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RE: Where to start after buying Van: - Qxxx - 05-29-2020

Sounds like a reasonable change of plans. Use the older van for "local" roadtrips (as in "not" cross-country) as you work up the other setup. Put only the minimum necessary for camping in the van to save money. You may be interested in RVSue's page as she's gone a similar route as what you're planning.

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - michaelf2780 - 06-04-2020

Got the report from the Mechanic. Not as bad as I feared but a few things need to be fixed.

1: Radiator has a bad leak and needs replaced. With labor and parts: $520
2: Driver side door motor needs replaced. With labor and parts: $250
3: A seal in the back needs replaced. With labor and parts: $125
4: AC needs servicing (works just a service) plus 2 parts need replaced: $105
5: Oil Change and replace filter: $85
6: Tune-up recommended and quoted $300-500 but was mentioned in passing and not written up when I asked about a tune up.

Overall not bad for a 93. I told them I will decide on Monday what I want done. I am not sure if I want to just sell it or keep it. I like the van but I probably wont get a ton use out of it since I need to go a different route (Truck and RV or a Prius/Rav4 and Hotel). If its worth the $1500 I would likely sell it for that but if its worth less I would just fix it up myself and keep it for when I stop full timing. If its worth more I would still sell it for $1500 to someone who actually needs it (may even go less/free to someone who would do the Vanbuild locally so I can be around to see what is being done).

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - maki2 - 06-04-2020

Ultimately it is your money your choice of what to do with it. A person who is used to working on vehicles can do most of that list of projects in their driveway.

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - slow2day - 06-04-2020

Unfortunately, that would be just the beginning with an old van. There are plenty of other things that will go wrong and if paying shops, it could add up to a pile of money in short order.

Where are you located?  If you were close to me, I would consider buying it as a backup/potential parts van.

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - highdesertranger - 06-04-2020

a word of caution as to rust. Rust is like an iceberg, you only see 10% of it.

is that the rust on the rain gutter? if it is, that is about the worse place it can be. to fix that CORRECTLY the high top must be removed. it's a very bad spot for rust even if you don't have a high top.


RE: Where to start after buying Van: - michaelf2780 - 06-04-2020

The rust was very minor according to the mechanic. He said most he sees around that age are 10x worse.

Slow2Day I live near Springfield, MO. If interested let me know and if not I will just throw it on Facebook and the marketplace to see if I get any interest. I may even see if I can find someone who is willing to trade the Van for helping me work on the Prius or Rav4 if it will not sell.

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - michaelf2780 - 06-07-2020

Monday I am going to tell the Mechanic to do the work. I decided to keep it and after the mechanic finishes I will just store it until I can use it. A Truck/Camper when it is hot and the Van when it is not. I still love the van even though it wont work for me full time.

Once I get it back from the Mechanics I will begin doing the work on it. I am going to attempt to do the door motor myself. In 2-3 weeks (if house goes under contract) I should begin to tear out the interior and working on it. I was disappointed at first but now I am excited again after I came to my decision.

Just need to recap that I was not disappointed in the work that needs to be done. I expected it. I was disappointed that the AC/Solar/Generator will not be a good fit for the Van in Vegas/S Cal/ Florida heat.

RE: Where to start after buying Van: - slow2day - 06-07-2020

Sorry I didn't get back to you about the van. Anyway, MO would be too far for sure.

Good luck with it. Hope it turns out good for your needs.