Summer Rubber Tramp Rendezvous 2016

The recent changes in my travel plans have one very good result, which is that I will be in one spot and therefore can host a summer RTR; so today I’m formally announcing the time and location of a Summer Rubber Tramp Rendezvous 2016:

June 16 – June 26, 2016

Just outside of Flagstaff, AZ.

This will be the third Summer RTR, the first was in California in the Sierra Mountains in 2012, the second was in Flagstaff, AZ in 2013. I spent 2014 driving to Alaska and 2015 exploring Wyoming. After two busy travel years, a more stationary year seems like a good thing to me.

We’ll be camped in sight of beautiful Mt Humphrey in the worlds largest Ponderosa Pine forest.

I’m not sure of the exact location yet, and I won’t be until the week of the RTR when I will announce it. That probably leaves you wondering how will you find it? You’ll notice that the event is 10 days, I will get there 2-3 days early to secure the spot and still won’t run into a problem with the 14 day limit on dispersed camping in the National Forest. It will be in one of two places so you can head toward them and not be too far off.

If you want to get their early, or stay longer, I will be camped very near to the area –you’re welcome to camp with me before or after the event itself. I’ll have my campsite posted here on the blog so you can find me or you can always email me and I’ll send you a map to my camp.

I’ve camped quite a bit in that area and I already have two specific areas in mind for the RTR camp, it will almost certainly be in one of the two. The A-1 Mountain camp is far better, and I’m sure it’s where we will be, but it’s conceivable there could already be a group in there so I need to wait until the last minute to know it will work for us. The other camp is strictly a Plan B if A-1 Mountain is taken.


The RTR will be very easy to find, it will be on A-1 Mountain Road, which is 5 miles west of Flagstaff on I-40. Get off at Exit 190, turn north, and head toward Mt. Humphrey (you can’t turn south). I’ll have markers out for our camp.

The summer RTR is generally fairly small, I’m guessing 40-60 of us. It’s not nearly as organized as the winter gathering–I don’t plan any classes or events but I’m sure we will gather together at noon and pick a topic and just discuss it so if you have any questions, they should all be answered. Most things will happen spontaneously without being planned.

That is usually the dry season in Arizona so the odds are that there will be a fire ban in place. If so then we MUST NOT build any fires. The Coconino National Forest there can be tinder-dry so any spark can burn down the whole thing. If the rainy season comes early we might be able to have fires–and after the El Nino weather year we’ve had, almost anything is possible.

Flagstaff is very central to much of the western states. The circle in this map represents places in a days drive from the RTR.

Flagstaff is very central to much of the western states. The circle in this map represents places a days drive from the RTR.

Plenty to do in the area!

Flagstaff has one of the best places in the country to buy solar, so it would be a great time to buy your solar components. Find them here: I can’t promise you anything, but there will be numerous people there who are very knowledgeable about solar, perhaps they would be willing to advise you about the solar install or even help you do it. Understand, I can’t promise you that, but it is at least a possibility.

  1. Visit the Grand Canyon. We will be camped only 75 miles from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon NP, so if it’s something you have been wanting to see, this is the perfect time! I’ve chosen this time in June because it’s before the peak tourist season which starts with July 4, so the crowds wont be as bad as they will be a month later.
  2. Finally we are also very close to Sedona, AZ which I consider to be one of the most beautiful examples of Red Rock country anywhere in the world, its fantastically beautiful and a must-see once in your life. Many people consider it a very powerful place spiritually, but that is for each to decide for themselves.

Of course we probably will share some meals together. Nothing formal is planned, but it’s likely something will spontaneously happen.

