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RE: traveling for food - vanbrat - 06-19-2020

We are off tomorrow for the first of our foodie trips. I have been watching for the strawberries to ripen in the Valley and now we are on our way. I plan to bring home 10 or so pounds of fresh berries for jam... I found some other fruits that are ripe too, so may get some of them too...
I am so glad the campgrounds are open again.
Even my Mom is ready to help pick. She never really fills her box when we pick she eats more then goes into her box. I think she is just ready for some fresh jam. She is worse then the little kids when it comes to sneaking jam while I cook.

I have never tasted Liver Cheese sounds like something I would not really enjoy. Kinda like pickled pigs feet. BLAAAH

RE: traveling for food - maki2 - 06-19-2020

(06-13-2020, 10:37 AM)XERTYX Wrote:  Yeah that's why I dont read the package. XD
My brother got me to read the label on potted meat as a kid and I didnt eat it for years.
Yeah i have to be careful about purine rich foods. I suppose its gout that I get in my foot from time to time. Now that I know what makes my foot sore the day before it gets inflamed I take naproxen sodium over the counter and for the next few days and I dont have to walk with a cane for a week anymore. Maybe its because I've broken that foot twice. A green limb fracture as a kid when I fell out of a tree, and later as an adult I was pissed off at my boss and kicked a rack in the back room. SNAP! I knew instantly it was broken. I didnt have insurance so I wrapped it in ace bandages and wore like 6 pair of socks on it for a few weeks. It never healed right and used to click sometimes when i walked. Rub some dirt on it and walk it off. Tongue

I only eat smoked oysters from a can. I tried smoked mussels from a can once and OMG. Idk if someone SHAT in that can or what, but it was enough to put me off of trying them ever again.
when you have the funds go and see a podiatrist. Lots of issues with old fractures can be fixed with surgery or even laser treatment.

RE: traveling for food - maki2 - 06-19-2020

It is beginning to get to where we can't even travel in our own neighborhood for food as other people won't take the time to follow the instructions posted on the doors for social distancing rules. At the ages of 70 and 77 my friend and I can't be around people who crowd us and don't wear mask.

I guess we will have to make a list of options of places to go that offer call in the order and they will bring it out to the car. It sure does make it impossible for the impulse date to go get a great sandwich or slice of pizza.

Our favorite BBQ place will do the take it to our car routine.
I am going to have to create a bookmark folder on my phone for a list of neighborhood offerings.

RE: traveling for food - Qxxx - 06-19-2020

I found this site online that lists Seattle take-out places. There is also a similar list for my city, and I'd bet for most others too.

RE: traveling for food - Qxxx - 06-19-2020

(06-19-2020, 03:29 PM)maki2 Wrote:  At the ages of 70 and 77 my friend and I can't be around people who crowd us and don't wear mask.
In WA state, 90% of covid deaths are in people >60 YO. This is similar to all over the US, where the average figure is about 80% or so for people >60. Which means practically everyone visiting this forum is in the "high risk" group.

They lump 60s and 70s together here, but in many states they show the 2 groups separately.

RE: traveling for food - vanbrat - 06-19-2020

I am an introvert. I have no plans to do much socially. I can go to fields and pick my own strawberries and stay far enough away from others. And when I can't I have my masks. We won't be going out, except for my birthday dinner and that will be outside after we get some take out something. This is the normal for me. An introvert. Mom wants to do some stuff, but not this trip. We may go to some public gardens, but again keeping our distance, or wearing our masks. My son is freaking out, he is worried we might get in an accident and end up in a hospital...…....(where he knows we will get sick) Been there done that. Learned that dyeing isn't the worst thing, not living is worse. We are careful, but not willing to totally rollover and play dead. Sounds a bit grumpy, but I did die for a few minutes once, like I said dyeing doesn't scare me, but being stuck and not alive does. Not trying to anger anyone, but still just ready to get out there.... Done enough yard work for awhile.

Our little town has senior times in stores for seniors to shop. The first day they did this though they where swamped. This is highly populated area with retiree's. Some stores said masks are required.... some even have people at the door with gift masks if you forget yours.... There will always be those though who refuse to do as they should just because...
If it gets the world back to something like normal I will wear a mask.....

RE: traveling for food - Qxxx - 06-19-2020

They have senior times in stores here too. Who the hell came up with that idea? Stuff all the most at risk together in the same place at the same time, elbow to elbow. Duh.

RE: traveling for food - GypsyJan - 06-19-2020

Starting tomorrow, it will be mandatory to wear masks in public in Orange County, FL (Orlando area) which I have been doing anyway. We are having an upsurge of Covid cases.

RE: traveling for food - maki2 - 06-19-2020

I am looking forward to being in the Southwest this coming winter stuffing myself with all kinds taco stand meals Smile My budget is only good for "street food" style meals but I am not complaining about that.

RE: traveling for food - vanbrat - 06-21-2020

But street food is often Verrrry good stuff.
There are at least 2 here that have the best burgers and a taco truck that is very good and a donut truck I haven't tried yet mostly because there is always a huge line...
Now that tourest season is upon us the other trucks will be coming out