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Rtr - [email protected] - 11-16-2019

Why can you not have bicycles at the la paz fairground for the rtr?

RE: Rtr - VanDwellerMod - 11-16-2019

You can bike to the fairground and lock your bike up at a place along the fence. Simply, La Paz County Fair does not allow bikes inside of the event area, not even during their own fair. I suspect it has to do with safety and liability.

RE: Rtr - highdesertranger - 11-16-2019

my guess is and this is only a guess that it is the fairgrounds policy. county fairgrounds are built for county fairs, county fairs usually have lots of animals. many animals(especially horses) are spooked by bicycles. like I said it's just a guess so please don't make a big deal of it.

I don't see why anybody would really need to ride a bike there. you park your vehicle and walk a short distance to the seminar. then walk back to your vehicle and leave.

I will say it one more time, I am only guessing here, I could be as wrong as eating pizza with a fork and knife.


RE: Rtr - 1shemp - 11-16-2019

Unfortunately,when one becomes dental challenged like me,it's the only way to eat pizza.I do remember what you are referring to and it was kinda funny.

RE: Rtr - MrNoodly - 11-16-2019

(11-16-2019, 08:55 AM)highdesertranger Wrote:  I don't see why anybody would really need to ride a bike there.

I imagine there are people who would want to ride a bike from their camping spot rather than drive. Driving might mean breaking down camp and/or risking loss of their gear or camping spot.

RE: Rtr - highdesertranger - 11-16-2019

well Bob said that there really isn't any camping areas close by. so it would be quite a long bike ride. I believe he also said that they will have a place to park your bikes I guess for those that would ride to the seminars. you just can't ride them on the fairgrounds. also the Parker 425 off road race will be going on so many of the camping spots close to that will be quite crowded. highdesertranger

Rtr - Cammalu - 11-16-2019

Whoa! Those races are LOUD! We were parked at the hospital in Parker during that last year and you could hear that for miles. I don’t even know how far I was from the track and am not sure where it is. How far is the track from the fairgrounds? I don’t think that race goes on but a couple days though does it? Shouldn’t be too much of a problem. How far is the nearest camping area anyway?

If it’s filled up with the ATV racers be prepared with dust masks and forget about trying to cook outside.

I wanted to volunteer and put in my name but I don’t want to drive my ATV 30 miles each way from La Posa South to get there and break camp everyday and try to get back with a bunch of traffic. I don’t think I can do that. I’m still trying to figure out some way I can at least go for a day.

I’m sure there will be a better plan by next year though. I heard someone might donate some land? That would settle so much of the hassle for the folks trying against all odds to keep this going. I feel for them it must be horribly frustrating.

RE: Rtr - Qxxx - 11-16-2019

So probably the best bets are anywhere in Quartzsite, LTVAs, Plomosa Rd hosted area at 95, Scaddan Wash, or else 62 west of Parker.

So, HDR now that it's settled, can you say where they were considering it in CA? Or at least, was I even close? (within 20 miles?)
33.136954, -116.077081

RE: Rtr - Qxxx - 11-16-2019

(11-16-2019, 03:33 PM)Cammalu Wrote:   I heard someone might donate some land? 
In the video Bob mentioned setting up a fund one can donate to for HOWA to buy land. That's where my donation is going.

RE: Rtr - highdesertranger - 11-16-2019

should I even post this? aw what the hell it's not going to be there anyway, right. they wanted it in the Superstition Mountain OHV area. which I still find unbelievable. if you want to know why go to you tube and type in Superstition Mtn. CA OHV area. it becomes glaringly obvious why I was dead set against having it there. highdesertranger