2019 Women’s Rubber Tramp Rendezvous

Dates: January 4-8, 2019

Location: Bouse, AZ (exact location available before event)

If you are a woman new to the vandwelling lifestyle, you are strongly encouraged to attend both the WRTR and the RTR (Jan 9-20 in Quartzsite, AZ). These are not duplicative events. That is, there’s information taught at the RTR that is foundational to your success in the vandwelling lifestyle. The WRTR is being held before the regular RTR so that you can form a support group of other women with whom to group together to form your own small neighborhood among the crowds at the main RTR.

I’m getting excited for January in Arizona!


1) To help participants learn to be successful in the vandwelling lifestyle, and

2) To build community.

These goals hold true for both the main Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) and the Women’s RTR.

The Women’s RTR is complimentary to the main RTR.  If you are new to the vandwelling lifestyle, then please attend the main RTR as the topics covered there are the foundation to your success.  The Women’s RTR is supplementary and an excellent way for women to connect with other women for support and further information.

At dawn’s first light, only the chairs remain from the evening campfire, RTR 2016.


Hello!  I’m Suanne, the facilitator of the Women’s RTR  (WRTR).  We had a great first WRTR in January.  See some of the details of what was covered at the end of this article.


After hearing feedback at the Women’s Meetings during previous RTRs, and after reading several requests in the forum for a women’s get together, we began offering a Women’s RTR in January 2018.

Who May Attend?

If you are experienced in the vandwelling lifestyle, we want you there.  If you are a newbie, we want you there.  Like the regular RTR, this will be a time to learn, share your experiences, and build community.   If you are a woman, you are welcome regardless of your vehicle or full-/part-time status.

All types of vehicles fit into the vandwelling lifestyle, RTR 2017.      (by Suanne Carlson)


We will have lots of opportunities to get to know and learn from each other informally – morning coffee/tea, evening potlucks, and campfires.

We will have two panel discussions with women role-models from within the vandwelling community.  Note: This is in addition to the Women’s Meetings during the regular RTR.

The two topics of interest that we will definitely address are: 1) Safety, and 2) Personal hygiene (bathroom/shower).  We will cover those issues in-depth.  Neither concern has a one-size-fits-all solution; so, we will have multiple women on those panels present a wide range of perspectives for you to consider for the solution that you consider your best fit.

As women express what they want to learn and have to teach, we will offer concurrent mentoring sessions throughout the event.  In these mentoring sessions we explore topics in smaller groups and more indepth.  Some examples include: cheap meal planning for one, safe food storage with little or no refrigeration, using basic power tools, map reading.

We will also provide an opportunity for experienced vandwellers to camp together with those new to the lifestyle to coach and mentor after the WRTR and RTR.

Sunset at the 2017 RTR


The rules for the main RTR hold true throughout the Women’s RTR as well (see Bob’s YouTube video or website). Additionally, to create a safe space where women may express themselves freely, please no video/audio taping or photos during the Women’s RTR.

Email Contact: [email protected]

updated 7/24/18


Wrap-Up with Some Numbers from the 2018 Women’s RTR

  • At the first day’s Orientation, Lisa counted 196 participants.  I had several more women approach me later saying they missed the Orientation.  So, we had 200+ participants over the 3-day event.  This is totally amazing because we promoted the WRTR only twice — me on the forum, and Bob on a video.
  • About 20 pre-event volunteers graciously signed-up to present and manage various functions during the WRTR.   As you’ll see going down this list, most everyone at the WRTR eventually played important roles in mentoring, coaching, encouraging, breaking camp, cleaning up, etc.
  • 5 Mini-Sessions were offered during the first afternoon by experienced vandwellers. Each 20-minute mini-sessions was repeated 3 times so that attendees could go to more than one (1).  After the mini-sessions, we had some dancing.
  • 35 Small-Group Mentoring Slots were filled during the second and last days of the WRTR (2).
  • 2 Panels were offered on the second day, Personal Hygiene in the morning, and Safety in the afternoon.  Three to four women on each of the panels presented their strategies and experiences, then participants asked questions and offered their perspectives.
  • 4 morning and evening networking opportunities with food and drink to share.
  • 4 campfires were enjoyed, morning and evening.  The last evening campfire included roasted marshmallows and a sing-a-long with instruments.
  • 4 Sheets of Needs were collected and will be available for view on a password-protected page.
  • 2 Sheets of Offerings were collected and will be available for view on a password-protected page.

(1) Mini-Sessions included: Alternate Cooking Methods; Cheap Cooking for One; Power Tools; Maps & Apps; Safe Food Storage Without Refrigeration.

(2) Mentoring Sessions included: Solar Cooking; Simple Living Set-Up in a Minivan; Cooking with Steam; Planning for Artists to Travel Together; Event Planning; Reaching Goals and Releasing Stress; Managing Psychiatric Disability on the Road; Income on the Road; Organizing; Headscarfing; Separation Toilet/Potty; Cheap and Nontoxic Cleaning Methods; Practically Free Solar; “If I can do it, you can do it” Open House; Sound Meditation; Navigation without GPS or Phone; Basic First Aid and Field Hygiene; Prius Set-Up and Demo Bathroom; Boondocking; Q & A about Vandweller Lifestyle; Planning for Newbies to Camp Together after WRTR; Beginner’s Luck/Don’t Give Up; Hair Wrapping; Solar/Electricity; Safety Q & A; Budget and Personal Project Planning; Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and YouTube for Money.