Wanna Be on TV and Help Others With Their Prison Break?

I am well aware how controversial this is going to be but I have a major announcement: for the last several months I have been working with a Canadian TV Production Company about a Documentary series on nomadic life and we have reached the point where they are ready to start filming. However, it is still in the preliminary stages and this something like an audition tape. I know many (if not most) of you are opposed to this idea. In this post I want to address your concerns.

However, before I do that the Production Company wants me to put out a general invitation to all members of the tribe to come and be a part of the filming. If you would like to be part of the Documentary series on nomadic living, you need to email me stating that. I will then send all those names and email addresses to the Director and he will contact you. He wants to do a phone interview before the filming date with all the candidates. He would prefer a Skype interview but a straight phone call will work. This open invitation is for one specific date only (although there may be more dates in the future). It might or might not be the only time you are filmed—there are no guarantees.

Date: September 4, 2013

Location: Grand Canyon National Park. We will be dispersed camping just outside the Park Entrance near a little town called Tusayan, Arizona. Camping is free so you won’t have to pay anything other than the gas to get here. He would like to film you arriving and setting up camp on that day. Nobody will be filmed without their permission—they need a signed release before they broadcast your picture. So if you want to join us just to mock us, feel free, all are welcome!! I’m moving there next week so I will post a map to the location here on the blog.

If you want to get your “15 Minute of Fame,” and can get here in time, I’m looking forward to seeing you!! Just email me at [email protected] and tell me you are coming!

The Three Main Objections to Promoting Vandwelling

Alright, now let me address what I see as the three main objections to my promoting vandwelling which are:

  1. Stealth-SignThe more people who become vandwellers the more attention we will attract from the Government at all levels. We will be seen as a problem and they will pass new laws and regulations trying to force us back into the mainstream. We are seeing it already in examples like these:
    1. The new Forest Service regulations regarding “Residency Rules.”
    2. The many more cities passing “No RVs on the Streets” and “No Overnight Parking” laws.
  2. The general public will become aware of us and will react very negatively. Because it’s a natural human reaction to fight against anything they don’t understand, they will put pressure on the government to get us under control. Here are two ways they can react
    1. They will be horrified and afraid of what they don’t understand. “There’s a bunch of dirty bums running around in the woods living in vans and tearing everything up? They have to be stopped!”
    2. They will secretly be jealous and wish they could do it as well. Then they will be angry because they can’t: “I can’t just go camping all the time. If I have to go to a job I hate every day, so should they!”
  3. The TV Networks are all Greedy Assholes who will do anything and tell any lies to make a buck! They will turn me into a laughing-stock and portray vandwellers as dirty, mentally-ill bums.

Here are my Responses to Those Objections

1) I’m a microscopic blip in a very big world. I seriously doubt that I have enough influence to have brought all this unwanted attention on us. No, I totally believe the reason we are seeing all these problems is the economic crash that occurred in 2008 and is still going on today. It is much more likely the millions of newly homeless poor who were driven into the National Forests and onto the streets of so many cities are causing the unwanted attention. How could they not be?

I’d like to think I have influenced that many people, but I don’t believe it. There are many desperate people in this country and a few of them are turning to me for help in the how-tos of vandwelling; but only a tiny percentage are doing it because I inspired them to. The newly homeless are going to the National Forests and city streets with me or without me; I am just trying to make their lives better if they do. I think that is a good thing and worth continuing. The bottom line is that the problems with the National Forest and cities were caused by the economic crash, not my promoting the lifestyle.

2) I’m morally obligated to use all my abilities to fight the evil of Civilization. For the sake of argument let’s assume you’re right, I have this huge influence and I can impact the direction of the Federal government and cities all across the country (just saying that sounds preposterous). If that’s true, I believe with my whole heart I need to use my bully pulpit to promote freedom and fight what I consider to be the most evil, vile destructive thing that has ever existed on the planet—Civilization. To fail to do so because there will be a price to pay would be cowardice and deeply immoral. If being on a Docu-Series allows me to subtly share some of my radical ideas–then it is more than worth it to me.

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing. ~ Origin Unclear

My websites (and I hope to some degree the TV Series) give all of us a platform to be heard (even if it is a voice in the wilderness). If I am that influential, don’t I have an obligation to use that power for the good of the vandwelling community? Shouldn’t a voice that powerful be used to fight for our rights and our liberty? For me to shut-up and run away and hide because of a little resistance would seem terribly cowardly and self-centered to me. I would be saying. “I’ve got mine, and I couldn’t care less if the government squashes the rest of you like a bug.” No, I can’t and won’t do that!

3) I have a moral obligation to help everyone I possibly can. I don’t know if you have ever been broke, homeless and felt totally helpless and hopeless, but I have. The memories of those feelings will always motivate me to do all I can to help people going through that. I’ll never forget waking up in the van one fall morning in Anchorage, Alaska and seeing a car parked next to me. It’s windows were fogged up with condensation and frost but I could see inside enough to see there was a woman and two small children sleeping inside. It broke my heart! I knew at that moment that I had to spread the word that there was another way to live and here was a ray of hope in a very dark and hopeless world. A few years later I started cheaprvliving.com with that woman and those two kids in mind—and the rest, as they say, is history.

As I’m sure most of you know I am not a Christian and I don’t hide that fact. But I am deeply committed to living by a higher, spiritual, moral code. This is a good one I adopted as my own:

Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

“Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Matthew 25:31-46  (NIV)

I may not believe in heaven or hell, but I believe in doing all I can for the least of my brothers and sisters. Unless you can find a way to erase the memory of that woman and her children sleeping in her car on a cold fall Alaska morning from my mind, I will never stop carrying the message of vandwelling to everyone I possibly can in every way I possibly can.

3) I believe this reality show will finally present us to a positive light! I don’t know which reality shows you are watching, but I watch a lot of them and I have never seen one that turned its cast into buffoons. Almost without exception I believe it presents them in a fair and interesting light. Almost without exception I come away thinking very highly of the cast. I watch shows like:

  • Pawn Stars
  • Ice Road Truckers
  • Mountain Men
  • American Pickers
  • Wild West Alaska
  • Doomsday Castle

After a while, you start to like those people and almost feel like they are family. On the other hand, there are shows with buffoons, but the show didn’t turn them into buffoons, they already were buffoons. Shows like “Jersey Shore,” “Housewives of ….,” “The Kardashians,” anything with Paris Hilton, and so on. The show doesn’t turn them from geniuses to simpletons, they already were simpletons! The show simply presents them in a true light!

I have every expectation that the Documentary series will present us in a true and positive light and I think it would be foolish to not jump at the chance. Reality shows make money but they require interesting people. Nomads are interesting people so there are going to be reality shows about us whether we like it or not. If we all run away and hide, the media won’t have any choice but show more homeless, dirty, mentally-ill vandwellers. How is that going to make our lives better?

Aren’t we going to be better off if we let them see, clean, normal, healthy, happy people living a wonderful life? It’s much harder to hate and persecute people you know and understand and hopefully even like. I see it as a win-win for everybody!

So come and join me showing the general public just how great our lives are! Who knows, maybe you can pull someone out who s going down for the third time!

Vandwelling is an attitude, not a choice of vehicle. Everyone is welcome no matter what they live in!


I've been a full-time VanDweller for 12 years and I love it. I hope to never live in a house again!

112 comments on “Wanna Be on TV and Help Others With Their Prison Break?
  1. JohnNTx says:

    I think it does not matter how you make vandwelling appear. IMO it will only bring more attention to what is seen as a problem the average lawmaker wants to clamp down on. I will sit back and watch it happen.

