2019

What goes around comes around. In the 70s, I had long hair, a beard, a van, and was a student at Berkeley, California pinko central. Spent a lot of time camping in the high Sierra. 40 years later, I have another van, a grey beard now, and the high Sierra are still my favorite places of all, but try to avoid traveling in California. 40M people, woof. I still prefer pooping in the woods.