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Cheap rv parks, Reno NV? - Watch_Cowspiracy - 11-14-2019

I'm about to domicile in NV and I'm passing thru the Reno area. Does anyone know of any cheap rv parks outside of Washoe county? Don't wanna have to deal with vehicle inspections.

RE: Cheap rv parks, Reno NV? - wagoneer - 11-14-2019

I have stayed in the Carson area cheap but I get 50% off national parks its usually 18.00.

RE: Cheap rv parks, Reno NV? - maki2 - 11-14-2019

I have not been to this place but it might work for you to rent for a month for establishing residency. There are no fancy amenities such as a pool which keeps the cost down. The reviews are very favorable as to it being a nice safe, clean restroom, affordable place. But of course that does not mean it is super cheap.
Sparks Mobile Home & RV Park
2006 Prater Way, Sparks, NV

A lot of times the lower cost places that typically rent by the month do not have websites for their business. That is because they have quite a few long term residents and really don't need that kind of advertising setup. So to find them just do a web search based on a location and look for the ones that pop up that don't have a website but just a phone numbers. Look for reviews and photos and look for places that don't have things such as swimming pools. Also look at any photos and hopefully you will see some older RVs and mobile homes in it.