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New Luci light - MotorVation - 11-04-2019

Link to MPowered (Luci) product page

I picked up one of these Luci Core's a couple weeks ago off Ebay. It was 15 bucks including shipping. I'm loving it. It can be charged by the sun or, and this is why I bought it, it can be charged by USB. There's no way to tell the current state of charge (that I know of) but it can be charged in an hour via USB and it's supposed to run for 12 hours on a full charge. I haven't verified that but it does last for a good long time. It has low, med, high and flashing settings.
I like the adjustable silicone arm. It can stand up on it or hung up on just about anything. Also, it's a directional light. I can put the beam where I want it. It doesn't light up the whole van but it does light up whatever you shine it on. It's bright enough to read by. It would also be bright enough to do a minor wrenching job at night in an emergency..
Amazon has them also..

I'm not a salesman for Luci and I don't play one on TV

RE: New Luci light - crofter - 11-04-2019

Nice find! I can't wait to get one.  My current luci lites are still going strong after a couple years of use.     ~crofter

RE: New Luci light - 1shemp - 11-05-2019

Looks like a good one if you don't need much light (40 lumens).I still prefer Natural Light.

RE: New Luci light - travelaround - 11-05-2019

I have a Luci light sitting on top of my cargo trailer, for sun... there wasn't much sunlight on my dashboard. Nice little light, at times, but I recently bought two 1000 lumen rechargeable lanterns because I got tired of low light... and wanted something bright.