Some Fast Facts about the area:

  1. Will there be good internet and cell signal? We will have a very good internet and cell signal in camp.
  2. Is it a nice camp? It’s a beautiful spot with the world’s largest Ponderosa Pine Forest, but it also has several open areas with fields and views of 12,000 foot Mt Humphrey.
  3. Does it cost anything? We will be dispersed camping in the Coconino National Forest so it will be free. There are no charges at all for the event.
  4. How’s the weather going to be? The weather is generally very good then, possibly a little on the hot side, but hot means about 90 at the most and in the shade of the Ponderosa Pines it’s not a problem at all.
  5. Can I get supplies nearby? Flagstaff is a large town and has everything you could possibly want for shopping, including many great outdoor stores. You can easily buy filtered water in town for 25 cents a gallon or get free city tap water at the Pilot truck stop. You can easily dump your trash numerous places.
  6. What’s the road like? We’ll be very close to town, just 5 miles on the I-40 and you’re in the heart of Flagstaff. We’ll be camped on a dirt road that is generally in very good shape, although at times there can be some washboard.
  7. Can my big rig make it into camp? Is it welcome? Any size rig can make it into camp; from a low-slung Prius to the largest Class A, all are welcome and will fit.
  8. Is Flagstaff nice? Flagstaff is a college town; the Northern Arizona University is there and has about 30,000 students. Because of that it’s very artsy and it has a wonderful, old downtown area that is a joy to explore. There are an abundance of outdoor stores.
  9. Is it practical to bring a tent, will the wind be a problem? Yes, tents will do very well! While I generally discourage tents at the winter RTR because of the wind, the Forest does not really have many big winds. A tent will work great!

All-in-all, I think we are going to have a great, relaxing time and you’re almost certain to find something wonderful in your trip here!

There are no formal classes, but we will gather often for a “Tea and Topic” session, where we just sit around and talk about any questions you may have.

But most of all, you will be make many life-long friends and find a community of like-minded people who will become your Tribe and a support system that makes the rest of your nomadic life much easier and a true joy!

See you there!

I’m making Videos on my good friends James and Kyndal’s YouTube Channel. See them here:

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I've been a full-time VanDweller for 12 years and I love it. I hope to never live in a house again!

133 comments on “Summer Rubber Tramp Rendezvous 2016
  1. Avatar Curtis Carper says:

    Bob, are you currently camped at the spot north of Chino Valley… between mm 344&345? I’m camped on the south side of Prescott and would like to drop by.

  2. Avatar Lucy says:

    It sounds like U guys are going to have a terrific summer RTR; Enjoy !!!!!!!!

  3. Avatar David Ainley says:


    Count me in. I’ll be there. No firewood this trip.

    I’ll make my same off for Summer RTR that I made for the 2016 Winter RTR. I will provide free transportation, there and back, for 2 people. Anyone wanting to go should PM me. First come, first served, as they say. I’ll be leaving South Fulton, Tennessee (on the Kentucky state line, about 30 miles east of the Mississippi River) a few days before June 16th. I will be in my bus (Hannah) for this trip. I will have one school bus seat for passengers which will easily accommodate 2 people. I will be taking a large 6 man tent with me, so anyone going with me will be welcome to use the tent once we arrive at Summer RTR. I will sleep in the bus. There’s plenty of floor space for two people to sleep while enroute (inflatable mattress and sleeping bag recommended) Anyone going with me will have to provide their own supplies; food, water, sleeping arrangements, etc. ‘Hannah’ has an enclosed bathroom for privacy.


    • Bob Bob says:

      That’s a very nice offer David, I hope someone takes you up on it!

    • Avatar L.A. Kanyan says:

      We’re in western NC and just bought a 30′ bus. Just learned about rtr on YouTube moments ago.
      If we’re able to swing it, (my partner, we’re both disabled vets, doesn’t drive), I’d really appreciate being able to caravan with you. Our bus is built for mountain travel and I can’t go much faster than 45, 50 pushing it. The hummingbird is diesel with an Allison tranny.
      I’m not asking anyone to slow down for us but I’d feel much more secure following someone who knows the ropes.
      And meeting other “skoolies” and “thow” folks, well, it’s a way of life we want. Learning from pros is the way to go. We also have a 4 man tent that we could bring along for someone else to use. And would be happy to allow a rider or two. And like you, they would have to provide for themselves while there.
      Thank you for considering my request.

