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RE: New South Dakota resident - Patrick46 - 07-31-2014

(04-03-2014, 06:40 PM)Van-Tramp Wrote:  I guess I will have to drop in on my new home state soon… I’ve never been there.

Hahaha...that's awesome!!!

RE: New South Dakota resident - HarmonicaBruce - 07-31-2014

Wow, now I know why I joined this forum!

RE: New South Dakota resident - slow2day - 10-03-2014

VT: How's about vehicle insurance? Have you switched to an agent and company in SD? I've been with State Farm for many years and get good discounts but I just found out they don't insure folks who full-time.

RE: New South Dakota resident - Van-Tramp - 10-03-2014

I use Gieco and have not told them about my transition to SD. I suspect the costs are roughly the same, but have nothing to confirm that as of yet.

I would not ever tell my insurance company that I "full time". Don't bring that up on your own, and if they ask then your residence is what ever appears on your license, not "full time in an RV".

Speaking of Gieco, I have had to deal with them recently with two accidents and they have been nothing but superb. Their service has been surprising to say the least. I didn't expect this from what many may consider a fast-food insurance company.

RE: New South Dakota resident - LeeRevell - 10-03-2014

I have GEICO insurance for my two vans. Haven't had to use them for an accident yet. I use Progressive for my bike as the Gecko wanted twice the premium as Flo. And she has dropped my premium by half since then.

RE: New South Dakota resident - slow2day - 10-03-2014

(10-03-2014, 01:16 PM)Van-Tramp Wrote:  I use Gieco and have not told them about my transition to SD.

If you don't update your address with them to YBA, how do you get your mail from them? I get my premiums deducted from my checking every month but State Farm also sends me new ID cards every 6 months through the mail. I've changed my address to YBA for my credit union and for Social Security but some of my mail (like State Farm) is still being forwarded from my old address. That forward is only good until the end of November.

RE: New South Dakota resident - Van-Tramp - 10-03-2014

My son and Ex still live here in CO and they too are on the same Gieco policy

RE: New South Dakota resident - slow2day - 10-03-2014

Oh,OK duh on my part. That's my trouble, I don't have anyone I can trust (or wants to do it) to forward my mail. I haven't done the tags yet or become a SD resident and I'm just thinking that a SF agent would pretty much suspect that I was a full-timer if I listed a YBA address.

RE: New South Dakota resident - akrvbob - 10-03-2014

Most of their computers will flag a different state address and send you a request for a new one. You really do have to have a mailing address in your state.

RE: New South Dakota resident - Optimistic Paranoid - 10-03-2014

I'm going to play devil's advocate here for a minute.

If you're ever in a catastrophic accident, the kind where they might end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars out, A lot of insurance companies will look for any excuse to avoid having to pay.

If they can demonstrate that you are full-timing, AND DIDN'T TELL THEM, that can give them grounds to cancel your policy and deny the claim, and leave you swinging in the wind.

There are hundreds of thousands of people full timing in this country. There are insurance companies that specialize in writing insurance policies that are HAPPY to write a full time policy.

The Escapees Club web site lists three different insurance companies that they recommend to their members, and I'm sure there are a lot more.

Get price quotes from a few of them before deciding how you want to handle this issue. You might be pleasantly surprised.

And if you decide that you just can't swing their premiums, you will at least have made a rational decision based on facts, instead of guessing about it.