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Request from Arizona BLM - VanDwellerMod - 11-12-2019

A request from BLM for those in the greater Quartzsite, AZ area.

Last week, Homes On Wheels Alliance (HOWA) was contacted by Rob Vaitkus, Special Agent, Bureau of Land Management (BLM). He indicated that BLM has been getting reports that someone in the Quartzsite area is saying he is an undercover BLM officer looking for HOWA leadership. BLM Special Agent Vaitkus would like to talk with him.

The person saying he's a BLM undercover officer is a middle aged white male wearing a large badge around his neck and driving a newer white Chevy Silverado pickup truck. Do not confront him. Rather report him to:

Special Agent
Bureau of Land Management
Arizona State Office
One N. Central Avenue, Suite 800
Phoenix, AZ. 85004
(602) 621-1089, Cell

RE: Request from Arizona BLM - B and C - 11-12-2019

Impersonating a federal officer won't be taken lightly. Hope the guy is caught.

RE: Request from Arizona BLM - highdesertranger - 11-12-2019

what..............unbelievable. makes me curios what his motive is.

y'all be careful. directed at the HOWA crew.


RE: Request from Arizona BLM - jacqueg - 11-12-2019

Me too. That made the hairs on the back of my neck go on full alert. That ain't right. And I don't mean in an amusing way.

RE: Request from Arizona BLM - Qxxx - 11-12-2019

I would call this guy a whacko, but I know name calling is discouraged on this forum. So how about he's one quart short of a pint. But the description is already pretty good, so he can't last too long.

Someone should notify the van build to be on the lookout.

RE: Request from Arizona BLM - MrNoodly - 11-12-2019

I'm over in Ehrenburg and I've seen at least one white late-model Silverado drive slowly by. Each time I wonder if it's this guy.

RE: Request from Arizona BLM - wayne49 - 11-12-2019

See the license plate?

RE: Request from Arizona BLM - MrNoodly - 11-12-2019

Too far away and not at a good angle.

RE: Request from Arizona BLM - maki2 - 11-12-2019

If you see him send up the drones Smile Get the plate number from the video and see if he sets up camp somewhere. That way you can avoid direct confrontation and let the real BLM rangers handle any interaction.

RE: Request from Arizona BLM - sushidog - 11-12-2019

Well if he knows about HOWA he's probably either a member or a lurker on this site, so has possibly been alerted by this thread. That means he will either go to ground or change his MO. I would report any suspicious activity by someone who meets the profile to the BLM, especially if you might appear to be an easy target or vulnerable, such as: elderly, female, disabled, camping alone in a remote location, etc..

Let's hope this warning is enough to scare him off.