      • Bob Bob says:

        L.A. Kanyan, that’s a great idea. I’m going to suggest you join my forum and post this offer there. We have many folks on the east coast that would be better off if they caravaned. There you’ll get all the ideas, help, encouragement and friends you could ever need. Find it here:

      • Avatar Carlos Herrera says:

        Are you still planning on going? i live in florida and just following this on you tube and deciding to go, i do not have a van or camper so a car will have to make it…if you still going I would like to caravan with you. US Army retired vet.


    • Avatar LisaMac says:

      Hey David. Do you plan on going next trip (winter)? I’m trying to find a good deal on a van and get ready to hit the road with my dog. I’m about 40 minutes below Nashville and would love to caravan with you since I would be a newbie and solo female nomad.

  4. Avatar Loyda says:

    Sure wish we could join you this year! Too much going on tho….
    I know you’ll all have a wonderful time!

  5. Avatar Sameer says:

    Mr. Pico and I are very excited about the Summer RTR. I LOVE FLAGSTAFF!
    Sameer recently posted…Summer Rubber Tramp Rendezvous 2016My Profile

  6. Avatar Kat says:

    I still haven’t found myself a van or I would immediately plan a trip out there. If a miracle happens and I find something soon I will come. NYstate is a long trip but it would be a wonderful experience. Have fun everyone!

  7. Avatar marieanne greaves says:

    So envious, still saving $ for tires on my RV,SSSI check only goes so far.will be joining the tribe before summers end/heck I’ve been following you for 2years now,feel like I’m part of the tribe already.thank you so much for sharing your life’s journey. ✌ ?

  8. Avatar Amanda Root says:

    This looks like great fun. Not sure I can make this years event. Would love to hear of future events. Where in the Sierra Mtns did you stay Bob? I grew up in Lone Pine. Spent 9 months in Mtns outside of Bishop, til the rangers found me and booted me off, was trying for a year. Love the outdoors.

  9. Hmmm, the question to myself is, “Can I manage (happily) to keep in the region for the next six weeks, or will I end up listening to my itchy feet and be—who knows where—by the middle of June?” I suspect it will be the latter. But I’m crazy enough to drive in from, oh, Oregon just for the RTR. Just to say hi. Then take off again. 😉
    Al Christensen recently posted…Double good morningMy Profile

    • Bob Bob says:

      Al wrote: “But I’m crazy enough to drive in from, oh, Oregon just for the RTR. Just to say hi. Then take off again. ?”

      I’ll bet you a pizza dinner that there is no way you can keep yourself from making it!! Those itchy feet will compel you to come!

  10. Avatar Bill Cole says:

    I’m planning to attend, from Reno, NV. I’ll be driving & living in the van you featured “FOR SALE” in PA back in May 2015. I’m the guy that bought it. Joe, the guy that sold it to me, painted it white, it’s a 1992 Ford E250 with a solar panel mounted on the hood & did a magnificent job in preparing & delivering a vehicle to me that is mechanically sound.

    I don’t know anyone except Steve, who will meet up with me from Surprise, AZ, so this will be my attempt to “join the tribe”.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Bill, it will be great to meet you! You got one of the best deals on a van I ever saw! He was such a great guy and really did right by you. Good Karma there!

    • Avatar joe cervantez says:

      I am coming from an hour north of reno, doyle,ca. I plan to leave the 17th or evening of 16. Any chance we can caravan or at least meet up there?

      • Bob Bob says:

        Joe, I hope that works out!

        • Avatar Joe Cervantez says:

          What is the best route coming from Doyle to Flagstaff. Any help would be appreciated.

          • Bob Bob says:

            Joe, I’m really sorry but I have no idea where Doyle is. A google search doesn’t show it in AZ. Can you at least give me a state?