  2. OpenSpaceMan says:


    I just watched a “Tiny House” documentary and the dude said back in the 1950’s the average house was 1,000 sq ft…with 6+ people living in it and now it’s 2,300 sq ft…with maybe 2 or 3 people in there. He said the growth was designed by the banks, mortgage and insurance cos., now everybody’s locked down in debt even with two incomes.

    Unfortunately in order for these [reality shows]to be successful and sell Chumley bobble heads and Duck Dynasty T-shirts they hire a writing staff and stage the whole thing.

    *Unfortunately “PERCEPTION is Reality”

    I hope you guys have a great time with the show and big brother has something more pressing to deal with.

    P.S. If the writing staff shows up with a circus bear be careful…they’re just doing there job.

    Goodluck my friend. You have my support.

    • Bob Bob says:

      openspaceman, hey, I’m thinking about ordering a Chumley bobble head!! You use that as an example against being on a reality show, but I think it is a perfect example of why I should be on one. Pawn shops have had a long-standing reputation as seedy, greedy dens of iniquity that are a rip-off and full of stolen goods. “Pawn Stars” showed it as just another family owned business run by some pretty nice guys. I don’t know if there are writers or not (I doubt it) but so-what if there are?

      There is no doubt in my mind that having a reality show set in a pawn shop has been very good for pawn shops everywhere. I honestly believe the same thing can happen for vandwelling so who cares if there are writers?

      • OpenSpaceman says:


        Misunderstanding…I’m just jealous that I’m not prepared to make it out there for all the fun. I’ll be the first one to buy a “Homer For President” t-shirt.

        _Being a rookie at this mobile living stuff…hope it’s a positive experience.

    • Dave says:

      My wife’s nephew is a producer for a few reality shows, and I asked him how much is scripted. He said they discuss the theme of the show, people come up with ideas where the show might go, but they really let things happen….shoot hours and hours and hours and edit it down to a one hour show. Takes 4-6 days to get a one hour show done. But there are no scripts.
      Dave recently posted…Port Orford, OregonMy Profile

      • Bob Bob says:

        I agree Dave, if there were scripts you would need actors. Nothing I’m going to be on is going to have scripts because I can not memorize them and if I could I would a terrible actor. That’s just a silly idea.

  3. Rob says:

    The cat is out of the bag now Bob, besides you have to do what you have to do.

    Vandwelling is something that’s out of sight & around the corner for the most part, it’s easy to be ignored. It’s about to be put in the spot light and pretending it’s not there will not be an option anymore…

    There was a piece in the Tacoma Washington paper about a homeless camp, the lady writing the piece was against them. The only part I remember was an early paragraph where she used the words “drug dealers”, “pedophiles” and “criminals” in describing people just looking for a place to set up a tent in the rain. Nothing else really matters once you have established what they could be….

    I guess we’ll see & I hope I’m wrong.
    Rob recently posted…Treasure Hunting DreamsMy Profile

    • Bob Bob says:

      Rob, I disagree:
      1) The government isn’t ignoring us, they are out after all full-time RVers big and small. This isn’t going to make it worse and it might create some sympathy toward us and make it better.
      2) This is only for the Canadian market so I doubt it has any affect on the U.S. government. And if they become aware of it, too late, they are already going after us.
      3) This isn’t a written story about me, this is me on film. Yes they can cut it to make me look bad like we are “drug dealers”, “pedophiles” and “criminals” but why would they?
      4) You are operating under the assumption there is zero integrity in the media. I think you are wrong.

      • Rob says:

        It’s not the guys making the show I’m concerned with it’s the people who suddenly “find” us (via the publicity)and do what they can to make vandwellers appear evil.
        That lady using the buzz words was out to get rid of the homeless, it was a different article that showed her they were there.
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  4. Linda Sand says:

    I believe in this project. I sure wish I could be there with my shiny new conversion van to show them that this can be a choice way of life for those who could afford otherwise. But, I am unable to drive that far that fast to get there in time even if my van was ready for departure, which it is not.

  5. Kim says:


    Sent you a PM.

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  6. Mike says:

    Nothing good comes from the media Bob. Never. If you are selling your soul in the name of helping others. That would be a very bad thing karma wise.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Mike, I am not picking on you because I expect to get dozens of comments just like yours. But I want to address this deep-rooted cynicism at the media (and virtually all institutions) that is so prevalent.

      Nearly everything good that has happened in the last 50 years has come from the media! If you want to fight a social injustice, corruption or social ill, the first thing you do is enlist the media. If you can get film of it on the evening news, good things will happen! here are just a few of the many examples:

      * Peaceful black Freedom-Riders being beaten in Birmingham, Alabama.
      * Martin Luther Kings incredible speeches.
      * Our troops being killed in Vietnam
      * Young American soldiers coming home in body bags from Vietnam.
      * Atrocities committed in Viet Nam.
      * University protests against the war all across the country.
      * Native American protests at Wounded Knee.
      * Video of all the pollution across the country in the 60s and 70s. I bet nearly all of us who are old enough remember the commercials with the Native American viewing the pollution with a tear in his eye!
      * The reporting on Watergate.

      No, nearly ALL the social advances made in the last 40 years have been as a result of the media. A free and healthy news media is absolutely essential to a free state. Without exception when a dictator takes power the first thing he does is take control of the media and collect the guns. That’s why they are the First and Second Amendment.

      If you are doing something wrong, the one thing in the world you don’t want is a reporter and a video camera. But if you are being abused and you need help, the one thing you do WANT is a reporter and a camera man.

      of course this is entertainment and not the news. But I am still confident that we will be given a fair-shake and presented reasonably and honestly.

      You are assuming that media people with integrity are the rare exception. I guess you really believe they are all evil. I don’t believe that and I am assuming the ones without it are the exception. Only time will tell who is right.

      Can you give me some examples of Reality TV shows that back up your point where good people are presented as monsters? I can’t think of any, so I am not very worried about it.

      • Mike says:

        Hi Bob
        My apologies. My post was not clear. I was not saying that the Media (individual companies/persons) are bad or evil. What I was saying is that the media by definition goes out to thousands or millions of people. That is where the problem arises. Many a persons life has become a mess because of them being spotlighted in front of thousands of people. People are inherently negative and some are just plain nuts. When one has chosen a life of freedom and has managed to attain that, then one keeps their head down and stays happy.

        • Bob Bob says:

          I see, now I understand. You raise a good point but I think the odds of me becoming any kind of real “Celebrity” are extremely unlikely. First, I don’t even know if the show is going to make it on the air or even if I will be on it. But assuming it does I seriously doubt it will ever garner much of audience. Most Cable reality shows have a very small audience. In a year my blog probably gets as many page hits as most of them have viewers. But even it it exceeds my wildest expectations, I seriously doubt if I get an real notoriety. The odds are tremendously against it.

          Even of it does happen, I’d be really surprised if more than a few times a year someone said to me “Hey, your the guy on that show!” I don’t think my life will change at all.

    • dick t says:

      Mornin bob, sorry,but i have to respectivly disagree with yur thoughts on this. I.e., the “bug out” shows listing preps, equiptment, guns, etc., what it did was give the gun grabbers, etc. Where to come get their “stuff” which is what will happen to us and our life style and squash it. The media will not put us in a good light, proven over the last several years, they are agents of the global order now. How do yu know that this film co. Is not a “front”? Just sayin. I cannot, in all conscience participate in something that has the tremendous probability of messing with what little freedom i have left. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for yu cuz, good luck

      • Bob Bob says:

        Dick, we will just have to agree to disagree. I just don’t have that cynical a view. I hate civilization and one my primary goals in everything I do is to hasten its destruction, but I don’t believe in a “Global Order.”

