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RE: It's a Three Letter Word - Larry-new - 10-29-2019

Lived on Powell. Had to climb up to the Haight on weekends.

Too straight to beg for change...a job was easier, but still couldn't afford fish @ the fish& chips...just double fries, for 50ยข, with lots of salt and vinegar.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - maki2 - 10-29-2019

The hippies went to Alaska and to Port Townsend, WA except for the ones who converted to being "New Age". But there are still some hold outs in Oregon,Colorado and a very small enclave in Marfa, Tx.

Trust me, hippies of all ages are alive and thriving in Port Townsend, WA. Some of the living on the edge of town in converted buses, camper shells, trailers and such on a property where boats on trailers are also stored by the old hippie guy who runs a boat hauling business. It is not desirable property because of the horrific smell of the paper mill when the wind blows in their direction. Others are living in the marina on boats. Some of them outside of town on rural properties. A few further south in Port Hadlock where housing is much cheaper and drug dealers more plentiful. There used to be a shanty village right in the main boat yard where the hippies who worked on wooden boats stayed but that got torn down for expansion of more legit marine business buildings so the port could get higher rent for the land use. I forgot to mention that the town has lots of "co-ops" including the town's general store, a grocery store and a couple of co-op farms with people living in Tiny Homes on jointly owned land.

RE: It's a Three Letter Word - Qxxx - 10-30-2019

Where have all the flowers gone? If I were a hippie, I'd probably be scouring the web for sites like the following. At least an outside possibility of finding some like minded people, and maybe a place to boondock nearby. Newport OR, yumm. I could live there.