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RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening?m - flying kurbmaster - 06-08-2020

In some parts of the world wearing a mask on public transport or in areas where a lot of people gather is considered personal hygiene, like slapping on sunscreen. Even if you are not worried about corona virus there are plenty of other viruses you can catch, get sick or even die from so not a bad habit to get into, especially on public transport, in large stores/ malls, in groups, on busy city streets, maybe at church. They make very fashionable masks these days, it could be a fashion statement if you are worried about looking silly.

RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - crofter - 06-08-2020

(06-08-2020, 08:57 AM)slow2day Wrote:  "Crifter" has hijacked an account!
Combination of fat fingers and can't find glasses for spell checking. I get quite a few laughs after I find my glasses. Not sure who that crifter person is who has so many spelling errors though.

RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - maki2 - 06-08-2020

At the present time I do appreciate it when I go into a store when people are wearing a mask. I put on one for their sake and my own sake. I actually do have an couple of N95 mask I reserve for times when I might have to go into a really crowded location or to the doctor's office. I already have had them on hand in my pile of filters I use when woodworking. But for the grocery store or hardware store trips that would be more than is needed as I don't go into the store if it is really busy. After all these weeks of stay-at-home people in Seattle for the most part are now in the habit of keeping a decent social distance and being careful to do so when going into stores.

Except of course for the protest going on where things are often jam packed with lots of shouting out of chants and such.

RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - crofter - 06-09-2020

Going to Algodones? San Luis Rio Colorado is in the top four towns of Sonora.

Description: link to news article.

RE: Wearing a mask now we are opening? - Qxxx - 06-14-2020

On the news tonight, they showed protests going on in both Japan and New Zealand. In the Japan video, every single person of the many hundreds shown were wearing masks. In NZ, no one was. 

Of note, Japan has reduced new covid cases to 50/day (down from 800 peak), while in NZ, they have reduced the number of new cases daily to zero. It is possible if done right. In the US, we're still at 25,000 new cases/day.