Please Support the 2020 RTR & WRTR with your $5 Gift. Thank you!!

You Can Support the 2020 RTR & WRTR with your $5 Gift

CRVL is a proud sponsor of Homes On Wheels Alliance

For donations to the land campaign, please go to:

The RTR continues to evolve from its beginning as a small gathering of 40 participants in 2011, to the many thousands who arrive each year to learn nomadic skills and experience the mobile community. Our changes over the years include a move from Dome Rock to Scaddan Wash in 2013. And, in 2018, we added a Women’s RTR.
Now, for 2020, we have new changes. Our Center Camp of seminars, the free pile and bulletin boards wil be at the La Paz County Fairgound between Quartzsite and Parker. And, our mobile community will disperse camp across the greater Quartzsite area, driving in to enjoy the Center Camp events each day at the Fairground. To continue using BLM land for Center Camp and participant camping would cost into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Another new part of the 2020 RTR is this request for financial support before the event begins. Bob Wells, the founder of the RTR, has been the primary founder every year since its beginnings. But, that’s unsustainable. In addition, Bob also supports the charitable work of Homes On Wheels Alliance (HOWA), and simply no longer has sufficient savings to fully underwrite the RTR. So, we ask you, the RTR and WRTR participants, to help. If most of you contributed just $5 each, then we would not only fund the 2020 RTR and WRTR, but also provide additional support for future gatherings.
For those of you who are unable to donate, please know that we want you to join us at the RTR and WRTR anyway. We do not want to exclude anyone for lack of funds.
For those of you who are able and do financially support the RTR and WRTR, we’d like give you a Thank You Gift of an Official 2020 RTR or WRTR Logo Sticker.
With much appreciation,
Suanne Carlson
Executive Director
Homes On Wheels Alliance