          • Avatar Joe Cervantez says:

            What is the best route coming from Doyle to Flagstaff. Any help would be appreciated. Doyle is an hour north of Reno, NV, Sorry about that

          • Bob Bob says:

            Joe, it depends, do you want the prettiest drive or the fastest. The Fastest would be 95 south to Las Vegas in to I-40 and then take it to here. The prettiest would be 395 down the east side of the Sierras to I-40 then here. Another pretty but slow way would be 50 across NV, down to Zion NP than 89 to Page and south to Flagstaff.

  11. Summer RTR 2013 was my first RTR, and my first experience camping. Coconino NP, where we camped, was enchanting and I was hooked. I had a van and was full-timing on the road in three months. So glad you’re doing this again — see you there!
    LaVonne Ellis recently posted…BugsMy Profile

  12. Avatar Trainman says:

    Hi Bob,
    It was great to see you again, on a chance meeting last September, while you were on one of your walks in that area. I almost drove off the dirt road I was so excited.!! Thanks for putting together another Summer RTR, it will be nice to meet others who camp alone most of the time.

    (Green Cargo Trailer)
    Trainman recently posted…Year 5 has begun !!My Profile

    • Bob Bob says:

      Tim, I didn’t remember your name (I’m terrible with names) but I remembered your green cargo van!! I’ll be really glad to see you again!

  13. Avatar Jeannie says:

    I’m so pleased to be able to attend the RTR! I just started camping in my minivan after almost 2 years of saving and planning.Much credit is due to Bob and others online for practical info and encouragement.
    I was wondering if anyone could suggest an area about half way between San Francisco and Flagstaff where I could hike and camp on my way there and back? Thanks!

    • Bob Bob says:

      HI Jeannie, if I were you I’d go down 395 on the East side of the Sierras. You could go across the Sierras on the Intertate or through Yosemite then south on 395. You can camp anywhere along it and then go through Death Valley and camp in the National Forest above Pahrump, NV. That would take you through some of the most beautiful places in the country.

  14. Avatar Vanholio says:

    Interesting … Perhaps Vanholio will be there among you in his/her disguise as a mild mannered travellor …

  15. Avatar Linda Sand says:

    I’m trying not to think about how the rangers will respond to that many van dwellers trying to camp along that stretch of road. I hope it all turns out better for you than my imagination says it will and that this gathering has no negative repercussions in the future. I love RTRs but am worried about having one in a forest known to have irritable rangers. I know worry is about as useful as trying to travel in a rocking chair but I haven’t been able to break this bad habit yet. Nevertheless, I wish you all an enjoyable and educational gathering. You make me want to buy another van to come join you.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Linda, the last one we had there did bring the Rangers out but it went okay We won’t break any law or rules so it should be fine. Also, for some odd reason there was zero enforcement in that part of the Coconino last year, I don’t know why. With a little luck there won’t be this year either.

      You know you want another van!! Come and join us!

  16. Avatar Ladee says:

    I am SO excited! I’ll be there with my Ford E350 Uhaul conversion van in our inaugural field trip.

  17. Avatar Foster and Parents says:

    We enjoyed the video you did with James, showing the drive into the campsite and the scenery. It made us homesick for Flagstaff. (the wallpaper on our computer is a view of Mt Humphreys.) The drive to the Snow Bowl is a nice diversion for anyone who hasn’t been to the area. There is a visitor center in the train depot downtown that has a lot of info.(across the street is the car rental offices if someone wanted to take the train and rent a van or vehicle) Also, because there are a lot of National Monuments to visit in the Flagstaff area, it might be worth a person’s time to look into the National Park passes – the Senior Pass is available for anyone age 62 or older for $10.00 and is lifetime. There is also an Access Pass for disabled visitors that is free and is lifetime. They are available at the entrances to the various monuments and NPS offices and are good nationwide. One of our friends was able to get her Access pass while entering Zion Natl Park. The National Park Service website has details. Here’s to an enjoyable gathering.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks Foster and Parents. What a great idea it is to take the train and rent a van, I wish I had thought of that–those trains run through here constantly!!

