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- Ken in Anaheim - 06-17-2013

Hello All, I came across this website and it's got a lot of useful info, including how to make a solar cooker for $5. It's made from Reflectix.....which most van dwellers are VERY familiar with.<br>ENJOY&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>KinA

- ontheroadagain - 06-17-2013

pretty cool. thanks

- Ziggy Moon - 06-17-2013

Nice! May have to try building one - definitely cheap enough for us poor thrifty folk.<br><br>Thanks for posting, Ken!

- jaxtonsgram - 07-16-2013

Question: is there a difference between the global solar oven and the american solar oven? The price is certainly more and the colors are different as well as the offered cookbooks. I checked out Bobs store and the gso was about 50 dollars cheaper plus free shipping. Also a few of the people thst gave feedback on the solar oven website said after a short while they get a chemical taste to their food. Has anyone experienced thst? Thanks. Nora

- marineprepper - 07-18-2013

Thanks. Im going to make this. Save me some propane.

- Wild_E - 07-18-2013

I like it as well, thank you for posting the link