        However I certainly respect your right to hold your opinions and given your basic world view it seems like the very best choice you could make. I wish you all the best.

        • Anna says:

          So everything you do is to hasten the destruction of civilization? Just what the media will love to show the general public. That’ll win us lots of friends and support, don’t you think?

          • Bob Bob says:

            Anna, everything in life doesn’t have to be a direct frontal assault with all guns blazing. Does it? If I can entice even one person away from supporting civilization then I will have succeeded. if I can convince even a few to adopt a simpler life that will have a negative impact on the economy. Granted the affect will be infinitesimal, but anything that damages it is win as far as I am concerned. As a huge bonus the amount of environmental destruction they do will decrease dramatically.

          • stan watkins says:

            Might want to tone down the whole evil civilization thing or they just might start editing you to look like a loon. Luv ya Bob. You are in a tough spot. It is virtually illigal to be homeless in this country. I DO pray this helps. Good luck as well.

          • Bob Bob says:

            Stan, I don’t expect to get too much of my personal opinions in on the show (if it even happens) and when I do it will be those that promote vandwelling.

            You are right, if you don’t live in a house you will be persecuted. To solve that I just signed the documents and sent off the down payment on a piece of land. Hopefully that will keep me safe.

  7. Meg says:

    I don’t qualify; I don’t even own a car, let alone a van to live in. I do have a question though: Is this going to be a documentary or a reality series? To me they are not the same; a documentary is factual but a reality series can veer off into the realm of “dramatization” – something I would not like to see happen with this subject. I do think a reality show would have more chance of drawing viewers but I’d worry that the subject wouldn’t be “handled with care.”

    I’m also wondering what are the plans for this series? Is it intended for Canadian television, US television, a major network (more viewers), a cable channel (fewer viewers), etc.? Do the producers have a contract to make this for someone or is it being financed as an “indie” project with the broadcast being decided later? Okay, that’s several questions… Sorry about that. 🙂 I just thought it might help people decide whether to be a part of it. I understand that you want to get the message out about the benefits of this lifestyle; I’d just like to be sure the producers are on the same page.

    Anyway – best of luck with it and I look forward to your reports of the process.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Meg, I have to be careful what I say because I signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement. They don’t want other Production companies to know what they are working on and copy-cat it. What I can say is it is a major Canadian production company and if you Google them they have made some pretty good stuff you would have heard of before. It is being produced for a Canadian TV network, and that is all I can say.

      The cast of the show has not yet been decided and this is actually an audition and not for the actual show. They call it a “sizzle reel” which means they are shooting film of the all potential cast members and based on that the network execs choose who will be on the show. I still may very well not be on it. I don’t think I have a lot of “sizzle” so who knows if I will make the cut.

      Maybe they will see one of you guys and want you instead!!!

  8. randy(livinfree 1964) says:

    Bob.. I think this is a great opportunity to put “us” in a positive light….I feel that you live your life and decisions guided by your instincts and heart……GO FOR IT!!!!! I too wish I could be there in Sept but am unable to get out there until winter . I definitely support any/all decisions that you feel comfortable in making.
    Best Regards!

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks Randy, I appreciate your confidence! Only time will tell. I’m just making it up as I go along here and I am just as able to be self-deluded as the next guy. Who knows, maybe the truth is I just want my 15 minutes of fame and I am just kidding myself that I have high moral grounds. Nobody is more selfish and egotistical than I am!

      Again, time will tell.

  9. Desert Rat says:

    Bob, nothng but good will come from this. People will see that vandwellers are regular people, just like thay themselves are, but simply with a different lifestyle. Those who are desperate may find hope upon becoming aware there are other choices. The more light shed on something like this, the more comfortable people will become when they see vandwellers. Education is good, and this will help educate people.

    Go for it. Wish I could be there, even though I live in a trailer, not a van. You’re going to have a blast and it will work out great. Ignore the naysayers.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Desert Rat, thanks for the vote of confidence. I think I am going to need all of that I can get on this one!

      You and I look at it in exactly the same way. Shining the light of truth is almost always a good thing. And even if sometimes it isn’t, I think you are better served by living like the truth is always good. The path I follow demands transparency. I try to stick as close to it as I can.

      Vandwelling is an attitude, not a choice of vehicle. Everyone is welcome no matter what they live in!

      • LaVonne says:

        I don’t think it will be all good or all bad. There will be some of both, as in most things. You’ve weighed the pros and cons and decided it’s worth dealing with some bad in order to get the good. If it was a U.S. company, I’d be more skeptical, but Canadian broadcasters and filmmakers have a lot more integrity, imho.

        Wish I could be there, not to audition but to watch the goings-on — sounds exciting!
        LaVonne recently posted…So I had this idea…My Profile

        • Bob Bob says:

          I totally agree, sometimes life is a crapshoot, you think it through, do your best, and make a decision. Then you just have to let the chips fall where they may. It will be what it will be!

  10. CAE says:

    People want their “stuff” and it will be very clear that you can’t have much “stuff” in a van. And that will be that. The mentality of the minimalist is still a very tiny sector of the western world.
    Shine on, you crazy diamond.

    • Bob Bob says:

      CAE I agree totally. While I would love to have another million vandwellers–aint gonna happen!! Society breeds and brainwashed us all to be fearful, obedient and consumer. Very few can break out that training. I couldn’t! I had to be forced out of it.

      But, I don’t see how presenting us in a positive light can do anything but be helpful.

  11. Calvin R says:

    Bob, if anyone can present vandwelling well, that is you. All the same, I share Meg’s concern about the difference between documentary and “reality” TV. I have a friend whose Florida connection appeared on “American Pickers.” He says that was very scripted to make it more interesting, which could create conflict where none exists. I tend to agree that most of the people who look wrong on reality TV are already wrong before the TV show, but editing counts. “Cops” comes right to mind. They show police officers appearing brutal, unintelligent and thoughtless, and that is totally unscripted. However, very likely much of the video they shoot never appears on TV. I’m sure that most officers’ behavior is more decent most of the time. Ordinary behavior is boring and will never be included on TV episodes.

    Regardless of how this particular show depicts vandwelling, I share others’ concern of coming to the attention of those who always seek a new target. So far as society at large is concerned, we all fit into a stereotype called “homeless,” and that makes us easy targets regardless of our reality. We shall see.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Calvin, I’m sure you are right about the coaching. There won’t be a script because I can’t memorize one and I am not an actor, it will be obvious I am reading from a script. But I know they do coach and set up scenes. It’s entertainment!! If it isn’t interesting, it goes off the air!

      But I am in a fairly unique situation because I’m able to make my life entertaining and interesting. I can go to the National Parks, I’m young enough to hike in them; I’m willing to do some interesting things there (helicopter flights, rafting, burro rides etc) In other words it will be a nature show/reality show.

      Here is the important thing as I see it: Yes, it is coached to be dramatic and entertaining but people are still presented in a good light and not mocked or devalued. American Pickers is a great example! Those guys come across an nice, likeable guys you’d be glad to have as a friend and neighbor. They are presented honestly, and in probably a better light than they deserve.

      If that happens for us, I think we will all be better off.

  12. Marshall says:

    Once again, an excellent idea and post.

