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Thrift Shop Scores - owl - 11-23-2013

Coleman 68 qt cooler $89 new thrift shop $5 bucks Oh yeah, I had to wash it!

RE: Thrift Shop Scores - WheelEstate USA - 11-23-2013

Good score. That one will hold a bunch of beer.

RE: Thrift Shop Scores - Unchained - 11-24-2013

Stormproof packable shell jacket, $50-$75 new, $5 at the thrift store. Had to sew up 2" of seam at the bottom.

RE: Thrift Shop Scores - owl - 11-24-2013

Yesterday, Coleman 68 qt. marine grade ice chest, $5.00 These are as much as $90 new.

RE: Thrift Shop Scores - mary.ray12 - 11-24-2013

Mobility Scooter, very nice shape and good batteries: 75.00

RE: Thrift Shop Scores - Kimbopolo - 11-24-2013

Nice! I was in Loveland, CO (confirming the tenet that thrift stores in upscale-communities are the best) in June and saw a great find. A Weber Smoky Joe grill in pristine shape for $10. In fact, they had 2. Some lucky soul got a serious SCORE(S).

RE: Thrift Shop Scores - Lifemagician - 11-24-2013

My favourite department stores. The speciality I look for is Tupperware. Not just any old plastic, but genuine Tupperware.

As an ex dealer (for more than a decade), I know both its price and value. I now mostly pick it up for pennies in the dollar. At home, as well as in my vans, all my food is kept in Tupperware.


RE: Thrift Shop Scores - WheelEstate USA - 11-24-2013

I used to prowl thrifts looking for high dollar glassware and marbles, most of which brought good money on eBay.
Don't have the room for it now tho.
We still find great deals on other things we need.

RE: Thrift Shop Scores - owl - 11-24-2013

soooo you've lost your marbles?

RE: Thrift Shop Scores - Patrick46 - 11-24-2013

(11-24-2013, 06:05 PM)mary.ray12 Wrote:  Mobility Scooter, very nice shape and good batteries: 75.00

WOW.....that's an amazing price for onna those!!