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- Guest - 08-01-2013

I want to take my dehydrator with me on the road, but I'm not quite sure how to run it<br><br>As far as I can tell, I have a 1000 watt model.&nbsp; I could get a new one with lower wattage, if necessary, but I'd really rather not<br><br>I just don't want to kill the battery while using the dehydrator, &amp; I'm still completely new at all this stuff.<br>can anyone give me any advice/information that might help me understand what I'm doing?

- mockturtle - 08-01-2013

Do you already have an inverter?

- Guest - 08-01-2013

I don't know.&nbsp; I have 2 batteries, &amp; regular plug-ins in the back of the van (that run off the regular batteries)<br><br>We still haven't gotten all the bells &amp; whistles figured out in our van

- VanLifeCrisis - 08-02-2013

Whew, 1000 long does it run?&nbsp; I know some people use a microwave, but they only run for a very short time period.

- Ziggy Moon - 08-02-2013

Have you considered, or ever tried a non-electric dehydrator?<br><br><img rel="lightbox" src="" class="bbc_img"><br><br><a rel="nofollow" href=";qid=1375447069&amp;sr=8-1&amp;keywords=non+electric+food+dehydrator" target="_blank">;qid=1375447069&amp;sr=8-1&amp;keywords=non+electric+food+dehydrator</a>

- Guest - 08-02-2013

It runs for hours (although 1000 is the highest, if I use a lower temperature, it runs lower wattage)<br><br><br>I've thought about a solar dehydrator, but I don't think the weather would be warm enough long enough to keep the food from spoiling.

- TxGypsy - 08-02-2013

A fan will draw a lot less power than your dehydrator.&nbsp; You might try experimenting with using a fan for dehydrating.&nbsp; I didn't bring my dehydrator and I am really missing it.

- VanFan - 08-02-2013

I would love to know what you dry and how you enjoy it later.&nbsp; Right now, I'm drying blueberries with an electric unit outside, 'cause it's noisy.<br><br>Vickie

- TxGypsy - 08-02-2013

I like to make my own ingredients for dry soup mixes.&nbsp; I soak nuts before eating them and use a low temperature dehydrator setting to get them dry again.&nbsp; I make an amazing raw high protein energy bar that is my favorite thing out of the dehydrator. <br><br>First I soak almonds overnight and then re-dehydrate them.&nbsp; Soak sunflower seeds for a couple of hours and re-dehydrate them.&nbsp; Make goo out of dates in the food processor and add almonds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds(very high protein), a bit of honey if needed to make everything stick together, sea salt to taste.&nbsp; Some times I use figs if I have them available.&nbsp; You can add lots of stuff to this....flax seed meal, any type of dehydrated fruit, etc.&nbsp; I always make a batch before starting on a long motorcycle trip.

- Guest - 08-02-2013

So far I've made mostly jerky &amp; fruit leathers.&nbsp; Although I've been slowly dehydrating all the fruit I have in the freezer since my husband &amp; I have decided that we're going to move into the van at the end of the month.<br><br>I'm starting to think that I might have to leave my dehydrator behind, unless I can get some solar panels hooked up to keep it running&nbsp; :(