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RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - RoadtripsAndCampfires - 05-21-2020

We have been in campgrounds for most of this. We don't wear masks at our own campsite but put them on when walking the dogs or going into any store or anytime there are people we cannot be at least 6 feet away from. Sometimes we carry them because no one is around but have them handy to put on if we see someone approaching.

A Florida man was interviewed in his hospital bed in ICU. He said he was one of the ones yelling "hoax" and "no need for masks, etc." and now he and his wife are both in ICU and his wife is on a ventilator. He pleaded with the audience to not be stupid like he was and tried to get across how very bad this virus is. True, some healthy people get it and it is only slightly worse than a bad flu for them but it varies by person.

RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - WanderingRose - 05-22-2020

Wearing masks, social distancing and good hand hygiene seem to be the most effective ways of keeping yourself safe and from infecting others, while close personal contact and in crowded indoor spaces the best ways to get it.

I don’t want my loved ones or myself to get this, but we’re going to be living with this virus for a long time and need to just dig in and do what we can.

RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - Weight - 05-22-2020

sorry. i did not read through this whole thread. The cloth or paper masks folks are wearing do not protect the wearer. The mask, along with the 6 foot rule, is to reduce the spread of spit from the person wearing the mask to the other people buying groceries. It is our community responsibility to help our neighbors. Those arguing against a simple mask are not good neighbors.

I have a can of spray that I use on the outside of all packages before opening them. Sometimes then the contents. Plenty of EverClear hand sanitizer.

RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - bullfrog - 05-22-2020

Seems as though there are large numbers of people in the remote areas now. I have a hard time taking a walk on an established trail without having to put on a mask so most times I just wear it. It is a good one so breathing can be difficult. I saw someone yesterday wearing a face shield so I looked it up and found it is really cheap and easy to make one out of a 2 liter plastic bottle with stuff I already have. Again it seems most effective if everyone is wearing them just like masks. It is much more durable, easy to clean, breath while wearing and I don't touch my face as much while wearing it. Before long someone will come up with something comfortable and practicable that will protect people from the environment. Just look at the sports industries, recreational and even tournament fishing for stylish face and eye protection. Maybe Darth Vader had it right!

RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - B and C - 05-22-2020

A motorcycle helmet with a face shield would be good then. I just wear the paper mask. Don't really care if I get it but don't want to give it to others.

RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - bullfrog - 05-22-2020

I was just looking for something that would hold up while exerting myself without a having to touch it so often, it looks like the tournament fishing gear might work well with a face shield. Wonder how good a 7UP bottle would do as sun glasses! LOL!!!

RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - GypsyJan - 05-22-2020

I wear a mask instead of makeup...rather like wearing a hat on a bad hair day! Plus it keeps me from touching my face.

RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - Dingfelder - 05-22-2020

I wear one whenever I pick up my cell phone. You never know who's calling.

RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - nature lover - 05-23-2020

But do you keep that cell phone at least six feet away?

RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - 1shemp - 05-24-2020

If you don't like wearing a mask,you are really going to hate the ventilator.