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Kate's not here... - twokniveskatie - 01-24-2014

Thought I'd throw in a little Cheech and Chong for ambiance :-)

been putting this off for awhile, but wanted to update you on where I am and where I am going. I have been hanging around for the last few weeks pretty much in name only. Today I pulled the plug officially, and i am no longer functioning as anything other than a member here at the forums....and that most likely for a short time only.

Health issues have taken more attention of late, and i have been re - thinking how I can best use my time to promote healing and growth both physically and spiritually. So far, it has been a real positive experience....I have some new plans and am returning to some old passions, including yoga, yoiking, living in a laavvu, getting way more off - grid and reducing my Internet presence. Throw in some very sharp swords and my beloved longbow, and you can kinda get the picture.

I want to concentrate on my craft more, and soon will be working with animal rescue in a big way, including transport in the rondyvan to new homes. Perfect way to be of service in a way that fits the mobile lifestyle.

I will likely resume blogging at some point.

I cannot tell you how much I will miss you all. I've cried a few tears in making this decision. I can't yet really imagine what it will be like....The forums were such an integral part of my everyday for 3 years. I loved what i did. I loved the people that i did it for. And i love the idea that some little part of me will remain here with you.

Thanks for the support, the patience, and the forgiveness when i made mistakes. Thank you for the laughs and the tears and the promise of hope when someone's path was dark. Thank you for your compassion and humanity to those around you. You are all, ultimately, what makes these forums work. ♥


RE: Kate's not here... - mockturtle - 01-24-2014

Katie, you will be in my prayers. I will miss you! But I'll look for your blog. God bless!

RE: Kate's not here... - papas34 - 01-24-2014

Katie, such a big move.
I wish you the best and will always be looking forward to hearing from you when the mood hits.
Health does need to be first!!!!


RE: Kate's not here... - ice_maiden - 01-24-2014

Katie, Everyone must follow their own path, but you will be missed. I will be checking your blog from time to time, to see that you are okay. I wish you much luck and love on your new journey.

RE: Kate's not here... - jeanontheroad - 01-24-2014

Best wishes on your new plans.

RE: Kate's not here... - tonyandkaren - 01-24-2014

Thank you Katie for all of the work you've done here on the forums. It wouldn't have been the same without you and it won't be the same without you now. You've helped it become a wonderful place to meet people and share - online and in person. Please stop in when you can and let us know how you are. Best wishes for your health and new endeavors.

RE: Kate's not here... - caseyc - 01-24-2014

Good luck to you Katie! What are we gonna do without our ace spam warrior?! Have fun and keep us updated. :-)

RE: Kate's not here... - WheelEstate USA - 01-24-2014

Best wishes Katie. Thanks for your hard work here.

RE: Kate's not here... - Donedirtcheap - 01-24-2014

Good luck to you. I will retain my image of a gal that is not to to be messed with or she'll cut me. Smile

RE: Kate's not here... - owl - 01-24-2014

I hope you find what you need, Michael