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Minors on Forum - VanDwellerMod - 11-01-2019

Although this forum rarely registers minors, we have had a few young members over the years.  I've always been proud and impressed at the helpful interactions between our adult membership and those who are underage.  Thank you.

Unfortunately, social media seems to have become a dangerous place for our youth and age limits for participation are being set and enforced across the Internet.  We here on this CheapRVLiving Vandweller Community Forum are following suit.

Members must be at least 17 years old.

Note: The account of the minor who recently posted has been locked.  She can not post, email or PM.  Similarly, members can not email or PM her.

Thank you for your understanding.

RE: Minors on Forum - ckelly78z - 11-01-2019

As long as things remained on subject, I have no problem with youngsters.

RE: Minors on Forum - bullfrog - 11-01-2019

You are not only punishing honest young people who seeking information but insulting the community by making rules that are unenforceable and show your lack of understanding of how the internet works which will encourage the very kind of people to post you wish to exclude. In my opinion you have yet become another example of what happens when good people let the bad people around them influence their thinking. I hope Bob Wells does not let this type of reasoning stand, after all this site was intended to help all individuals grow and give information to others because they care about them and their situations and not to exclude anyone that was needing help or information.

RE: Minors on Forum - B and C - 11-01-2019

My guess it is because PM's cannot be monitored and they don't want any repercussions from an inappropriate PM. All it would take is one unsavory person to sent an inappropriate PM to a minor and their parents getting law enforcement involved. A quick way to get the whole forum/website taken offline. Personally, I am glad the site is erring on the side of protecting an underage person. They are still able to read and gather info, just not interact.

RE: Minors on Forum - B and C - 11-01-2019

I have no problem with members interaction in the open view forums, it is only the PM aspect of it. I like interaction between the differing age groups. There is a lot to be learned in both directions, young from old and old from young.

RE: Minors on Forum - Gypsy Freedom - 11-01-2019

it is a sad day when we bury our heads in the sand and blatantly and blindly completely ban all youth under 17. now instead of having a family friendly place to experience and interact with a different aspect of life. they will be stuck with other online avenues like facebook twitter and other mindless drivel.

instead of just shutting the doors. we could have worked to protect them and provide a place where they could safely learn and explore the life we choose.

how about the youth that are living this life with their parents? who are they suposed to talk to?

it would have been simple to have a youth membership that blocked PM's and emails from being exchanged. that way all the interaction would have been in plain sight.

there could have been a youth centric sub forum

actions like this would have encouraged youth to sign up and be honest about their age.

instead now, they will just be encouraged to lie and sneak in. developing bad habits and morals instead of building strength of character and honor

the youth are our future, as van dwelers and as human beings on this planet. shun them now and they go down the path of braindead facebook and such. or embrace them and expose them to a diversity of life so they understand us and respect the lifestyle instead of hating our ways and working to ban use from doing what we like.

i think there is room to grow here for all involved

or we can lock the doors, stick our fingers in our ears and go la la la la and hope it all goes away

RE: Minors on Forum - rvwandering - 11-01-2019

I deleted a series of posts that were inappropriate. I'm sorry if some you who made good points got deleted too because your comments were in the thread stream and did not make sense on their own.

RE: Minors on Forum - LoveCareThinkDo - 11-01-2019

Underage people are going to join anyway. They are just going to lie about their age. But then the forum is protected from liability. So, I guess it all works out in the end. Young people who need to ask questions that are specific to their age can still go to Reddit.

I hate that this is there only reasonable solution. But the world sucks for everyone, it seems.

RE: Minors on Forum - bullfrog - 11-01-2019

So I guess caring and sharing that is in the welcoming message should be modified to state only if your 17 years old if we are honest to those seeking help and maybe a warning there are a lot of people here whose values and morales if unmoderated may be harmful just so we don't get sued for taking advantage of the elderly as well! I guess it would be advisable to lawyer up as well so "Better call Saul" ! LOL!!! It doesn't make it right by admitting the system is flawed, it just makes us look bad or cowardly for not trying to change the way society views nomads or people that try to live in something other than a sticks and bricks.

RE: Minors on Forum - Suanne - 11-01-2019

For those of you saddened by this rule., count me in as well.

Since the beginning of the forum, I've observed nothing but kindness and helping hands to the few younger folks who ventured in. Their youth brought a fresh perspective and excitement about the lifestyle. I even enjoyed their naiveté.

But yesterday, we made a decision to protect the forum from possible law enforcement and/or the media scrutiny due to our inclusion of minors within our adult venue. One particular person made specific threats that indicated that he intended to leverage the general society's misunderstanding of vehicle dwellers as the same population as the homeless mentally ill and/or addicts on their city streets. As intenerates, he believed that we would also be considered degenerates to both the law enforcement and media he intends to contact.

The liability associated with the inclusion of minors is a common issue on social media platforms. Most all now have minimum age requirements. Unfortunately, we have now joined those ranks.

I'm truly sorry to need to protect the forum in this way. You all are my tribe and I would fully trust you to provide wise mentorship to any of my 3 teenage grandsons if they were allowed to join us.

Note: As HOWA's Exec Dir, I have regular conversations with non-nomads about the mobile lifestyle; addressing misunderstandings about who we are and are not is often challenging. I want to shine a light on our lifestyle such that "regular" folks come to appreciate our diversity, our choices, and our high quality of living.