    They can never outlaw vandwelling so there is no worries there.

    The police just do not have the resources to ride around checking vehicles at night for sleepers. We have been told that by many cops in lots of jurisdictions.

    Everybody pretty much knows about vandwelling already, but they want the American Dream and just hope they don’t have to become vandwellers themselves.

    Most people understand vandwelling and some even harbor a secret indwelling to join therefore most are sympathetic to vandwellers.

    So you have most of America who know about and could careless about a vandweller, so where do the problems come in at?

    I’ll tell ya what we have seen.

    The ones who sleep in their vans next to a spare tire with beer cans laying around and leftover beer-can chicken stinking and drawing flies parked next to a tent happy family with young kids out for weekend fun…

    The guy who gets out of his rust bucket van and pours his pee bucket out for all to see…

    The husband and wife up yelling and bitching half the night in between joints and sex and then getting out of their van at noon walking the lot for change…

    We have seen it all and then some in almost four years on the road and its people like I just mentioned who people remember.

    My dad taught me early in life someone is ALWAYS watching you and its not just the Lord, so be careful what you do in public!

    People very rarely remember a good vandweller. Why? Because they do not threaten their way of life or security. Its the ones who do threaten the sticks and bricks crowd by their lack of personal care that give housedwellers the heebeegeebees.

    Personal care and personal responsibility are the cornerstone of a good free life. Hey, free of germs, debt and enemies! What’s to hate about that? That is not only a good life, but its the basis of the spiritual life taught by Jesus and ALL the other prophets. In other words it is the life of GOD!

    Unfortunately a lot of vandwellers could care less and that’s why people get pissed off at people in vans in general. You can’t hide your stupidity when you live out in the open. Someone is ALWAYS watching.

    Regardless of all that our legion is growing and many need to be taught on both sides of the aisle and I really think that can be accomplished in what Bob is getting ready to do with a series.

    I say GO BOB!

    • Bob Bob says:

      I agree totally marshall. Everyone knows about the bad apples among us but most people have never seen the positive side of vandwelling. There are some who don’t even know it exists.

      I am totally convinced that you fear less what you understand and so getting the word out about the positive aspects of vandwelling can only do us good.

      And you are so right, we aren’t really stealthy or hiding. Every LEO knows and can spot a vandweller. But if he sees us on TV as decent normal people maybe he will hesitate before treating us like homeless bums.

  13. Joy says:

    You have offered so much great information through the years, and a helping hand, mentally, spiritually, and real time. Hard to know where that fine line is when one should say….Enough.

    Once you have promoted the lifestyle publicly enough to be recognized as a celebrity, your life as you now know it will be over. News crews and reporters have just as much right to come to the public lands as we do. Our lifestyle could be made into a circus.

    This is what I fear. Maybe not with this film…maybe not with the next few films…..

    Just my 2 cents….

    P.S. My Sister, who does love me very much said this when I bought my mobile home. ‘Great! Now you are just ‘visiting’ your kids and not homeless anymore!
    Joy recently posted…NEW DIGS……My Profile

    • Bob Bob says:

      Joy, I honestly don’t think that is going to happen. I know two vandwellers who made the public spotlight (Glenn of “To Simplify: and Ken Llugunas who wrote Walden on Wheels). The publicity came and went and nobody remembers them now. They are both able to live just like they did before.

      It really is just 15 minutes for most people. Making the public stage is just a flash in the pan for 99% of us.

      • Mary says:

        Good point. Fame is especially fleeting if you are one of those boring decent people who don’t do any of the scandalous things. The public has an insatiable appetite for people who do dangerous and stupid things but no interest in the responsible and decent.

        I do hope Ken gets some success in his writing endeavors.
        Mary recently posted…Chugging Along and Vet Merry Go RoundMy Profile

  14. Diane says:

    Bob – my two cents on this topic. You followed the advice and lifestyle of others in your younger years and were miserable. When you found, and listened to your own voice, and let it become loud enough to drown out the social chatter…you found happiness. So…like anything…listen to your heart, if you beleive in this…go for it. You have a good heart and a gentle spirit. you have and will continue to show women that not all men on the road are the big bad wolf. I beleive in you brother 🙂

    • Bob Bob says:

      That is very wise advice Diane, thank you!!

      Actually all men do have that big bad wolf in them, mine is just as big and bad as anyones!! But the old Indian proverb that says your life is determined by which wolf you feed is 100% right. Hopefully my big-bad wolf is too emaciated to do any real harm. But he is still alive and kicking and tries to take over sometimes. Fortunately, he generally loses.

      Thanks again!

  15. ILDan says:

    I’d like to echo Diane. Assuming no “editing assassination”, your heart and soul will shine through. I find your approach to explaining the lifestyle both comforting and empowering; and your larger Weltanschauung entertaining. Trust your voice. I also believe in you! Have fun with it.

    • Bob Bob says:

      ILDan, I have to admit my larger Weltanschauung is very, very impressive. However, I don’t know if I should feel flattered or insulted!

      What in the world is Weltanschauung!!??

      • ILDan says:

        LOL. A common joke in Philosophy 100 is, “My Weltanschauung is bigger than your Weltanschauung.”

        As Linda succinctly posted, “Vel-tan-shoung” is your overall worldview, or philosophy on life.

        Adopt the phrase into your daily vocab, because you, my friend, have a wonderfully unique perspective which has attracted attention.

        • Bob Bob says:

          You learn something new every day! I see it Weltanschauung is closely tied to linguistics. So let me give you a taste of my worldview of lingustics.

          Our hunter-gatherer ancestors were primarily people of direct experience. They had language, but it was the servant and not the master. That is why we have the stereotype of the very non-verbal Native American. As we moved into domestication, cities and finally civilization, language became the master, and direct experience the servant. In other words we no longer directly experienced the world around us, we used language and conceptualization to interpret it for us.

          It’s easy to hate someone or destroy something when that thing or person is only a concept, an image in your head. Why do so many relationships fail when they stop living together and get married? They stop being a person and become a concept, “husband” wife.”

          This is a central concept of Buddhism, and one we should all learn

  16. Bob you’ve done a marvelous job selling me on the idea of having the show. You can sell the chrome off a trailer hitch and hope you remain the way you are when the money comes pouring in!! If you’ve never had much money I expect you to change, however if you’ve had money and have freedom from want then you’ll remain!! Good Luck.
    Martin Hamilton recently posted…Choosing Foods To Help You Lose WeightMy Profile

  17. Karen says:

    I think this is great! Everyone is worrying way too much. This lifestyle is not what most people have in mind when living in a vehicle is mentioned and now you have a good chance to show them what it’s really like.

    It might be too boring for the film crew but would you please emphasize the importance of respecting the land and following the rules on forest and BLM lands. I want to believe that the damage that we sometimes see is caused by simple ignorance and a little knowledge could solve some of the problems. Perhaps I’m being naive but if the show results in more people moving onto public land a least they’ll know what is acceptable.
    Karen recently posted…Denver Museum of Nature & ScienceMy Profile

    • LaVonne says:

      I was thinking the same thing – this is a great opportunity to educate people on how to live on the land respectfully.
      LaVonne recently posted…So I had this idea…My Profile

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks Karen I appreciate your support! Very good point about cleaning up after ourselves and following the rules. One thing I often do when I arrive at a new camp site is go around and pick up all the trash so hopefully that would be filmed. then after an RTR I always go around and check all the sites for trash–hopefully that will be filmed to. So those are some ways we will be presented in a good light.

