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HOWA Build Out Wish List - rvwandering - 10-03-2019

"HOWA volunteers will be sprucing up and creating homes on wheels in Pahrump in October -- two minivans, two trailers, and a school bus. By purchasing an item on the wishlist, you too become part of that team. You will be helping to provide a safe a secure shelter to someone in need. HOWA and You: Together we are changing lives, building community, and preventing homelessness one person at a time."

The build out runs from October 14-30 but the sooner the items arrive the better. Thanks to all who donate!

RE: HOWA Build Out Wish List - Matildas mate - 10-03-2019

Would someone from the HOWA van build contact me? I have a portable solar panel I would like to donate.

HOWA Build Out Wish List - moontiger - 10-03-2019

To make a donation go to HOWA's website:

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