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New to forum - HiwayRebel - 05-23-2020

Hi there folks. I am new to forum posting so hope I get this right.
I have a 23ft class C pulling a cargo trailer as a garage for tools and bikes. I installed 800w of solar and the necessary equipment to boondock.
I started this adventure 11 months ago after I retired and have traveled from Colorado to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and am currently in New Mexico. 
I enjoy helping others whenever possible.

RE: New to forum - Sofisintown - 05-23-2020

Welcome to the forum and happy travels!

RE: New to forum - Rhianntp - 05-23-2020

Welcome  Thumbs Up  This is exactly what I am looking to get into. Have my cargo trailer bought and currently have a 1991 ford Class C I bought for only $1000 to practice on and perhaps use for short trips/place to stay after I sell my home while looking for something permanent. How old is your Class C? Can you share some details about your process?  Thanks a bunch. Shy

New to forum - rvwandering - 05-23-2020

Welcome to the CRVL forums HiWayRebel! Sounds like you've been having fun!

To help you learn the ins and outs of these forums, this "Tips, Tricks and Rules" post lists some helpful information to get you started.

Most of our rules boil down to two simple over-riding principles: 1) What you post should provide good information (like your introductory post), and 2) Any response to someone else's post should make them feel glad they are part of this forum community.

We look forward to hearing more from you.

RE: New to forum - HiwayRebel - 05-23-2020

1989 gmc jamboree

RE: New to forum - Rhianntp - 05-23-2020

(05-23-2020, 07:11 PM)HiwayRebel Wrote:  1989 gmc jamboree
Wow, nice ! Would you be willing to share pictures and discuss what you had to do to it to make it long haul road trip worth please?

RE: New to forum - eDJ_ - 05-24-2020

Welcome to the CRVL Forums    Smile

I've been giving lots of thought to the trailer I'll build to go behind my 91 Ford E 350 extended high top.   My aim is to be able to stay in a given place a little longer than a night or two and unhitch the Van go travel in the general area staying in Van for a night or two away from the trailer. (the trailer would be in a secure State Park etc)  Or just day trip from the camp site.

In the top link below, Van Conversion, I've linked to a page with photos & sketches of my concept.

RE: New to forum - Rhianntp - 05-24-2020

HiWayRebel, how many miles were on your rig when you bought it?

RE: New to forum - HiwayRebel - 05-24-2020

Hi Rhianntp, I had a little under 51,000 miles on my rv when I got it. I was in the middle of converting an old 1974 ford econoline cargo van when this rig fell into my lap. I couldn't pass it up so I sold the old van and started in on this rig.

RE: New to forum - TnTravel - 05-24-2020

HiWayRebel welcome to the forums. Look forward to hearing about your travels.