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Volunteering at Howa Build - Cammalu - 10-11-2019

What’s up with the HOWA build?

A friend who has graciously given their time and effort at Jamie’s builds in the past and then helped many others at different times were told that they could not camp at the HOWA build.

It’s evidently being held on private land and only those invited can camp there.

These aren’t party all night folks nor are they youtubers that want nothing more than to come film the event. These are folks that honestly want to help. Theses are folks that also volunteered at the rtr.

What’s going on?

Jeez, I had wanted to go and thought I could run errands and haul people around but I’m waylaid in KY for the time being.

Last year before the rtr I ran across Bob and a few of his people while I was on the trails in the desert. I asked if they needed help then for rtr and I was rudely told “No”. This was not by Bob but a brown haired gal in his group.

I don’t get it.

RE: Volunteering at Howa Build, WRTR, or RTR - rvwandering - 10-11-2019

The HOWA builds are pretty fast paced and extra people hanging around tend to get in the way and slow things down. People who want to volunteer should go to the HOWA site -
Write in the message area that you want to work on the van builds.

If you want to volunteer at the WRTR or the RTR go here -

With an event this big it's important to keep a degree of organization.  Volunteers are always needed so even if alll of the positions are filled for this round of van builds or the 2020 WRTR and RTR you can still sign up for future events.

Volunteering at Howa Build - Cammalu - 10-11-2019

Hanging around? They intended to work. They aren’t the party crowd.

If volunteers are always needed why was I told no and rudely at that. Pretty much I was dismissed.

Volunteering at Howa Build - Cammalu - 10-11-2019

I’m pretty crippled myself but believe in the good work. I have a side by side with a cargo area and could have run people or materials around.

I went to the cleanup in the desert last year and hauled a ton of garbage. I was up early and would see people walking about and asked if they would like to get trash with me. One laughed and said, “I don’t do that” another told me they were just there for their YouTube channel. There were a LOT of people there just to party and use up the precious resources and eat free food. I stayed two days and left disgusted. There were a LOT of people actually working but I’ll bet it was about half that didn’t.

I had one gal I caught trying to film me dragging trash out of my ATV. I asked her to not film me and then asked her to come help collect trash. She refused. Just what I thought - another youtuber who only cares for themselves.

I’m sure the people that really want to do good outweigh the bad but it seems to me that more and more it’s going in the other direction.

RE: Volunteering at Howa Build - rvwandering - 10-11-2019

I believe what you found at the cleanup in the desert last year is the exact reason the van builds, WRTR, and RTR have such a high degree of organization for volunteers. People want to come to be part of the group but not all of them want to actually do the work. Having people around who aren't contributing in any way drags the whole project down.

Volunteering at Howa Build - Cammalu - 10-11-2019

Well turning people down that want to work isn’t doing them a bit of good with their reputations. Being rude about it really takes away any brownie points.

Being dishonest and not open about anything makes for very disgruntled potential helpers.

RE: Volunteering at Howa Build - bullfrog - 10-12-2019

Big events, big plans, important people, rules, restrictions, limited access and security all a part of changing the world. I like meeting a few people around a campfire and helping individuals when I can or learning from discussion of experiences of others but after years of dealing with devoted and inspired large groups of people trying to change the world I find I like dealing with individuals or solitude most of the time. The goals of HOWA are huge and people that participate in the builds are devoted and inspired. I hope HOWA gets organized well enough to provide the caravans and small gatherings with a useful way to help individuals without intimidating those it hopes to serve. The caravans seem to be doing a great service and it would seem they have been able to stay small enough to avoid problems by branching out into smaller groups. I hope the build gatherings would be organized well enough to do the same as it seems they have more people wanting to help than they can deal with. It seems the RTR is experiencing some of the same problems by "putting too many chicks in one basket" I think we need more baskets. It is time to allow Bob to be cloned! LOL!!! There seem to be at least a few individuals here that could help if offered the opportunity.

RE: Volunteering at Howa Build - Suanne - 10-13-2019

We have several issues that require us to limit involvement in the Pahrump HOWA Build Out:

1) The build itself is on private land adjacent to a residential area. Although I've pre-warned the sheriff's office, I still expect neighbors to call on us. So, we are limiting the number of volunteers to 40 for the 5 vehicles that we are building out. This is way more than enough to build out these rigs.

2) The Volunteer Camp on BLM land needs to be limited so as not to cause damage to the land or plant life (just like we do with the Caravans), and again not to call undue attention to an extra large HOWA group of people camping. Law enforcement has been notified of this camp and the number expected.

Those camping on BLM land in Pahrump are on a hill looking down into town. A beautiful view at night. But, it also makes camping groups easy to spot from town during the day. In my last 10 years of camping on BLM land in Pahrump, residents have even called law enforcement on small groups of us camping.

Pahrump is HOWA's home base. I expect to have many years of interactions with the community and its leaders. So, we are starting off smallish and conservative.

It's not that we don't want volunteers ... we are just filled up right now. Please bear with our growing pains as we prove ourselves to be good citizens here in our "home town." We expect to grow in both number of rigs and number of Build Outs … I hope your friend will volunteer later.

RE: Volunteering at Howa Build - Jadvisioness - 10-13-2019

Well... I know I'm new here, really, but I've been involved with organizations that "grow too fast" as it were. What needs to happen, and perhaps the leadership of HOWA is already doing this..., is to start delegating. Too many people at "Pahrump HOWA Build Out"?, then create another build elsewhere, to run at the same time or during some other month - ideally? you'd have one happening in a different area of the US at least four times per year.

For all the people who want to help, make sure they contact or sign-up over on HOWA, of course, HOWEVER, when someone asks, they need to be responded to politely! Maybe this person was really stressed (or in a lot of pain due to a migraine or other health issue) and acted without thinking, maybe they weren't even an official person who had any right to even speak with any type of authority. *The point* that Cammalu was trying to make was the rudeness with which he was responded to.

If this is indeed becoming a "thing" that is drawing undesirables who are just playing at being helpful and want to look like a "hero", then the whole thing is going to have to be organized better, revamped, and, unfortunately, going to need to have some type of security in place. "This is why we can't have nice things" isn't just a throw-away line from some television show.

Also, volunteers can do more than just gather supplies, haul trash and be gophers. Check them out and use their skills. Maybe you have a fundraiser extraordinaire who can help you get money for all those supplies. Maybe you have some people who know how to create and maintain websites. Maybe you have someone else who can write well and apply for grants and such from government and civilian businesses/organizations.

Again, the point is to be polite and professional to these people. Get the actual authorized and "speak with authority" people staff shirts and badges. Have all of them carrying fliers so that, no matter how many times someone wants to tell someone NO! because they've been asked too many times, they can just smile and hand the person a flier with information.

It's not rocket science to be a kind, considerate, generous and polite individual.

As the saying goes, "If you can't be kind, be quiet."

RE: Volunteering at Howa Build - Vonbrown - 10-13-2019

Don't you worry about a thing Suanne, it has taken off and flying. just ask the people you have already helped.

Keep up the good work you do!