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Mail Forwarding - rderito - 10-29-2019

Hi. if I was to rent out my home and become a nomad. what would be the easiest way to get my mail. I would keep my residence at my home. there is no family member that can pick it up. 
if all my bills have my home address on them then how can you forward them ?
am I missing something here.
some of my bills I can go paperless but some I can't.

RE: Mail Forwarding - MrNoodly - 10-29-2019

Most bills have the option of using a billing address that's different than the actual address. Check with your bill senders. If so, then get a mail forwarding service, use it as your billing address, then have them forward the bills to wherever you happen to be.

For example, my bank, insurance company, Social Security and Verizon all use my mail forwarder as my mailing address, separate from my "residence" address. No problems.