I am now Selling a Suitcase Solar Power System


I am now selling these Portable Suitcase Solar systems. They are totally plug-and-play. You can be charging your battery 5 minutes after opening the box.  They are 90 watts and your cost is $425 including free shipping. Email me [email protected] for more info.

In the photo below you see the solar panel packed for transport. It has a high quality, 90 watt, monocystalline solar panel, solar controller, and all wiring included. Not set-up required. It is totally Plug-and-Play! It weighs 43 pounds and is not difficult to handle.


In the following two photos I am have opened the suitcase and I am opening the solar panel. It is actually two, 45 watt solar panels hinged in the middle.











In this photo I have attached the alligator clips to the positive and negative posts of my battery, and I am charging the battery. It took me a total of about 5 minutes to set it up!!


In this photo you see the attached fold-down legs, solar controller, and wiring.


This is the first product I have liked enough to sell myself. The reason I love it is it will finally bring solar power to many people who would never have solar without a system this simple. For whatever reason, they are totally intimidated by solar power and would rather do without it  than try to figure out how to install it themselves, and that it a real shame because solar power will revolutionize your life.

This simple system is also perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to mount anything on their van or doesn’t have space on their roof. It also has the huge advantage that in the summer you can park your car, van or RV in the shade, and move the panels out into the sun! 

I wish I could sell it for less but the distributor I am getting it from will not allow me to sell below his price. But to add value to my readers I am offering free shipping in the continuous 48 states. I am also available to you to answer any questions you may have about the system both before and after the sale.

If you have any questions or want to purchase a system, contact me by email at [email protected]



I've been a full-time VanDweller for 12 years and I love it. I hope to never live in a house again!

25 comments on “I am now Selling a Suitcase Solar Power System
  1. Craig says:

    Bob, for those of us who are not solar savvy, what are somethings we could power with this system?

    • DougB says:

      Bob will give a better answer, but think of a complete solar system as merely a different kind of battery charger. It’s intended to charge one 12v flooded battery system, so although it probably could directly power a device like a fan or small cooler, you’d really rather have it charge a battery and run the device(s) off the battery. That way, when the sun dives behind a cloud, your device keeps going instead of slowing down or shutting off. So the answer to your question is…any 12v DC device that doesn’t pull so much power that it would run your battery down quicker than you want. It can also power an inverter that will let you run many 120v AC devices, too. If you look at some of the stuff in Bob’s Mobile Living Store, you can get a rough idea of just a few things it can power.

      This 90W suitcase system looks to be powerful enough to charge at least one stout 12v deep cycle battery, so anything you can satisfactorily run off of your chosen battery is what you can use regularly. In a sense, the solar charger has little to do with what you can run – it’s a battery charger, not a device power source. In the sunny Southwest, a typical 100aH battery would easily recharge in a day. You wouldn’t want to try to make this system charge three or four at a time, though! You’d need more/bigger panels, and you probably wouldn’t be running such a hearty power system in a van, anyway! Overkill!

    • Bob Bob says:

      Craig, it varies by the time of the year, but it should meet nearly all your normal needs:

    • Charge your laptop so you can use it 3-4 hours a day (24 ah)
    • Run some LED lights a few hours at night (4 amps).
    • Use a fan to keep cool 4 hours a day (12 amps).
    • Charge all your personal electronic devices like iPad, cell phone, Kindle, camera (4 amps).
    • I think that is fairly conservative and it would easily let you do that.