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Boondocking or driving blind? - crofter - 05-12-2020

It would seem to be a healthy lifestyle, boondocking and maintaining distance from others. But many places have been closed to fulltime RV living, unless you are local or were already camped there when stay home orders were put in place. 

Please post open camping in your area, and other services available if there are any. I will link this to an older thread on the subject.

Description: article, WHO on driving blind.

RE: Boondocking or driving blind? - crofter - 05-12-2020

Link to older thread on camping areas opening.

RE: Boondocking or driving blind? - DannyB1954 - 05-12-2020

Most BLM land is open if you are lucky enough to be in the West.
I heard several reasons for closures, so don't know which is more correct.

Oregon says due to litter and human waste.

Others say we don't want people using this time as a holiday and taking their families camping. It is about impossible to travel and not come in contact with others. Fuel, groceries, laundry, all can bring you into town.

Another version is Rangers and other LE would be coming into contact with people from different areas increasing the risk that they will pass it on to people in town. If you got injured in the boonies, the rescue team would be taking a larger risk helping you.

Places to disburse camp are getting harder to find. The more people that are doing it, the more problems it will create due to a small percentage of them being selfish pigs leaving a mess.

RE: Boondocking or driving blind? - crofter - 05-12-2020

Our pool was closed by the health department, after about 10 residents were swimming in it. Yet here is official guidance on pools and water parks in AZ (see link). Sounds like they could be open safely.

Description: article on safety of water parks in Az.

RE: Boondocking or driving blind? - crofter - 05-12-2020

Some casinos and pools in AZ may open on May 13, with more regulations, more cleaning, more social distancing, and limits on occupancy.

Description: article on opening pools.

Description: article on casion openings set for Friday May 15.

RE: Boondocking or driving blind? - crofter - 05-12-2020

Boondockers Welcome is offering extensions ( no not those extensions). 3 months free. 

Camping availability is case by case, depending on whether the area is open and travel is safe.

Description: link to their site and policy during covid 19.

RE: Boondocking or driving blind? - maki2 - 05-12-2020

I would most certainly not take a child to a public pool or water park at any point in time in the next 6 months. Way too risky for the household. Little children are not constantly cognizant of where they put their hands in regards to their faces. It is hard enough for us adults to remember not to touch our faces with our hands, pretty much impossible for kids of all ages to be that constantly vigilant especially when they are playing.

RE: Boondocking or driving blind? - MotorVation - 05-12-2020

There's plenty of free camping around Williams AZ. On top of that, the weather is beautiful. I traveled up here after it got too hot near Kingman. I'm in the Kaibab National Forest where there is a 14 day limit. I know of three 14 day areas within 10 miles of here. I may explore the Flagstaff area next.

I haven't had any hassles at all with Park Rangers or police or for that matter BLM officers anywhere in Arizona. I keep a clean, quiet camp and mind my own business.

I left Florida before the Covid-19 deal started. Once it did, I figured I'd be much better off in nature than in a county with over a million other people so I take it day by day and at this time, I have no plans to go back to Florida unless circumstances warrant it.

Edited to add:
There is a Safeway in Williams and a couple dollar stores. I've had to go to Flagstaff a couple times but that's only forty some miles away. I refilled on propane at the Williams KOA today. Pricey but available. Water machine at the Circle K. is your friend

RE: Boondocking or driving blind? - LERCA - 05-13-2020

MotorVation and Crofter,
Thanks for some great information! Much appreciated.

RE: Boondocking or driving blind? - tonyandkaren - 05-13-2020

We've been boondocking in Nevada since mid March. Since Nevada has large areas with low populations it's a fairly safe state. Most of the state is public land so finding boondocking sites is pretty easy. Head higher in elevation for cool temperatures. 

Free campsites is great -!Nevada&query=region
Set the maps to public lands (map stack on right side) if you want to find your own spots.

Public Land Interpretive Association has good maps too. Be sure to check Land Status so that all of the public land shows.