Directions to 2020 RTR and WRTR !


We are looking forward to the start of the WRTR on the 14th and the RTR on the 18th … and I hope you will check out the pre-event on the 13th to arrange carpools, pick up your stickers (for $5 donation at, get your name buttons, and find your way to the fairground!

You can check out this video for directions to the fairgrounds!
Video with directions:

Speaking of finding your way to the fairground, we have some requests to share a couple of notes of caution with you from our meeting with Parker’s Law Enforcement on Thursday.

1 – A railroad crossing intersects all roads to the fairground. The tracks do not have bells nor arms that come down to block traffic when the train is coming. Please mind the stop signs, looking both ways to assure your safety before crossing.

2 – The fairground is on Hillside Dr. with a 35 MPH speed limit. Be especially cautious when driving over the blind hill as large rigs may be pulling out from the La Paz County facility just over its crest.