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RE: Where to start after buying Van: - MotorVation - 05-27-2020

Sluggish going up hills.

It very well may be that the transmission kick down linkage or the TPS needs to be adjusted. No biggie..

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - MotorVation - 05-27-2020

I forgot about abbreviations. TPS stands for throttle position sensor. Some are adjustable and some are not. It's not difficult for a mechanic to adjust one. If it's bad, it's not major surgery to replace.
 I had a Toyota 4runner with an out of adjustment TPS. The automatic transmission wouldn't kick down to a lower gear when hitting an incline. The cold start circuit wouldn't work either until I adjusted it. Some vehicles have a mechanical kick down adjustment also. It's easy for a mechanic to adjust.

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - maki2 - 05-28-2020

dirty air filter and fuel filter can certain slow you down if you are trying to get up a hill. Sometimes it is that simple.

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - michaelf2780 - 05-28-2020

Planning on how to work the interior even though I do not have any info from the mechanic (earliest will be late afternoon).

Plans so far:
* Going to look online for seat covers and have them shipped and a steering wheel cover.
* Pull the 3rd row seat out and the 2 seats in the middle. I am keeping them and will just store them for now.
* Pull up the carpet, which is in great shape for being so old.
* I find the wood paneling a little ugly, but I do not want to remove it. I will attempt to re-stain it to a darker mahogany type. More personal preference and I like weird things so I bet most people will hate it. lol.
* The carpet on the doors is really faded and worn. Not sure how but I want to replace it with something similar but not as worn/faded.
* Plastic is also faded and blotchy around door. No clue if it can be painted also and will look into it.
* Going to add a dash cam, front and back, and would like to find a way to add navigation (for safety). One idea is to remove the cassette and AC/Heat levers and put some type of tablet in its place. I just need to cut a little of the wood paneling and find a way to connect the the AC, heat to the tablet. I bet I can figure something out and if not I can use a 3d printer to come up with something.

There are also a few very small rust spots (no longer than a few inches in 3 spot and under the van looked great) that I need to remove and the paint touched up. Maybe look online for paint jobs for these types of vans to see if anything pops out and I can use it as a platform to come up with my own looks.

I took pictures and uploaded them to my computer then to a hosting site, so not sure why pictures are not loading. I will try a few different things but not the best when it comes to this type of thing.

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - B and C - 05-28-2020

This is what I used for my backup camera:

It has two video inputs.

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - highdesertranger - 05-28-2020

putting a new engine into a '93 van will not get you a 25% increase in mpg. your mpg sounds about right where it is for a '93.

BTW I deleted the post with a bunch of links with no descriptions. you may repost with a description for each link.


RE: Where to start after buying Van: - michaelf2780 - 05-28-2020

Ok sorry about the post with the links.  I will post them again and this time add descriptions.  If still not done right I will have to figure out the other method.

This is the picture of the Van from the 93 Ford E150 Picture side.  I find it looks great though a few small rust spots.
This is the picture of the Van from the rear:  Rear of 93 Ford E150 Picture .
This is the picture of the Van from the inside:  Inside of 93 Ford E150

I will be working on removing the rust (not sure how yet but I will begin looking up how) and getting the inside fixed before I begin installation and putting living space into it.  I will take a video of a detail Before look and periodic looks of the Van at each stage.  I am going to do something a little different than the ones I normally see.

If I did the pictures wrong again I am sorry.  I loaded them up on a host site and it gave me a link of something like to view the pictures and I used the Insert a Link feature.

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - nature lover - 05-28-2020

My conversion van is newer than yours but yours looks great for that age - mine is another story.

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - DannyB1954 - 05-29-2020

Consider if the van will do what you want after sinking money into it. !/2 ton vans do not usually give you a lot of cargo capacity. The newer 150 Fords are now rated higher in capacity I believe, but maybe not the 93's.
By the time you add furniture like a bed and cabinets, batteries, water, personal effects like clothes and camping gear, you may be maxed out on your weight limit. You can add helper springs and such, but the brakes are designed to stop a half ton. Going downhill in a panic stop may not work well.
I would say if it needs engine work, the tranny may not be far behind. For what it will cost to make reliable, you may be able to buy a reliable 3/4 ton. This would use more fuel perhaps, but it would be safer.

Not that I want to rain on your parade, but I have put lots of money into projects and still have them come up short myself. I have a van it had a 318. I decided I would like to stand up so bought a trailer. The 318 struggled to pull it so I got a 360 engine and rebuilt it. I figured I should rebuild the tranny so did that as well. it then over heated pulling the trailer, so a 3 core aluminum radiator went in. Guess what, It still pulled the trailer like crap. I still have it as it is great around town or if I just take the van. but all the money I spent, I could have gotten a much newer vehicle.

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - michaelf2780 - 05-29-2020

I already figured out the Van will not do what i want and I am looking into a Casita 17ft and truck to pull it. Both have its pros and con. I wont be able to buy the Truck or Casita for awhile though and I am using the Van as practice and the experience.

I will decide everything once the Mechanic contacts me (hopefully today). Reason I did not go with a newer Van was I like the older styles better. I originally had $20k budget for the Van but that has drastically dropped as it will not be my full time vehicle anymore. I still like the Van though and after I work on it I will keep it in a garage until I i quit full timing. I love back up plans and it is one of my backup plans now.

Even when I am full timing I may switch out the Casita with the Van depending on the weather. I have a place to store everything.

The reason why the Van will not work for me is like DannyB1954 said is the Weight Limit. It will just not work full time after I added up everything I need. When i stop full timing though it will be great for small trips and weekend getaways.

Overall it depends on what the mechanic says. I still plan on getting a Truck and Casita before I start my event tour end of May next year. Until then I will explore with the Van.