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Van life and the future - RyanK - 04-29-2020

Hi again everyone,

I'd like to quickly thank those who responded to my last post, much appreciated. My team and I have made progress in developing cookware for use outdoors and have implemented the values and needs of our 60 or so interviewees into the design. That being said, we are now working to learn about marketing strategies and how to get the word out when the product is finished.

What I'd really like to know is how you do research to find the right product and where you ultimately purchase your gear! Do you read magazines or online articles to learn more about potential products? Are there specific stores you explore when looking for outdoor gear or items for your van? Do you prefer shopping online or in physical stores?

Does social media ever influence your purchase decision, and if so, what platform(s) do you use? Are there specific pages or influencers you're drawn to?

If you have the time, answer all the questions you can! Feel free to add any additional details as well such as price ranges or disappointing purchases. The more information I collect, the better the end product will become so I appreciate any responses.

Thank you for your time.

RE: Van life and the future - slow2day - 04-29-2020

What last post? You may want to link to it.

My 'gear' is very basic. WW2 mess kit +utensils. 2qt. sauce pan w/lid (Revere Ware). A small frying pan.

Single-burner LP stove. Filter basket from a 4-cup coffee maker. Insulated cup with cover.

Rubbermaid containers of various sizes.

Couple of medium-size melamine plates.

Most bought from Goodwill, Salv.Army,etc.

RE: Van life and the future - RyanK - 04-29-2020

Thank you for the suggestion, that's a good idea
Here's the link to my last post:

RE: Van life and the future - jacqueg - 04-30-2020

When I'm looking for van life ideas and inspiration, I look

1) on this site

2) on youtube

3) for some types of questions,

4) occasionally, I look on

I am very much oriented toward the idea of my van being a tent, rather than an apartment.

RE: Van life and the future - maki2 - 04-30-2020

one way to do it is send out one of the units to a youtube channel in the hopes of getting it reviewed by them. Be sure it is someone that inspires you to watch them so that you have a strong personal connection to their channel. No strings attached, if they like it great, if not then you take that as constructive criticism. Of course at present the van dwellers might actually be in need of some fun equipment to reviews as many of them can't be on the road and filming their travels.

Marketing takes time. But one essential is getting the right list of keywords to use in the marketing that will give you the best return for your efforts. So that will be something you can start working on for your marketing plans that involves a zero outlay of funds.

RE: Van life and the future - eDJ_ - 04-30-2020

In my experience,  campgrounds at State Parks provided a show and tell of people's home built rigs.  Of course this was in nice weather.  If in winter Youtube videos would be a next best source.

As for gear, (new stuff being offered)  the big box stores in the spring offered samples of various things that may or may not offer solutions.

Catalog/websites that target campers/sportsmen RV'ers etc  were beneficial.  was a good source.

Today,  social media such as Facebook is major. (and remember....there is also a "Business Facebook"  those in small business need to become familiar with for their marketing effort.  

When you get this info you seek, you may consider publishing a free magazine with it using "" (or others like it.  Then as you review each item allow for feed back post (like you would see at youtube.  This could broaden your feedback range and it's free. 

One of the many "categories" here is "Seen on the Road".  It's where snapshots of interesting things or ideas are presented for the rest of us.

Finally, you may want to become familiar with the people at  They are 100% free and specialize in all phases of business counseling. 
When you look at their website visit the "browse the library" link.   When you enter that page, there is a dark gray nav bar "Narrow By".   Figure what suits your needs best and start there.  You can always make other selections.  It's all free. 

Good luck.

RE: Van life and the future - DannyB1954 - 04-30-2020

I never volunteer information to marketers. You want us to help you sell items for a profit. That is not what this forum is for.
Van life and the future has nothing to do with your marketing ploy.

RE: Van life and the future - nature lover - 05-01-2020

AMEN Danny B - besides this is the wrong forum for that. Go to the people who want fancy, expensive things like those who use half naked women to get clicks on their van life videos. Most of our folks are a bit less fancy. Some of us can afford the best but aren't stupid enough to spend it if you can find something that works in a thrift store. "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

RE: Van life and the future - DannyB1954 - 05-01-2020

The reason that they can not post under a previous name is they may have got the boot for marketing research.

RE: Van life and the future - RyanK - 05-06-2020

(04-30-2020, 11:06 PM)DannyB1954 Wrote:  I never volunteer information to marketers. You want us to help you sell items for a profit. That is not what this forum is for.
Van life and the future has nothing to do with your marketing ploy.
Thank you for you answer Danny, it has given me a lot to think about. I completely understand where you're coming from and I apologize if my post seemed invasive. That being said, this is for my senior project in college at Cal Poly. I'm trying to gain experience in information gathering and entrepreneurship so that I can provide you with a product that can actually make your life better/easier and at a cheaper cost. It has become increasingly difficult in the last few months to find interviews with people in person, especially in such a niche market as van camping, so, I have ultimately turned to many forums for the help I need. Again, I'd like to apologize for my methods of collecting information, but, any additional information you have on this subject would be appreciated, even if its to another forum or site specifically for marketing information. Thank you for you time and thoughts.