  18. Avatar Gail E. says:

    I wish, I wish, I wish! I really want to join the vandwelling tribe, but my cargo van isn’t ready yet to be lived in…plus it’s a pretty long trip from north/central BC Canada. I’m making plans for the January RTR though, and look forward to meeting up with the nomadic community then. Thanks for your great videos and for your book, Bob — what an inspiration!

  19. Avatar Toneman says:

    I met you in Quartzsite end of 2015. I am now living full time in a van. Camping just outside of Pagosa Springs at the moment.
    Summer 2016 RTR here I come. A-1 mtn road is a nice area. See you there.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Be good to see you again Toneman! I bet it’s cold there in Pagosa Springs! I think it’s one of the prettiest places around!

  20. Avatar Mike Box says:

    Hey Bob- I’m not in the van nomadic tribe yet but I’m beginning to explore the possibilities. If all works out, I think my son (who will have just graduated High School) and I might travel there to meet you. I Would love to pick everyone’s brain about this exciting lifestyle, and he would love the experience. We are from Texas and would not be able to head out until the night of Friday the 17th. I us assume arriving a little late would not be a problem? We would be the folks in the Prius. Lol

    • Bob Bob says:

      Mike, coming a little late is no problem at all. One reason it is 10 days is so it goes over two weekends so some people can come on just the weekends.

      This will be perfect for you because you can see peoples rigs and get ideas and maybe help you decide which one is best for you. While I love the Prius, with two of you, you might want to bring a tent for some elbow room and privacy.

      See you then!

  21. Avatar Andrea Bass says:

    Hi Bob,
    Been learning a lot from your blog (thanks so much).
    I’m Amtraking Fl, (Palatka), arriving 5/20th,with the sole purpose of finding a reliable used horse (van). I’m down to one mechanic friend available (the other took off for Alaska for the summer). If all goes as planned, I’ll be able to head west, I’d like to check out the summer RTR while there. I looked up the location on your clear and easy to read blog. Just a few questions though. One;after looking on the map, not sure which route is best for me. I-40,or I-10. I’d prefer a less congested route (with the Lyme’s I can get kinda tired). I probably will be driving during the weekdays.
    Two; thought I’d try driving mostly at night and early morning, to avoid traffic. What do you think about that?
    Third; Where are the best places to pull over to sleep,truck stops? Or are there any (really cheap) campgrounds. Of course I won’t drive only at night, what ever seems to be working out I’ll stick with.
    I’ll be traveling alone,unless you know of someone who wants a ride out there from Fl.(near Jacksonville.
    I’ll check out Mike King enterprises since I saw it on the blog today. My internet service is hit or miss when I leave a connected area,, does Walmarts service have good coverage out there? I’ve driven I-95 countless times
    -this will be me first trip west. If I find a van I can afford that will get me there with no problems. Since it’s summer my potential van won’t be all geared up yet, suppose I’ll have time for that this summer. Hope this works, wish me good luck. Andrea

    • Bob Bob says:

      Hi Andrea, I wish you good luck in the van search, I’m sure the right van is waiting for you out there! As to which freeway to take, I’d suggest looking at the weather along each and choose based on weather. Whichever one was cooler and had the least chance of storms is the one I’d take. Sleeping during the day and traveling at might has some big advantages like getting out of the heat and less traffic. Just be sure you get enough sleep so there is no chance of falling asleep behind the wheel–that can be deadly.

      On a long trip like that when you are just passing through I think truck stops, Walmart and Cracker Barrel are your best choices for overnight stays. I also highly recommend checking on for the route ahead of you. Many towns have free campgrounds hoping you will stay and spend money.

      I’d strongly suggest you join my forum, you’ll get all the ideas, help, encouragement and friends you could ever need. They will help you search for a van and then evaluate the ones you find. We have many folks who live in Florida. You may even find someone to ride out to the RTR with you. Find it here:

      I wish you the very best in your new life!!