      My biggest concern is the risk to myself I’m taking by showing how I “LIVE” on public land. To offset that I am closing on a piece of land right now and I am going to insist that we shoot some film with me on it establishing as a fact that I have a home! If it gets that far I might want to even build a little cabin or buy and have delivered a prefab “shed.” Then I will be very careful to follow all the 14 days rules while they are around.

      Thanks for the good suggestions! I hadn’t even thought about getting that filmed and that is great idea.

  18. Sameer says:

    WOW! I think this is a fantastic idea. I am proud of the way I live. I paid my dues and I think I have found a creative and interesting way of life. Many thanks to you, Bob. I am so far North that I couldn’t possibly make it in time. However, when the opportunity arises again? I am in! Please forgive me for saying this. I don’t perceive myself as an ‘outlaw’ or someone who is on the outside of society. I think this is an innovative and creative way to live. I could care less what ‘main stream’ Society thinks! One hundred years ago this would not have been an unusual lifestyle. I think about the likes of John Muir and others who spent their time enjoying Nature. I wish you great success!
    Sameer recently posted…Wanna Be on TV and Help Others With Their Prison Break?My Profile

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks Sameer! I love your enthusiasm!! I absolutely agree, I am proud of the way I live and I think if presented in a respectful, reasonable way many “normal” people will see the appeal in it too.

      My goal is that everyone who watches the show will say to themselves afterwards, “Wow, that isn’t for me, but boy it looks like fun!”

      Thanks again!

  19. WriterMs says:

    I had to look up “Doomsday Castle” as I don’t get National Geo Channel (which I’ve learned is majority-owned now by Rupert Murdoch/Fox News). About two years ago, doing research for my novel about surviving in the woods after a catastroph, I tried to watch as many “prepper” and “survivor” shows as possible. Some, like the grandaddy “Doomsday Preppers,” made false parameters for each prepper’s segment. They made them pick one and only one scenario that they were prepping for — which made some look more crazy. But, if someone wanted to see a huge variety of ways to prepare for life’s emergencies, then the show was actually quite helpful.

    The reviews I read of “Doomsday Castle” mostly share the opinion that the producers are focused on the rivalry and jealousies among the main prepper’s two families — highlighting people conflicts. Thus the “sizzle” you mentioned that your production company’s execs will look for.

    So it is a two-edged sword: getting out helpful information despite the need for entertainment value (the definition of which, in my humble opinion falls lower on the uplifting scale every year). I sincerely hope all your most optimistic hopes come true.

    Just a couple more comments on some comments. Marshall wrote that they “can’t outlaw” vandwelling. I guess in cities, they can make it harder for people to do with fines and such if one is caught. But for boondockers, “they” can simply make new rules, close areas, etc., to effectively outlaw much of the vandwelling that goes on now.

    Bob — you wonderful mentor and generous person — you wrote you’d like to see a million more vandwellers. But, Bob, wouldn’t numbers anywhere near that mean that ranger stations would need more wells to supply more water and more pickups for more trash and more maintenance for more dirt and gravel roads and…

    You know what you’d have then? You’d have Civilization coming to the desert and forests! Just had to poke you on that one. LOL

  20. Anna says:


    I taught my children that if you don’t want to be fired upon, don’t stand up, wave your arms in the air, and shout, “Here I Am!”

    I wish you well and I pray you are right. But you say they are interviewing for the cast. They want sizzle. They should have been at RTR, around the campfire. There was some sizzle for you. Who will they choose?

    The chances of a positive outcome seem slim; the chances of a negative one seem high. I hope I’m dead wrong. An earlier post states people understand. Really? Read the forum posts. How many people are shocked at their friends’ and families’ very negative responses to their hopes of a mobile lifestyle! How many communities have passed ordinances against vehicle living? How many singles (you included) say how difficult it is to find a partner who understands this way of living, who doesn’t run away azoe on as they hear “I live in my van/RV/car”?

    If millions join us, where will we all go? Lol! Back to the cities, which will be deserted? You can get a great deal on real estate in certain neighborhoods of Detroit these days.

    I respect your desire to help. And contracts have been signed. It’s a done deal. I wish you well in all of your endeavors.

    As for the lady and two children sleeping in the car, my first thought is they were hiding/escaping from an abusive situation.

    • Desert Rat says:

      People may not understand now, but they will after watching the show. Persevere, Bob!

    • Bob Bob says:

      linda, I have no idea what the future holds or even if there will be a series or if I will be on it. But if by some miracle it should all happen I don’t understand why you wouldn’t come to the RTR if they were there. You understand that they will never broadcast your picture without a signed release. If they never used your picture wouldn’t you at least find it interesting to watch the process?

      • Bob Bob says:

        I see. It just seems like a shame to miss out on spending time with your friends because something totally unrelated is going on nearby. But You have to do what makes you comfortable.

        I have no idea if they will be there are not.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Anna, we will just have to wait and see.

  21. Mary says:

    I hope your optimism is borne out. My exposure to reality TV makes me avoid it as much a possible since I don’t like all the backstabbing and infighting they love to show. If they don’t actually script the shows, they clearly script the set ups and pick participants who will likely display the worst of human nature and are fame whores. And that’s before the editing. So yes, the show makers do set it up for the toxic swamp they often are and they do it deliberately. I’ve not seen the shows you have listed so I have no comment on them. Maybe Canadian TV is not so nasty, I don’t know. Just be careful and watch your back. TV people do lie right to your face and all they have to adhere to is what is actually written into the contract.

    While you are correct that publicity is how everything good finally held sway, every item on your list occurred more than 30 years ago when there were limits to media consolidation and fair airing rules were enforced. Media back then was far more democratic than it is now (with the exception of the Internet) and journalists tried to be unbiased. Now, blatant propaganda is aired all the time with no real balance or attempt to discern the truth. More recent journalism has covered up some pretty awful stuff and started wars. Caveat emptor.

    And since you are doing this, I hope you emphasize that most van dwellers are clean both in their person and in the their camps and the ways you can go about doing that. Most are not drunks or lazy shirkers living off the public dole. Many will pick up the trash left behind by house dwellers there having a drunken bash on the weekend thereby contributing to the public good. That most never break the law and have a lower environmental impact than most house dwellers. Most are really nice and responsible people who you would want as your next door neighbor. Express concern over those few bad apples that make a mess or dump dangerous waste and note that those kind of people also sometimes make a lot of money and live in houses.

    Even if it isn’t a hatchet job and you do have the opportunity to showcase the lifestyle, most people will recoil at the thought of elimination in a bucket of peat or cat litter and just assume it is a filthy practice. Not that they’ve ever tried it, they just have closed minds and like the out of sight, out of mind of our sewage system. Living in a van in harsh winters is a daunting prospect whereas it is pretty easy when temps are above freezing. The ewww gross attitude at most everything that isn’t standard in today’s world is widespread and those people just stop listening at the first thing that isn’t what they want or know.

    That said, your site and writings are a golden resource in how to live responsibly, lightly, and cheaply for those that need to or want to. I have learned tons from it and it was instrumental in my thinking of other good ways to live than the standard American life. The lady and her children sleeping in the car immediately made me think of escaping abuse too.
    Mary recently posted…Chugging Along and Vet Merry Go RoundMy Profile

    • Bob Bob says:

      mary, we must watch very different reality shows because I don’t watch anything like what you describe. If they are so awful, why do you watch them. I think those kind of shows are on the broadcast channels and not cable. At any rate I have absolutely no reason to think I am getting involved with anything like that.

