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RTRs Dates/Location - VanDwellerMod - 11-06-2019

RTR and WRTR dates and general location provided during the live feed with Bob, Suanne and our RTRs Coordinator Dottye.  Go to

Dates: Jan. 14-17 for WRTR, Jan 18-27 for RTR

Location: Greater Quartzsite Area

More details to follow.

RE: RTRs Dates/Location - VanDwellerMod - 11-07-2019

Although HOWA's contract with the location of the 2020 RTRs is not fully complete, we were given permission by the land manager to go ahead and announce the dates and general location. So, the following information is provided with the assumption that we will have a contract within the next few days:

Dates: Jan 14-17 for WRTR and Jan 18-27 for RTR
Location: Greater Quartzsite area.

New Information:
Land Manager of Event Area: Not BLM

Because the event area is not managed by BLM:
- HOWA and other YouTube Channels can shoot video without a Media Permit that was to be required for the 2020 RTRs
- HOWA does not need to pay any BLM permit fee of 3% and/or $6/day/person for an organized gathering and/or any commercial activities (including vendor/sponsor fees, donation colletions, advertisting, sales of merchandise, YouTube revenue, sweepstakes)
- HOWA does not have to pay for any of BLM's staffing time beyond 40 hours, called "cost share"
-Participants will be able to post to the event bulletin board info that BLM considers commerce -- business cards, one-off sales of personal items (like garage sale stuff), looking to buy

Because of HOWA's agreement with the new event area's leadership:
- HOWA's venue costs are relatively low (compared to BLM fees)
- The RTRs remain free to all participants
- HOWA will be the only vendor (selling official HOWA/RTR/WRTR merchandise)
- No other vending allowed
- HOWA will accept donations to help cover the cost of the venue, porta potties, garbage, etc.

Much more detailed information will follow when we have a completed contract in hand. We're sorry for all of these delays.

RE: RTRs Dates/Location - So-Bandit Travels - 12-19-2019


RE: RTRs Dates/Location - rvwandering - 12-23-2019

YouTube video with directions to the WRTR and RTR seminar site at the La Paz County fairgrounds -

RE: RTRs Dates/Location - crofter - 12-30-2019

(12-23-2019, 10:23 AM)rvwandering Wrote:  YouTube video with directions to the WRTR and RTR seminar site at the La Paz County fairgrounds -

Ways to contribute to HOWA and get your stickers and bling.   ~crofter

Can I buy any RTR or WRTR merchandise?
Buy RTR, WRTR and HOWA merchandize at the fairground. Or, buy online now at

To Donate to HOWA Any Time:

 Donate cash, vehicles, land or purchase merchandise -

 Fund to buy land -

 Become a patron -

 Volunteer -

RE: RTRs Dates/Location - crofter - 12-30-2019

The $5 or $10 donations for RTR go here. Currently at $4060 of $24,000 goal. Time to hit the button dwellers, also Teespring store.   ~crofter

RE: RTRs Dates/Location - crofter - 12-30-2019

Link to where people are camping and other spots, from the video.   ~crofter