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Back up monitor info - Lisa Truck Gypsy - 12-11-2019

I just bought a 97 Chevy Express 1500 Sherrrod Conversion High Top van and would like to know if there are any recomended products for use as a backup camera and a front camera for parking but that can also be used as a security camera and accessed from inside the van without turning the ignition key on. In other words. This sucker is very big to park but I also want to be able to see who or what is outside of my van if I hear something strange without alerting them by turning on the engine.

RE: Back up monitor info - Matlock - 12-12-2019

A larger 7" screen capable of 4 cam inputs works well for me. It would be nice if the cameras were motion activated though and I did look for one but at the time found nothing affordable.
It's mostly just for backing up and I don't often switch to the other cams. But for sure, the large full screen is nice.

I use a transcend 230 dash cam in the front window while driving for recording.

I'm in a box van so I use the rear view mirror on each door. The rear camera takes some getting used to. After you drive and park a few dozen times you know where your rear-end is and also where to avoid parking to allow easy ins/outs. I look for pull through parking whenever I can find it.

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RE: Back up monitor info - andi - 06-07-2020

I don't see a specific camera system mentioned here. Did you find one?