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RE: Rtr - wayne49 - 11-16-2019

Prior (2011) Parker 425 "track" layout. 140 miles a lap, two laps.
Main Pit and Race Start were east of US-95, just north of Shea Rd.

BITD (Best In The Desert) does not publish a map openly. Probably just in the for sale to the public race brochure and available to participants.

RE: Rtr - highdesertranger - 11-16-2019

for the first time this year the start will be in town on pavement. so unless you want to watch the start it's probably better to stay out of town that day. highdesertranger

Rtr - Cammalu - 11-16-2019

140 miles??? Well crap they are everywhere then!! How is that going to be avoided? Well maybe they just race a couple of days.

Rtr - Cammalu - 11-16-2019

Looked it up HDR. I can see why you would be dead against it. Everyone would be covered with a thick layer of dust..

RE: Rtr - Qxxx - 11-16-2019

Thank you HDR, I was ain't right like usual. Still batting 100% in that category. At least now I know how ain't right I really was.

RE: Rtr - Qxxx - 11-16-2019

(11-16-2019, 04:06 PM)Cammalu Wrote:  140 miles???  Well crap they are everywhere then!!  How is that going to be avoided?  Well maybe they just race a couple of days.
Looking at the map, they'll not be within 9.5 miles of La Paz Cty Fairgrounds, so that's good. Also, they don't appear to be blocking 72 going through Bouse and down to I-10. That's a major thoroughfaire for Semis truckers. Therefore Plomosa Rd west of Bouse should be open for boondocking. Maybe.

Rtr - Cammalu - 11-16-2019

Plomosa? Isn’t that just outside of Quartzsite? That’s a bit of a drive to the fairgrounds isn’t it?

That would be good if people camped there. I could still run over and check out all the different rigs!

RE: Rtr - Qxxx - 11-16-2019

Plomosa Rd starts 6 miles north of Q on 95, where there is a large hosted boondocking area. Then it runs 20 miles northeast to Bouse.

Bouse is 15 miles from the La Paz Cty Fairgrounds on 72. Last year the WRTR was held on Plomosa Rd about 1/2 way between Bouse and 95.

RE: Rtr - crackedpan - 11-16-2019

(11-16-2019, 03:33 PM)Cammalu Wrote:  .... but I don’t want to ....break camp everyday and try to get back with a bunch of traffic. 

I'm with you on that, too much like work everyday.  And those races are not only loud but DUSTY!! and if the wind is blowing your way, watch out, we will all need to borrow respirators from HDR!

RE: Rtr - wayne49 - 11-17-2019

Here in Amargosa Valley, I have observed that the race organizers actually truck in poof dust to dump on the track, about 18" deep, through the valley. It's for the TV coverage, the great visible plumes of dust.