  22. Avatar Andrea Bass says:

    Hi Bob, Thanks for the great advice, I really appreciate it.
    I’ll join the forum,, I’m new to the tech world,,I’ll see if I can join successfully. I’ve always kept watch of the weather, it makes sense to be aware of mother nature.
    Thanks again for all the advice. Andrea

  23. Avatar Allie says:

    Oh man! I didn’t know there was a summer RTR! I love Flagstaff. It’s always cold when I’m near, though. Just visited mid April…brrrr!

    Maybe we will stop in. Nice lakes up there… 🙂

    -Allie and the Red Dogs <3

  24. Avatar Rain says:

    Alright Bob, the plan is to come down and see you! I feel quite unprepared because I am the worst at making decisions, so I know I’m going to be living in my Malibu Maxx for a year or two, but I can’t decide about whether I should get a Solar Power Generator so I can have a fan to stay cool, what I should do about screening my windows, etc. Hopefully I can get some advice about those things at some point! 🙂

    I’m even thinking of staying in the area for the summer (finding a semi-cool location) so that I can work in my business and not die in the FL summer heat. I have been debating about just going to FL, but I don’t think I can do the heat in a car, so I’d end up having to rent a place which would going back to the non-nomadic lifestyle which I really want to avoid.

    Ahhh decisions. Either way, I’m headed your way for the event, and hopefully I can find some clarity and ideas while I’m there!


    • Bob Bob says:

      Rain, I’m no one to tell you what to do!!! But if it were me I would come here so you are supported by tribe in mostly great weather. Do come ready for rain over the summer and cold in the fall.

      I recommend your priorities be
      1) cooking–propane stove and cooler, pots-pans-utensils
      2) Reflectix and screens on the windows
      3) a way to charge a house battery from the engine battery,
      4) then a fan
      5) Setting up an outside living area will be very important for your comfort, but you can add to it slowly (camp chair, table, tent or canopy)
      6) solar
      7) towards fall, heat and warm clothes bedding

  25. Avatar Jeannie says:

    Hi Bob,
    I’m preparing to join you at the RTR and was planning on staying at some of your campsites along Hwy 395 (Mammoth Lakes, Ancient Brislecone Pine and Lone Pine/Alabama Hills)as listed on your website in the “find a Campsite” section.
    I was wondering if you think I will be able to camp in these areas in my 2 wheel drive minivan with regular street tires.
    Thank you so much for all your help!
    PS I am so encouraged by the solo women traveler videos you have been doing. They are so inspiring and fun to watch!

    • Bob Bob says:

      Jeannie, you won’t have any problem at all with your van, nowhere I went would be any issue for you. I’m glad you are finding inspiration, that’s exactly hy I do it!!

  26. We are in Valley of the Gods right now and very soon time to start heading North as we follow the cool weather all year long. Never met any of yous. We switched [my Dog and I] from mtorcycle/sidecar/tent to now a camper because of recent spine surgery [I must say we are liking it!!!]. We might come up early… Have had no schedule for the past ten year. When will you be there? [A1]. Not that you have to…
    Stay well… Ara and Spirit

    • Bob Bob says:

      Ara, I’m at Williams, AZ right now, which is 25 miles from A-1 Mt. Rd. You’re welcome to drop by here anytime! I’ll leave here and go there on the 14th of June.

  27. Avatar Jeannie says:

    Thanks for the reassurance, Bob! It’s good to have info from someone who has been there. I hope everything is going well for you.

  28. Avatar Vanholio says:

    Found this page with lots of intel on Flagstaff and surrounds, mostly where to get coffee, bagels, and some details on hikes.
    Vanholio recently posted…Podcasts for the Van Living LifestyleMy Profile

  29. I was pretty happy to see you were hosting a summer RTR this year after some scheduling and logistical problems caused me to pull out of Ehrenberg and miss the winter RTR. I traveled down from Wyoming this weekend and am camped out near Sedona for now. This is my first time visiting Sedona. Very pretty, but considering the heat forecast for this week I may migrate to a higher elevation while I wait for the RTR. lol Something about 108 F with little shade in a Camry does not sound appealing. A migration to the forest might be in order.

