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RE: Request from Arizona BLM - Qxxx - 11-12-2019

(11-12-2019, 08:52 PM)sushidog Wrote:  Let's hope this warning is enough to scare him off.
Let's hope this warning will put enough people on alert to get him caught.

Request from Arizona BLM - Cammalu - 11-13-2019

That is so freaking weird!

RE: Request from Arizona BLM - crofter - 11-16-2019

And he turned out to be???
A. Lost
B. Legit
C. Your ex


RE: Request from Arizona BLM - DesertRose - 11-17-2019

And then there's the issue of what is considered "middle age." Some young'uns think it's 35 and other people think it's 40-45. I saw an article recently whose headline informed me that the author thinks 68 (my age) is elderly -- what a crock!!

RE: Request from Arizona BLM - maki2 - 11-18-2019

There are a lot of kooks all over the country who like to impersonate law enforcement. Who knows why other than the more pathetic creatures are in need of attention and a feeling of being in control or just craving respect. Others of course have considerably more criminal intent in their actions. A few are totally delusion believing they really are cops.