      Maybe I am just kidding myself but I don’t have the extremely cynical worldview about all our institutions that is so prevalent among my readers. I think most people (including those in the media) are just good working Joes who are trying to make a living and do some good along the way.

      I just can’t understand why we think there are so many monsters running around in the world who just want to do evil to make a few bucks. Granted, there are a few of them, but is it really every single person in the media? That’s crazy!

  22. Frank says:

    I believe the sequel to the show will be Bob 007- The BLM Is Not Enough

    I tried to get Q to send you the inflatable Yellow Magic Bus, but he said, “Are you kidding, 007Bob drives like a MAD man, he never brings anything back on one piece.”

    Sorry about Q but you know how he is.

    Still though, I do wish you good luck on your endeavors and be careful you don’t catch anything from the back stage groupies.

  23. gretchenrose says:

    Wish I could be there Bob, too far north, love living in my van, 8 months now and continue to be amazed the interest in my lifestyle from folks I meet – it is about education and I haven’t met anyone who was negative. I always tell them about my guru, Bob Wells and tell them about your website. Keep following your heart and all will be well. Blessings:)

    • Bob Bob says:

      Gretchenrose, that has been my experience as well. Most people are jealous and wish they could do it. Thanks for your kind words!

  24. Mister Ed says:

    hi as u state( This is only for the Canadian market so I doubt it has any affect on the U.S. government.) how do u think thats going to help vanners in the US,, CN -TV is for folks in CN there not replayed in the US so your statment will help vanners going to CN think not
    im betting US vanners beat Canadians 500 to 1 (think winter)
    how many CN chanels do u get in Az so your impack is were
    how is that going to help the 48 states zip nada no
    so now u will be a land owner and your telling everyone your a vanner as well on your own land,,,and on BLM/ USFS,, good thinking,, so now your a RV van camper on forest / BLM land for 14 days cool and u move ,,,, your point is
    well u can run back to your prefab or “shed for 365days now your a homeowner cool
    and establishing as a fact that I have a home!,,,right unless its inside a town/city line u will have a Po-Box or an RDF Box

    line 7 who,s they its your land all 365 days

    To offset that I am closing on a piece of land right now and I am going to insist that we shoot some film with me on it establishing as a fact that I have a home!
    If it gets that far I might want to even build a little cabin or buy and have delivered a prefab “shed.” Then I will be very careful to follow all the 14 days rules
    while they are arounds


    lets take Pawn Stars lets take this lawsuits for useing pawn star 4 in fl alone all starter 8 to 15years back
    Ice Road Truckers as a trucker for the last 41 years there take home pays is about $1.30 pr mile there take is 98c after take out ,,,note ,,, in the real world of trucking there slam jockeys and its all show
    Mountain Men
    American Pickers there pre set 4 or 5 mo,s before tapeing as u see thay know right were to go
    Wild West Alaska how long did u live in Ak for real ( i froze my butt off in the summer time thank u )
    Doomsday Castle

    joy your day joy the shows

    • Bob Bob says:

      Mister Ed, I have to be honest and say I had a really hard time understanding your post. I welcome your comments but I would encourage to take a little more time and complete your thoughts. I really do want to hear what you think.

      I have to be honest and say that I have no expectations of having any impact on any government. I think it is extremely unlikely! My intention was to say that I will NOT draw anyones attention in the government. But if people really thought I would then I hoped it had positive affect.

      I’ve never heard of a lawsuit about Pawn Star. I am pretty confident that the real Ice Road Truckers are paid more than the normal because of the extreme conditions they face. having spent a lifetime driving on ice and snow in extreme conditions, I don’t think it is all show. Having driven School Buses in -70 temperatures, I don’t think it is all show

      I lived in alaska from 1961 to 2006. I went from Kindergarten to 12th grade there and my children were born there and still live there. One son works in the oil fields of the North Slope. he doesn’t think it’s show either. He knows in those extreme conditions, mistakes can easily lead to death.

      Thanks for writing!

  25. DougB says:

    Bob, sorry to disappoint, but let the production company know that their best possible pick will unfortunately be onroute westward to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah on the day of the shoot. I was scheduled to be the “bad local” who comes into the area for the weekend with his TT, litters with beer cans and unwanted appliances from home, starts fires with too much gasoline, whoops drunkenly, and yells “Hey baby, come on over this way!” whenever a female camper drives past. Kind of a character meld between a redneck and Chumley on crack. They planned to contrast that against you standing in front of a beautiful vista talking about how to enjoy nature without harming it. I hit a departure scheduling problem when I was practicing up here in Illinois at the RV park and local law enforcement showed up. My court date is next Monday. Have a good time!
    DougB recently posted…Valuable Crap!My Profile

  26. Anna says:


    You’re buying land and building a cabin or shed or some kind of sticks and bricks? To prove residence? And at the same time, you sell others on the mobile lifestyle, to ditch all their stuff, sell everything and live in a van? And you want to destroy civilization? Wow! Oughta make great TV program! I can’t wait to watch it.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Anna, I think the sky is blue. In fact I am 100% sure the sky is blue. I even believe that most people should think it is blue.

      What color do you think it is?

      • Desert Rat says:

        Bob, why some people choose to only make destructive comments is beyond me. Anna, you seem to be one of those people. Just sayin’.

        • Bob Bob says:

          Desert Rat, the strange thing is that Anna is a friend of mine and I like her. I’d hate to find out what would happen if we were enemies!

  27. Curtis Miller says:

    Hi Bob,

    I appreciate all I have learned from your web sites and wish you well.

    But what Anna just posted sounds like someone “selling out” to me or another word that comes to mind is compromise.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Curtis, Anna has written quite a bit on this post, can you tell me exactly what I have done that makes me a “sell-out?” Can you tell me what I am “selling-out” from? What did I sell and to whom? I just hope I got some good money (or something) for whatever it is I sold, to whoever I sold it to!!!

      • Curtis Miller says:

        I apologize Bob for not pointing to her exact comment.

        You’re buying land and building a cabin or shed or some kind of sticks and bricks?
        To prove residence? And at the same time, you sell others on the mobile lifestyle,
        to ditch all their stuff, sell everything and live in a van?

        I guess this just looked a little ironic to me.

        But after thinking it over I realize if this keeps one out of trouble with Park Rangers by having a place of residents then it is necessary.:)

        • Desert Rat says:

          I don’t think pursuing one’s life of choice is selling out if the Powers that Be dictate certain actions in order to keep doing it. IOW, if Bob has to buy a piece of land to show residency or get endless fines and maybe even go to jail to live his dream life, then go for it, Bob, buy the land – it’s certainly not selling out. Why are people so blind to the fact that being flexible can be a necessary thing for survival?

        • Bob Bob says:

          Curtis, thanks for the clarification. As far as I am concerned the government has declared on the “Homeless” and since I literally do not have a home that means they have declared war on me. I could fight them but I will lose. So I choose to play the game instead. If spending $2500 on an acre of land will let me keep living this way, I will gladly do it.

          the land means nothing to me, all I want is the piece of paper that says I am not homeless so I can continue to be homeless without being persecuted.

  28. Still, I must side with the naysayers. I think this is a mistake. And by the way, do the participants get paid??? Are you getting paid??? I’m with the poster who said, if they are at the RTR, I won’t be there. I’ll find an isolated spot somewhere, where I can enjoy the wilderness. And I had my mind set on being at the RTR full time this winter (well, I had my mind set on that last winter as well, but could not take all the excitement, and noise and smoke). Still this winter I was going to try again.

