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Good dispersed camping etiquette - MrNoodly - 11-14-2019

I found a spot this afternoon in a very large, open patch of public land. At least a mile square. There are about a dozen rigs, most of them clustered on one side. They seem to be a group camping together. I'm over on the opposite side, as far away as I can get without trying to cross a deep, sandy arroyo. Excellent. I get my privacy and the others get their social contact.

A couple of hours later a large rig drove slowly past, as if looking for a spot. Aw crap, I thought, I hope they don't set up within earshot and run a generator, or have yapping dogs.

They kept going and ended up about in the middle of the area, equidistant between me and the group, giving everyone as much space as possible. Excellent.

Compare this to a few years ago when I was the only one in a large dispersed area next to a lake. But some guy came and set up just on the other side of a bush. Dude, why so close? There's like a quarter mile of empty shoreline to choose from.

RE: Good dispersed camping etiquette - crofter - 11-14-2019

(11-14-2019, 04:34 PM)MrNoodly Wrote:   set up just on the other side of a bush. Dude, why so close? 
People always want to camp with me too. Emphasis on the WITH.   ~crofter

RE: Good dispersed camping etiquette - ckelly78z - 11-14-2019

We were once in a private campground that the trailers were so close, my awning tension lines were within a foot of the next camper. This trip, my was wife was having morning sickness, and it was hot. All of a sudden, I heard a loud hissing sound, and had to run over and shut off a compromised propane tank on the neighbor's rig....they didn't show up until late that night...never again, even State parks with their big sites are too many people for me.

RE: Good dispersed camping etiquette - ZoNiE - 11-14-2019

I've had to tell an adjacent camper about a blatant propane leak. Not even a thank you. What a dick.
Then there was the time at Nascar on the hill (AZ ISM raceway) away from everyone. Kids setup a tent 1 foot from my bedroom window. Their friends next to my genny exhaust. You wanna camp next to someone else? go to the reserve area.

RE: Good dispersed camping etiquette - travelaround - 11-15-2019

The last few nights I've been parking roadside. Nobody seems to care and I don't see others doing it here this time of year. Most seem to be nestled into RV parks. I can't seem to want to stay stationary. I need to reevaluate everything and how I feel about vandwelling. I mean, I've been unhappy with the situation lately. I need to be more content with my lot in life. I need a comfortable routine. One that includes parking roadside or even with others. I stayed in a rip off RV park last month and am still recovering from the experience and don't want to repeat it. Maybe I need to live without my electric heat this winter. Feel the cold and do it anyway.

RE: Good dispersed camping etiquette - crofter - 11-15-2019

(11-15-2019, 12:05 AM)travelaround Wrote:  Feel the cold and do it anyway.
How cold does it get there? Here in OR is forecast a cold snowy winter. G Hardblast is doing ok with a buddy heater running on pilot. And says it is 24 degrees there, way colder than here. 
My first season out I had some adjustments to make. Some things people think are a hassle are things I enjoy, like doing a bath the old fashioned way with a basin in the woods. And I had the dog then, so a lot less space for me.  -crofter

RE: Good dispersed camping etiquette - hugemoth - 11-15-2019

Camping all alone near where the RTR has been held in Quartzsite a big 5th wheel pulled up less than 20 feet away. They unloaded a large construction generator and ran it until I packed up and moved at midnight. Nice people!

RE: Good dispersed camping etiquette - Qxxx - 11-15-2019

TA, maybe you need to leave the great northern woods behind, and get a change of scenery. Head to the deserts of Arizona and SoCal like all the snowbirds. Boondocking is a lot more fun than living in RV parks. Join a caravan and meet like-minded people. North in the summer, south in the winter. Move every 2 weeks, see all the cool places. Even though part-time, I've spent 16,000 miles doing that the past 2 years. Seen a lot of nice places from Arizona to Montana, and everywhere in between. You've only just begun the adventure, :-).

RE: Good dispersed camping etiquette - Qxxx - 11-15-2019

Moth, have you tried Roadrunner south of LaPosa on Hwy 95? The big rigs tend to stay towards the entrance but you can go way into the back (north) a mile and a half. Also, out Plomosa Rd towards Bouse. Again, most people stay over towards 95, but you can go east through the little hills and closer to Bouse. Scaddan Wash tends to be super popular, being so close to Quartzsite. Plus the road is horrible.

RE: Good dispersed camping etiquette - Qxxx - 11-15-2019

crofter Wrote:People always want to camp with me too. Emphasis on the WITH.   ~crofter
Hmmm, that's very interesting. They must figure you're a very knowledgeable person.