  30. Avatar Chris says:

    Hi Bob! My daughter and I will be in the area between the 11th and the 14th on the Southern part of our Grand Canyon -> Zion loop. We’d love to camp with you for a night or two – what’s the best way to find you in Williams? Cheers! Chris & Melissa

    • Bob Bob says:

      Chris, email me at [email protected] to be sure where I am and I’ll send you a map.

      • Avatar Chris says:


        Well we just completed our road trip – what an amazing time. It was great to meet you even though it was just a brief conversation! Thanks for your advice on Sedona and for giving Melissa a glimpse at an alternative way of living – she was impressed 🙂 I look forward to a future event where I’ll have more time to hang out. Best, Chris

  31. Avatar Tom says:

    Thinking of coming by but I use a power chair. I am able to get up if it gets stuck occasionally. Do you think that is feasible in that spot?

    • Bob Bob says:

      Tom, yes, at the RTR site you would be able to get around reasonably well. There would be some places that would block you, but enough where you can move freely it would be well worth your time.

  32. Avatar Susan says:

    I am in the market for a cheap class c and I would appreciate any advice or help I can get in picking out a good one. Is Flagstaff a good place to buy a used RV?

    • Bob Bob says:

      Susan, i would think it would be good. But more importantly it’s only a 1/2 day drive to Phoenix or Las Vegas where there are a huge number of RVs. Include those in your search and you will probably find something.

  33. Avatar Rick Herzog, aka Gonagain says:

    Leaving Great Falls, MT on the 11th and will be drifting your way through Wyoming, Colorado and Utah to meet you around the 16th. Looking forward to hanging out with a bunch of road warriors!

  34. Avatar Steve says:

    I will be attending also. Just started life in my van. Looking forward to meeting the tribe.

  35. Avatar Susan says:

    Thanks, Bob. Does anybody bring dogs and kids to the RTR?

    • Bob Bob says:

      Susan, yes both are very welcome!! There will be tons of dogs there and sometimes they can be minor annoyance with so many, but, they have been remarkably well behaved together. Your dogs are totally welcome!

      While most of us are older and our kids are out of the house (van or RV!) there are usually still a few kids there. They are welcomed and treasured! With our kids gone, we have a surplus of live and affection to give away so we’re glad to have kids around!

      Please, feel free to come, it will be a win-win for everybody!

  36. Avatar Reina says:

    Hi Bob! Do you know anyone coming up from the Tucson area that would be willing to caravan?

  37. I hope to be there in my “new” 2000 Chinook. I will be going full time later this year. Looking forward to meeting you Bob and fellow “rubber tramps”.

  38. Avatar bajabloke says:

    I’m planning on attending my first RTR and looking forward to meeting like minded people. Driving bright red Tacoma with white camper from Oceanside,Ca.

  39. Bob,
    Glad I found you on YouTube.
    Plane & U-Haul cargo van reservation are made!
    Flying in from Ecuador, South America to attend my first RTR!
    Excited to travel and meet you all.
    David Grether

  40. Avatar Elaine says:

    Hi, I’m coming Bought a 1999 Chevy Express conversation van in SC first part of April. Have it part way ready for living in. Will arrive on the 15th. Hope to learn a lot . Really looking forward to people who I have been following.
    Excited does not come close to what I am feeling about attending.

    • Avatar Elaine says:

      Hello again,
      I’m hoping for help in what to buy to have a storage battery so I can run a fan, blender,etc. and help in installing what I need….so anyone coming that might help please look for me. I’m in a green 1999 Chevy high top.
      Looking forward to meeting people , some of you I hope will become friends.

      • Bob Bob says:

        Elaine, we’ll have informal gatherings every day and answer questions on topics, yo can ask then. Looking forward to meeting you!

    • Bob Bob says:

      That’s great Elaine, I’m shooting a video today of how to get to camp and will post it soon, Monday or Tuesday. I’ll also do a blog post with maps.

      See you soon!

  41. Avatar Elaine says:

    Thanks Bob,
    I’m arriving Wednesday. Sounds like a great group is expected.