    On thing I would like to say though, it that you greatly underestimate the effect you have on others, and the great number of people who know about you, follow you, admire you, etc. Look at your stats each day, week, month. Amazing.

    I hope this is a positive thing for most of us.
    Charlene Swankie recently posted…It’s true, you can’t go home again…My Profile

    • Bob Bob says:

      Charlene, you know I respect your opinion! I guess this is just one of those situations where we will have to agree to disagree.

      Everything is in the very early preliminary stages. As of today there is no show and no assurance I will be on it. There certainly has been no discussion of money and no one (including me) will be paid for this initial shooting.

      See you at the RTR!

      • Mario says:

        I too Bob have to disagree with this , i just can’t see the positive outcome if any. If we stand back for a minute and think about society’s attitude in previous attempts of similar trends,it has been mostly negative.

        We ( freedom seekers) are such a small portion of society that it is understandable how easy it is to become an “undesirable” among people that are deeply in love with this destructive – consumeristic – unhealthy physically and mentally lifestyle.

        I know that you are well aware of the fact that THERE IS NO FREEDOM OF CHOICE . Your lifestyle (and mine in the near future) should be a FREE CHOICE , but this is not true in the present system . I have a hard time understanding your optimism that society would like to think positively about vandwellers (and people that seek freedom in general) when laws are created daily ( voted by “law abiding citizens” (society) ), to stop people like yourself.

        They are jealous of the fact that you stood up to the “system” and you made a free (and harmless to them) choice to live close to nature enjoying this unique freedom that it allows. It has been proven time after time that anyone trying to “escape the prison” is to be brought back “in line” and they will make sure of that (i.e. laws going after RVers – people sleeping in vehicles etc.).

        That LITTLE FREEDOM on BLM lands remaining in the southwestern states of USA may soon vaporize in Big Brother’s attempt to get us back on the “GOOD AND PRODUCTIVE CITIZEN” mode.
        The more we publicize the lifestyle the more attention is drawn to limit it ,for the simple fact that Bob . . society has NO INTEREST IN FREEDOM, they love to be SLAVES OF THE SYSTEM ( or they would have changed by now), as you yourself have said : they love their I Phones,big screen TVs and “cages” and have no intention to part with them any time soon.

        You would have to try very hard to convince me that a documentary in the vandwelling lifestyle (although well intended) would have a positive impact on people like us. Society does not like the fact that YOU ARE DIFFERENT than them.

        At this point ,i just want to wish you best of luck with this , and lets hope that it does not bring further friction with the lawmakers.

        Just keep in mind that having said the above,i still value your opinion very highly and continue to be a close devotee .I know you mean well and you really believe this would be good for the lifestyle, it just worries me a little bit. I hope i’m wrong .

        Good luck with the show , i hope all goes well.

        • Bob Bob says:

          Mario I understand your viewpoint and see how you can reach those conclusions. They just aren’t the conclusions I reach. let me present my viewpoint this way:

          1) We think we are stealthy but we are not. Every government bureaucrat that could have any affect on us knows all about us and if they see me on TV they aren’t going to be surprised at alL. I AM NOT REVEALING ANY SECrETS OR TELLING THEM SOMETHING THEY DON’T ALREADY KNOW. So I can’t see any harm being done that way.

          2) All indications and impressions I have gotten from the producers and director are that we are going to be presented in a positive way that makes our life look appealing. If that is true, I can see some good coming from it. It’s harder to persecute and abuse people you like and hopefully we will come across as likeable.

          Only time will tell.

  29. Diane says:

    It is a sad reality that we resist and seek to destroy what we don’t understand. It sounds to me like many fear that by you sharing your life and insight on camera, will shine an unwanted light on them. Since I started following your blog, I have had the impression that you want to share your knowledge with as many as would listen…Now, you have an opportunity to reach many more. Maybe folks are afaid you will outgrow this blog that has become a support system. Enjoy your journey and follow YOUR heart.

    • Diane says:

      One more thought on this subject, the concerns I am hearing from many seem to mimic the same concerns/responces many friends and family have giving to many of the folks who have made the leap into van,car,rv dwelling.

      • Bob Bob says:

        Diane, there is so much fear in our country that there is a nearly universal first reaction of fear to anything out of the unusual. It’s is simply to be expected–even among vandwellers!

    • Bob Bob says:

      Diane, I have to admit that is a thought that never crossed my mind. I love the blog and don’t plan to give it up. It is a lot of work and it is possible at some time I might cut back the number of posts per week, but I can’t imagine not doing it.

  30. wheelingit says:

    I know you’re opening a can of worms with all this. I just wanted to (honestly) wish you good luck with the whole endeavor. If filmed by the right person and shown in the right light I think this will be a really interesting documentary. I’m just hoping it doesn’t become another one of those “reality” shows which just look to show controversy & craziness. Sadly, much of TV has gone in that direction in the past 5 years & very few “real” & balanced documentaries are filmed anymore (PBS is a rare exception).
    wheelingit recently posted…The Perfect SunsetMy Profile

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks for your encouragement Nina! After all my interactions with this production crew I have a real good feeling about it. But only time will tell!

  31. m.a. says:

    Since I guess you’re somewhat asking for input – mine is: I’m sorry you’re going to do this. This blog, it would seem, would give you enough exposure and bring your message to the people searching for it, without calling more attention to everyone who is trying to live a simple life, quietly and safely.

    Granted, I haven’t seen many ‘reality shows’, but the ones I have seen bore little relation to reality. Reality is not found trying to show people what you wish them to know about you and your lifestyle. I think it’s pretty much found in just living it.

    The ‘reality’ they film and show, and even that you yourself try to present, will not be the reality we live each day on the road – it will be what you and the producers decide should be shown – if, indeed, you even have anything to say about the editing.

    I did also want to mention that statements like this – “The government isn’t ignoring us, they are out after all full-time RVers big and small.” – is not everyone’s reality, Bob, regardless of the experiences you, and some others have had. It’s kind of leaning toward paranoia. I understand things are changing in this country for all of us. I’m not a pollyanna. But things can get exaggerated when just ‘preached to’ and discussed within the choir.

    I do wish you the best with this. Hopefully the VanDwellers who are upbeat and outgoing will join you & it will all turn out well. I know you believe what you say, speak in a positive manner, and do it well. I’m sure you will do a good job.

    Good luck.

    • Bob Bob says:

      m.a. I appreciate your balanced and wise thoughts. You make many good points! I’m quite a bit more optimistic about the TV industry and this crew specifically than you are. Only time will tell who is right.

      I keep a pretty close eye on how the government is reacting to full-time RVers and the evidence is really building up to me that they are bound and determined to have EVERY American living in a house that they can identify it’s location. There is VERY little you can do that doesn’t require proof of physical residency now.

      You could argue that they are after terrorists and we are just being caught up in the same net. And initially I thought that as well. But it is looking more and more like there is a deliberate effort to bring an end to full-time RVing. I know that sounds like paranoia, but I’m not basing it on fear, I’m basing it on my direct experience.

      1. The Coconino and Kaibab NF here in Arizona will fine ALL full-time RVers they catch camping in the Forest, even if they are following all the other rules. Period! As of now there are very few other forests doing that, but I bet it is coming.
      2. I tried to get a P.O. Box at the USPS and could not unless I brought in proof of residency.
      3. I went to buy a gun today and was told I couldn’t because my drivers license had a P.O. Box on it and not a physical address. The clerk said I had to have a government issued ID with a physical address on it or he could not sell me a gun.
      4. I sent a friend to pahrump to become a NV resident and when he went to get his Drivers License they rejected his address because it was a mail forwarder. He had to use a fake address.
      5. I got a letter from the Nevada department in charge of voting and they told me I couldn’t vote in local elections, only in Presidential elections.

