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Slab City Domicile? - JackieBlue - 10-19-2019

Since people can get mail in Slab City, is it possible to use it as proof of a California domicile? 

Does anyone know?

Thank you!

RE: Slab City Domicile? - highdesertranger - 10-20-2019

who said you can get mail there? this is the first I have heard of it. highdesertranger

RE: Slab City Domicile? - B and C - 10-20-2019

Yep, haven't heard of mail there but UPS packages are a yes.

RE: Slab City Domicile? - MrNoodly - 10-20-2019

It's not just about having an address. You need documentation that you have the address. Since there would be no utility bills, no lease agreements, no paystubs etc, what could you use? You might get a PO Box in Niland or Calipatria, but that probably wouldn't be sufficient.

RE: Slab City Domicile? - JackieBlue - 10-20-2019

Thanks for the clarifications. I knew people could receive packages there, so "mail" was a broad generalization and I wrongly assumed that included USPS deliveries. Who knows where I saw / read that. I'm on information overload and for all I know I might have heard it from a barking dog.

It's not a pressing issue at the moment....when my boyfriend and I split up he is taking a leave of absence to go to MI to care for his aging parents for several months. When he returns I will use his address as a domicile. He works for a regional company and is required to live within the region.

It would be nice to have other people here who could help me out but I'm so introverted I have never engaged in more than casual conversation with neighbors, and my family lives across the country (also in MI).

I could set up a domicile in any number of favorable states, but I'm concerned about losing my regional healthcare provider whose services aren't offered in NV, SC, TX, FL, etc.).

Anyway, I'll get it figured out, whether I temporarily use the address of an RV park that allows SUVs or a homeless shelter. I haven't found any info online (or from the DMV) for other alternatives in this state.

RE: Slab City Domicile? - LERCA - 11-20-2019

It’s not having an address. It’s proving that you actually are a resident by your California driver’s license or proof you have received bills at your address. I imagine it’s the same in every state because residents of states get many benefits like lowered tuition or local health insurance (Medi-Cal or Covered California) food stamps etc. so just using someone’s address wouldn’t work for the legal purpose of residency. You have to provide proof you you live here. As an aside the DMV accepted my mail drop address as my legal address but I have a California driver’s license and get early State Teachers Retirement.

RE: Slab City Domicile? - 1shemp - 11-20-2019

Keep looking.I'm sure you could find a better neighborhood than slab city.Good luck.

RE: Slab City Domicile? - Qxxx - 11-20-2019

JB, if you ever do go to Slab City, don't camp alone. There is an area called the "Lows" where RVers do camp. They usually stay in groups, watch out for each other, and never their camps unattended. Of the hundreds of places I've visited over the past 2 years, that place is on "very bottom" of my list.

RE: Slab City Domicile? - sushidog - 11-21-2019

I concur that the "Lows" area is the best place to camp in Slab City. My DW and I stayed there earlier this year. We camped by ourselves and were fine. I experienced no problems and no one messed with anything, or even visited my site while I was there. YMMV.


RE: Slab City Domicile? - Roobah - 12-02-2019

(10-20-2019, 08:21 AM)highdesertranger Wrote:  who said you can get mail there?  this is the first I have heard of it. highdesertranger

You absolutely can get UPS or FedEx mail delivered to Slab City.  USPS mail needs to be delivered in Niland (or elsewhere), general delivery or get a box.  How to:  Work with UPS and/or FedEx and get GPS coordinates to your camp and once approved, you can work out an approved address.  UPS and FedEx deliver based on the GPS coordinates associated with your camp.  They require a clear camp name and sort-of address.  Many of the full-time places in Slab City have an actual address.  if you know someone friendly out there, they may accept mail for you (maybe for a small trade).
Cool extra:  Once your address is approved and in someone's system, you can also add your camp name to Google Maps so others can find you.

This answers your question about getting packages, but didn't really answer your question about using Slab City as a domicile.  Suggest maybe you contact the US Census Bureau and ask them how they will count / have counted full time residents of Slab City.   US Census doesn't deal with "off-grid, no address" residents very well.  That's one reason they send out employees to scour for living spaces to count during the next census.