  42. Avatar Sunny says:

    Hey Bob – We’ve enjoyed RTR the last 2 years in Quartzsite and are looking forward to this event. Have you got an exact location yet?

  43. Avatar Mark says:

    We’re very excited to join our first RTR – see you all soon!

    – Mark & Shea

  44. Avatar Sharon Percenti says:

    Hello Bob! I have your book from 2013 printing. Is there anything I’m missing out on in the new version? Looking forward to an RTR gathering perhaps the winter one. Just purchased a van and not ready to travel yet. I live in upstate New York, so it’s would be a trek from here. Have a great summer RTR. See you sometime soon! Sharon

    • Bob Bob says:

      Sharon, no, there have been no updates since the first publishing. I think you’ll love the RTR in Quartzsite! You may want to consider relocation out west, it ha many advantages over the east coast:

      1) much more free camping in very beautiful areas!
      2) low humidity!!
      3) very easy to move short distances and maintain a pleasant weather.
      4) Easy access to Mexico with its very cheap but high quality dental, prescription drug. and eyeglasses.
      5) a huge, growing and loving tribe

      But often people are tied to the east by family and friends and that takes priority.

  45. Avatar Tom says:

    I’ll be there Sat, looking foreward to it. How about an updates and/or pics on how it’s going so far? C-ya soon…

  46. Avatar Mike Box says:

    Bob, Mike Box here from Tx. My son Matthew and I will be there on Saturday afternoon in my Prius. Can’t wait to meet everyone and to check out all the possibilities as I continue looking into this lifestyle.

  47. Avatar Susan says:

    Hi Bob, how is the heat and wildfires effecting the RTR, if at all. Still on my way, hope you’re all still there!

    • Bob Bob says:

      Susan, the RTR is canceled!! I failed to get a Permit for such a large group and the evicted us–so it’s over. Email me directly and I’ll get you a map to my current camp.

  48. Avatar Sunny says:

    Hi Bob – We just got back from A1 Mt. I should have checked here before we left yesterday. We were up last Sunday, Day-tramping and thought we’d join you all for the last few days. We were surprised, but figured you either got evicted or were taken up by little green men. I will say this: You all leave a really clean campsite. If I hadn’t known you all were there just a few days early, there were absolutely no clues that anyone had ever been there. You might want to give lessons to burning man on “Leave No Trace”!
    Cheers ~~ Sunny + Tony

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks Sunny! I’m very sorry for the inconvenience this was to you!! Yes, all the RTRs adhere strictly to Leave No Trace Principles.

  49. Avatar Ms Chapman says:

    Bob I just found you a few months ago. Please dont stop doing videos. I enjoy them greatly. I sure hope you are alright. They say time heals all wounds but it takes strength to get there. I am praying for you. I havent found my van yet but I am still looking. I hope to meet you in person next year at Flagstaff. Take care.

  50. Avatar DENISE BARBER says:

    Is there going to be a rendezvous this summer if so when

    • Bob Bob says:

      Denise, I don’t know for sure, but if there is going to be one it will be the first week of June in Flagstaff. But it’s no more than a 50-50 chance.

  51. Avatar Annie Carvalho says:

    So, there may not be a gathering for 2017? Does anyone meet up in Quartzite in the winters?

  52. Avatar Matt says:

    Bob, I’ve written from time to time over the last few years, and am now catching up with hopes to finally attend RTR. (I’ve acquired a truck camper!) I’m gathering RTR may be a thing of the past though?

    It also looks as if you are no longer responding to emails on this page since December 2016, I hope you are okay and enjoying another year of Vandwelling?

    If you get this, please respond here and/or to [email protected]. Thank you and best of health and luck in your journey.

  53. Avatar Matt says:

    Hi Again Bob: Whew….rushed to judgement…bad. Research:Good! Memory still working and found my way to the forums and found RTR 2018.

    Still hope you’ll write back and just say hi! Otherwise, hope to correspond and meet you at RTR.

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