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Engel - highdesertranger - 11-12-2019

Engel is having a sale on a couple of models of 12 volt refrigerators.  I thought I would pass the info along,


RE: Engel - Giuseppe Hardblast - 11-12-2019

I have an sr70. It's awesome in that it only pulls like 3amps dc. But man, the design is horrible. The shelves constantly fall off. The freezer compartment isn't sealed so items fall out the back of it. The door doesn't shut completely without having to push it into the locking mechanism. It was kinda a disappointment for the 700+ price tag. But it runs off solar.

RE: Engel - highdesertranger - 11-12-2019

wow bummer. have you contacted them? I have 3 of the MRO 40's and don't have issues, but I don't have shelves or a separate freezer. highdesertranger

RE: Engel - Giuseppe Hardblast - 11-12-2019

I didnt really figure this all out right away. And i didnt want to deal with a return so i just kept it. I contacted them once to get replacement shelves since the plastic ones on the door cracked in half after a year of use.They ignored me. I gorilla glued it together and moved on

RE: Engel - txmnjim - 11-12-2019

i think i'll stick to my Igloo Maxcold cooler. it says it will keep ice for 5 days
but i have only personally witnessed 4 days...hey, its nice to go into town
every once in awhile Wink

RE: Engel - highdesertranger - 11-13-2019

"hey, its nice to go into town every once in awhile"

sure it is, just as long as getting to town doesn't take a day. that makes ice real expensive. being in remote areas and trying to keep food cold/safe was the main reason for my quest to get off the ice addiction.


RE: Engel - B and C - 11-13-2019

If you stay close to town and like going there. Personally, I stay away from towns as much as possible. At the end of two weeks I need to resupply, dump, fill, laundry, etc. That is enough town for me.

RE: Engel - wayne49 - 11-13-2019

Optimal when food, fresh water, and waste tank refreshes can all be done at the same time on the day after 13 nights on the route to next campsite.

RE: Engel - bandaidqueen - 11-14-2019

HDR, do you have a guess as to how often Engel runs a sale like this? I think I'd like to eventually get an MRO 40 but no money at present, I'm saving to put solar first so I have something to run the fridge. It will be a while before I'm able to make this purchase.