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All-in-one-portable to build it - maki2 - 11-28-2019

Today the youtube channel "One Minute Workbench" Has posted a terrific setup designed specifically for people who live in vans, on boats, or other small spaces.

It was designed using affordable portable power tools from Harbor Freight. You will have to see this one in the video to realize how well executed the design is. Also you don't need to have a big tablesaw, drill press or router table to create it. But when completed you will then have that that easy to make things ability because you will then have an accurate, tablesaw, sliding miter saw, router table,  disc sander, drill press, jigsaw table all in one very compact space that is easy to take apart and store.

Of course you will likely want and possibly need to purchase a set of plans $30.00 that give all the dimensions of the pieces to cut. The instructions for how to do those task are supposed to have been presented in a series of videos on his youtube channel.

I don't know if I will ever get around to making one as I have access to friends workspaces with the tools I need. Some of those tools are ones I have given to them with the provision that when/if I need to use them I can come by and "borrow back" the use of them and work in their space.

RE: All-in-one-portable to build it - Pleasant Travels - 11-29-2019

That is flipping awesome!

RE: All-in-one-portable to build it - travelaround - 11-29-2019

Love it. Perfect size.

RE: All-in-one-portable to build it - maki2 - 11-29-2019

he said it can be made more compact for storage. The rest of the instructional videos will show up before long.