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RE: traveling for food - vanbrat - 04-13-2020

I don't think I would travel to far for flour. Just wondered why Alabama family didn't like what they found here. I do plan on eating the goodies that I find everywhere, including flour if I'm anywhere where there is some local if I know about it. I have never eaten OKRA and from what I have heard about it I never will. Love good chili's, hubby and Mom love cherries. I'm allergic. I really don't get the whole white vs yellow cornmeal thing, but again the Alabama family had real opinions about it. Had an in law really liked Chesapeake Bay crabs, but was blown away with the crabs in Pike place market. So he had to do some kinda big ol' crab feast with some very good clam dishes and all the trimmings. Said it would do until we got there ourselves so he could show us where to go for the real thing. Unfortunately he passed away before we could get there. His wife is a German lady and she talked about the Amish food said it was close to her families foods. We lived in Maine for a few months, but never had a good lobster roast thing, heard about them, but never had one. I have a friend who roasted chestnuts in Ohio or something she said it was so good. But that what we get in the stores is mostly just pretty chestnuts for the table decorations at thanksgiving. I need to get some fresh sometime.

Thank you everyone for all the ideas. I will make a list before we go anywhere and find some of these goodies'

RE: traveling for food - crofter - 05-16-2020

I once had lobster in Maine, best lobster (and the biggest) ever. 

RE: traveling for food - vanbrat - 05-16-2020

(05-16-2020, 02:14 AM)crofter Wrote:  I once had lobster in Maine, best lobster (and the biggest) ever. 
We lived in Maine for a few months but it was not Lobster "season" so didn't get any..... need to go back. Also we had a major crazy busy bad time there that time. Saw enough to want to do it again and this time much more relaxed.

RE: traveling for food - vanbrat - 05-16-2020

So far list is ….

Bacon from Colorado
Figs from S. Oregon
Green chilis from NM
Artichokes from Moss Landing CA
Cherries from Flat Head Lake
Strawberries from Or
Lobsters from Maine
Sandwiches from Detroit
And Amish goods from Pa
Filberts from OR
Blue Berries from Eugene OR
Crabs from Or Coast
Salmon from Whidbey Island
Mussels and clams from WA
Flour from The south
peaches from Georgia
Nordic stuff from Ballard in Seattle
Cheese from WI
Sugar Pineapple from Kauai
Sour dough from San Francisco
Alligator meat in New Orlins
Gumbo From New Orlins
Dates from Palm Springs CA
Pistachios from Central Valley CA
Potatoes from Idaho
Oranges from Florida
BBQ from Texas
I'm sure I am missing a few but it's a start..
I better make sure I have my van kitchen well stocked with all the needed pots, pans and tools.

RE: traveling for food - Tony's Dream - 05-16-2020

We miss the Maryland crab season.

RE: traveling for food - slow2day - 05-16-2020

Add soft pretzels (w/mustard) and saltwater taffy.

RE: traveling for food - NomadicFoodie - 05-16-2020

(04-06-2020, 12:29 AM)maki2 Wrote:  Here is a quote from the article that describes how to find this flour in pretty much any grocery store in any region.

"Soft wheat flour is typically packaged as cake flour or pastry flour, and is best used for cakes, cookies, and pastries that should be tender and crumbly. It can also be used in fresh pasta, and produces a tender noodle. In general, soft wheat has less protein than hard wheat, which is typically used to make flour for bread."
...and now I know to go to the SE get decent flour in the US!
More here

RE: traveling for food - NomadicFoodie - 05-16-2020

The link explains the difference between UK "Strong" flour which is what we have in the US and cake flour

RE: traveling for food - LERCA - 06-09-2020

Oh Crofter, life is not worth living without carbs. Or ice cream. ?

RE: traveling for food - vanbrat - 06-09-2020

Or fresh strawberries!