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Mouse and wiring - Elsie - 11-04-2019

I have damage to the wire that is connected to the coolant/vehicle temperature that I discovered this morning.
Is is safe to drive the car to the repair shop? Or is it safest to get a tow?

RE: Mouse and wiring - slow2day - 11-04-2019

So the gauge still works but you have bare wire showing?

On my Ford van if the wire touches ground, the gauge will read HOT, so if your wire is chewed in two it may ground and show your vehicle is running hot.

Home Depot (and others) sells something called liquid electrical tape that you can brush on the exposed wire to replace the insulation.

RE: Mouse and wiring - IGBT - 11-04-2019

Can you post a picture?   It is pretty easy to repair a wire or two that have been nibbled (harder if it is a entire harness)

RE: Mouse and wiring - Qxxx - 11-04-2019

I've had wires chewed by mice, and I always carry black electrical tape to cover over bare spots. But I'll have to get some of the liquid electrical tape slowday mentioned.

Mouse and wiring - sleepydogtravels - 11-04-2019

What parts of the country are mice an issue?

RE: Mouse and wiring - maki2 - 11-04-2019

(11-04-2019, 01:23 PM)sleepydogtravels Wrote:  What parts of the country are mice an issue?
mice are in every part of the country, so are rats.

RE: Mouse and wiring - maki2 - 11-04-2019

I travel with tools and fittings for wiring. That means I have a crimp on butt connectors, wire strippers and pliers for doing electrical crimping. I also have a roll of self sealing silicone tape that can be used on wires or on plumbing plus a roll of standard electrical tape.

If you are going to live a nomadic life then you do need to have a basic electrical repair kit because this stuff happens and also you might want to make a modification and add a new plug-in, light, etc.

RE: Mouse and wiring - maki2 - 11-04-2019

as to places where mice (and rats) are going to be congregating.

They need water to live. People who travel in RVs like to camp by the shores of lakes and streams.

Mice like to live the shores of lakes and streams. They especially like it if there are piles of rocks, downed trees, big tree roots, tall grass, lots of brush. Those are their preferred spots for building a cozy nest to raise their young.

So basically you are going to be having lots of little furry neighbors come visit you domicile because it smells like food.

In desert areas people like to cook, eat and wash their dishes out of doors and also set up shower tents right by their campers. So the attraction is still there even without a lake or stream. They can smell the water that they are very much in need of and also the food.

Sorry but there is just no escaping those little friendly creatures, they just love to come calling to welcome you into their neighborhood.

Never set out poison, the mice are low on the food chain and you could end up killing the animals that consume the mice. That will lead to an explosion in the mouse populations if you kill their predators.

RE: Mouse and wiring - Qxxx - 11-05-2019

It's my understanding that a lot of animals in the deserts get their water by licking the morning dew off of plant leaves.

And FWIW, last winter I checked out boondocking possibilities along the Colorado River in Ehrenberg south of I-10, and there was so much plant growth there, it's 100% certain home to lots of mice and packrats. So I went up on the mesa instead.

RE: Mouse and wiring - Elsie - 11-11-2019

Thanks for all the information. 

Turns out that since the coolant had not leaked, the car was okay to drive so I am having it fixed.
I did try to strip and reconnect the wires but I could not do it and made it worse!
Unfortunately, there are so many things that can go wrong and carrying all of the necessary tools is not practical spacewise, I'll just have to deal with things as they happen.
The warning (stop the engine, check the coolant) was so scary to me that I reached out for sound advice before pushing through and overheating the engine!!

p.s. one of my acquaintances was successful with an electronic trap under the hood.  I had had some success with the traps previously in other locations but these guys were getting out? of them after eating the cheese or peanut butter I had used as bait (pretty strong)!!!  I think one of my main problems is getting too close to trees for shade and that's where the critters seem to be.
Anyway...  Work in progress