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Mental Health - Skywater - 11-13-2019

I just finished watching a recent video by Bob on Depression and the nomadic life. It really hit home for me.  I have been in my van full time for 2 months now. I've made it a huge adventure for the most part, been scared shitless and hid it as usual, but I also feel like, in spite of the adversity, it has been one of the healthiest choices I've made for myself, mentally. 

Life is really hard out here, especially with no form of stable income. I can be quite resourceful, and have stumbled upon some neat short term gigs, great food kitchens and pantries, and some pretty cool people overall.

Yet, I have also been forced to face head on the reality that my pending disability application truly is necessary.  A "survivor " of childhood abuse, a lifetime of undiagnosed, untreated depression, eventual labels that sent me into a whole new spiral of depression, multiple adult traumas and suicide attempts,  I just don't seem to function well in society anymore, or maybe I never did lol.

The past two months have been cathartic.  I loaded my van Friday, September 13th, not knowing for certain what i was doing past reaching Colorado.  I haven't stayed anywhere more than 5 days and while I most definitely enjoy the peace of nature, resources often require that I urban camp. I am slowly getting rid of unnecessary items and creating a comfortable interior.

I plan on checking out the link mentioned in Bob's video, and while having a hard time committing to anything these days, I really want to try for the RTR as well. 

Sharing more about myself is something new to me. Perhaps this should have been my Newcomer introductory post, yet it is what it is. I had vault toilets on the brain the day I joined.

RE: Mental Health - Qxxx - 11-13-2019

Sky, life transitions are difficult for everyone. If you're still in Colorado, I'd suggest moving on before winter hits hard.  AZ is the best choice as it's warmer over by Quartzsite, southern California deserts, and the Colorado River, due to low elevations. New Mexico is nice but the lowest elevation is 3000' so it's colder in winter.

As far as depression goes, I should think the best thing would be to go to Arizona and meet up with the CRVL/HOWA caravans. You can travel around with others, learn a lot, and get to know people. A lot of people in the caravans will have had similar life experiences to yours. You "will" have to forget about vault toilets and learn the kitty litter method however, and that will be a new kind of fun.

RE: Mental Health - Skywater - 11-14-2019

Q, Colorado temperatures ran this Florida girl out a month ago! I've been slowly cruising the central California coast, beautiful with much better climate!

My post may have sounded depressed, but I meant for it to also be a praise report of this new nomadic lifestyle I have chosen. Yes, transitions are challenging, yet this one seems to have come with a healing peace.

There's so much to learn, so much to see! I actually just ran into another female making her way to the RTR. Yes, life gets me down, maybe more than others at times. I'm pleased to have found this forum and opportunity for a new way of living!

RE: Mental Health - WanderingRose - 11-14-2019

Good for you for getting out there and living your dream.

There are a lot of walking wounded out there, Sky, so you will find yourself in good company.

Most of us are held together with super glue and safety pins, some with a few more gaping seams than others.   Blush

Extend your kindness to all you meet, and good luck to you.

RE: Mental Health - MaTaLa - 11-14-2019

Living an authentic life is the grandest medicine, kudos to you!!

RE: Mental Health - Qxxx - 11-14-2019

(11-14-2019, 10:45 AM)Skywater Wrote:  Q, Colorado temperatures ran this Florida girl out a month ago! I've been slowly cruising the central California coast, beautiful with much better climate!
Ah so, you'll notice the entire east and southeast are getting snow and cold blasted right now, early winter weather. The SoCal deserts are really great in the winter, around Salton Sea area and over by Yuma. Joshua Tree NP is wonderful, although a bit higher in elevation. In general, stay below 1000' and it'll be reasonably comfortable.

RE: Mental Health - crofter - 11-14-2019

(11-14-2019, 11:20 AM)WanderingRose Wrote:   held together with super glue and safety pins....
Too true. There is much healing in an outside life, and the van dwelling gives one a sense of accomplishment both day to day and in the building phase (which never ends once you start tinkering).   Best to you, Skywater.   -crofter