      The government wants all of us in houses and they are tightening the noose on anyone who isn’t.

      • Curtis Miller says:

        1. The Coconino and Kaibab NF here in Arizona will fine ALL full-time RVers they catch camping in the Forest, even if they are following all the other rules. Period! As of now there are very few other forests doing that, but I bet it is coming.

        Bob do you know anyone who has been fined for this and is it because of no residency?

      • m.a. says:

        Then I guess I really understand even less why you would want to call even more attention to the lifestyle, & all of us trying to peacefully live it.

        The vandwellers I have met at the RTR and through my travels have been friendly, interesting and kind. It is a pleasure to be part of this ‘tribe’. I have also almost always found them, with some more ‘extroverted’ exceptions, to be very private people. When they..we…share our stories it is in trust and confidence.

        Not everyone is living this lifestyle by choice. Our stories often carry pain. Many have been forced onto the road by loss and hardship. I think we are survivors…and I think we’re pretty great, but it isn’t always easy, it isn’t always pretty, and it isn’t always something you want to share with the world.
        I understand signed releases, but if they are shooting a lifestyle they will want to include everything they can.

        You didn’t mention the company you’re involved with. If it’s the National Film Board of Canada it might be done respectfully. If it’s a commercial enterprise, please be aware that their goal will be ratings, and how they portray people will most likely be something they’re unconcerned with. It’s nice that you like the crew, and feel ‘optimistic’, but that may mean nothing in the final cut. And – just because I’m older, and a little more ‘jaded’! – ‘get it in writing’. Everything.

        You probably meant the comment to Steve today to be humorous, but there’s probably truth there, too. Pretty normal. It will open you up to new people and experiences – and, sure, maybe some ‘fame’ and money. Women? Song? Can’t be far behind. I guess you can pass along the wine 🙂

        Just please remember this – your story isn’t just YOUR story anymore. You’ve built up a community. It’s everybody’s story, too. Because of the position you’ve put yourself in, and the attention you call to yourself, what you do and say kind of has a potential affect on us all.

        Anyway – if you do it, hope it works for you & it only brings good things. xx

        • Bob Bob says:

          m.a., as always, you raise a lot of good points. I honestly respect your opinion. I’ll try to summarize your points and answer them:

          1) People will be hurt because their story is told against their will and without their permission. Of all the things that could go wrong, I think this one has next to zero chance of coming true. Their will be a team of Lawyers who go over the production with a fine tooth comb with only one goal to protect it from lawsuits. Even if every other person involved is as greedy and rotten to the core as you all think, the lawyers won’t let this happen.

          2) The media is only after profits and they will do any evil thing to get it. I know the majority of you honestly believe that to be true, but, I’m sorry, I can’t live my life with that point of view. I watch a lot of reality TV on the cable networks and 100% of the shows I watch are filled with interesting charachters living interesting lives. Most are good, decent people who are portrayed that way. Sometimes there are some not-so-good people, but it is obvious they aren’t being portrayed that way, they really aren’t good people and they just can’t hide it. I see no evidence to support your point of view and plenty disproving it. When Paris Hilton or the cast from Jersey Shore acts like jerks or Bimbos, the show didn’t turn them into that, THEY ARE THAT. The show just showed the truth. Unless you think I am a jerk and a bimbo, I believe good will come from a series.

          3) I represent the larger community so I need to think of them, not myself. If I am a jerk or a bad guy then you are right, I will hurt the community. But f I am a good decent guy living a wonderful life, how is that hurting the community? The media is already showing the public dirty, homeless bums, how is it not a good thing to show them the positive side of being “homeless”. I’m afraid of legal consequences, so I am buying land just so I will not be legally homeless.

          4) I may be fooling and kidding myself that I have noble motives. But that may just be bullshit and secretly I want the fame and money. Now this has a very good chance of being true. I am just as capable of deceiving myself as anyone else and my deepest motives may in fact be bad. I can’t deny that. The problem is, there really is no way for me to be sure. And I have done a pretty good job of self-justification because I really do think it is the best thing to do.

          • m.a. says:

            You’re a Smooth Talker, Bob Wells. & we love you. :)) If I send a SASE will you send me your autograph, now? By the time I get south this winter I may not be able to afford it. x

          • Bob Bob says:

            m.a., you can get the senior citizen discount!!

  32. ILDan says:

    Hey Bob, Do you keep stats on your posts…most views, comments, and such? Which topic is most productive? Just wondering, b/c some of your topics do indeed generate quite a bit of type! LOL

    How ever do you plan on preparing for this upcoming event if you are forced to answer all these posts?

    J/K–Have a good night.

    Oh yeah, it may just be my personal experience, but when most everyone strongly feels I’m wrong or they simply cannot understand, I find that opposition only steels my resolve in myself.

    • Bob Bob says:

      ILDan, there is a hits-counter on the blog on the right hand side towward the bottom. It is switchable between page hits, and unique hits. There is a lot of traffic!

      I’ve noticed that the how-to posts get the fewest comments which makes sense. But they are important so I keep doing them. The more radical my ideas the more comments of course. The all-time leader is the post on the Ranger enforcement in the Coconino NF. It has over 300 comments and growing. But because i try to answer every comment probably 120 of those are mine.

      If a post gets a lot of comments I leave it up longer to give everyone a chance to have their say. So that means I have to write one less post that week and spend the time answering comments instead.

  33. stan watkins says:

    I do think the whole ” I hate civilization ” thing will get you on to the show. Pure reality show catnip. I truly wish you all the best Bob.

  34. As the prophet leads his sycophants to fame, himself to glory and riches… The rest are left to pickup the pieces of a once humble and challenging life…

    Follow the money, always… Bob you are F’in up big time,ask any full timer…

  35. Johnnomads says:

    Hi Bob,
    As a long timer, I can see both points of view. I do believe as the economy continues to worsen more ppl will take to the lifestyle, wither the government likes it or not, and eventually be powerless to stop it. So we have a choice, we can inform and educate the public (some of which might adopt the lifestyle out of necessity or choice), or hide and allow the naysayers to continue to portray us negitively.

    • Bob Bob says:

      John, that is exactly the way I see it. People are coming out here whether I tell them or not. The government is going to crack down us whether I tell them or not. So why not be proactive and present us in a good light trying to counter-act some of the bad press we get?

  36. Bob Bob says:

    Thanks Rob, it’s good to hear an encouraging word on this topic! I appreciate yours (and everyone elses!!) comments.

  37. Naomi says:


    While I understand the concerns mentioned by others, I fully support your endeavor. Your reasoning for doing so is beautiful.

    Don’t know if you’ll get notice of this, as I’m rather late – my laptop has been in rehab for a while.

    Please keep us posted as to when it will air.

    ~ Naomi

    • Bob Bob says:

      Naomi, I’ve missed you! They were here and shot a few days ago but it will be a long time before that becomes a show, and then it is just a pre-Pilot. The netwrok may or not pick it up or even broadcast it. I’m going to write a post on the shoot next time so you can gt an idea of what happened.

  38. Naomi says:

    One more thing – This guy has a channel on youtube. In case you’re not aware of it:


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